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  1. Look for Tan and Purple for your ridgewings.
  2. I can't decide between Ice and Winter. Arggghhhhh! The paleness of the Winter brings out the far edge of the wing. The intense blue brings out the nearer parts of the wing. And both make the loveliness of the Mistletoe Pop! http://s1186.photobucket.com/user/Eleeveen...teTest.png.html I'm going to have another forever project like with my Graves and Spessartines showing here if I don't be careful!
  3. I can't justify the yulebucks either. Voting no.
  4. <spam>I'd like some never melting, always cold ice cubes for my New Years Eve Scotch. Think there might be any passing by Mistletoes that could help out?</spam> And to make this extra elemental, I want to show of this: http://dragcave.net/lineage/0fheK
  5. I think I've memorized the patters at this point. But I've enjoyed it!
  6. I vote yes on Mistletoe but I think they belong in Water. 1) They possess magic specific to temperature, raising and lowering it around them to the extent that they create and control ice and frost. 2) They can enchant ice in such a way that it continues to exist in a solid form when feeling well above freezing. 3) Ice that they produce exists and maintains it's properties when no longer in contact with the dragon. 4) The use the ice on their tails to regulate their temperature. Ice = Water I vote no on Holly (even if I have a wonderful one for the linage) I just don't think that holiday cheer and seasonality alone is enough. I think that being DC's first holiday dragon takes it away from the dragon and puts it firmly in game play rather than 'role' which is what we judge all others by.
  7. I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season! Breed Name: Mistletoe Dragons Dragon Type: Western Size: ~12 feet tall, ~28 feet long, ~30-foot wingspan Colors: Spring green, green-tinted blue, white PieMaster’s Alt Colors: Silver, blue tikigurl91’s Alt Colors: Yellow, pink ~ A little bit of breed information: Mistletoe Dragons possess magic over temperature, able to raise and lower the temperature in a small radius around them. This allows them to stay warm during winter and cool during summer. They also have slight control over frost, able to create ice and enchant it so that it is room temperature to the touch. They often decorate their dens—usually made in caves—with this enchanted frost. Their temperature control allows them to regulate the temperatures of their dens, which makes them ideal to seek out during the winter. Hospitable and friendly, Mistletoes often welcome strangers and those in need into their homes. Mistletoes are very kind, and are known for giving gifts of food to the hungry and assisting others when possible. The long, course fur on their tails often becomes matted in a way that resembles a sprig of mistletoe, hence the breed name. They use their tails as a means of body temperature regulation, focusing their magic energy on that area to allow heat to escape (or to generate warmth) rather than expend energy on warming/cooling their entire bodies. Often, small ice crystals form on their tail fur that resemble the white berries of mistletoe. These sometimes fall off, but stay enchanted with the dragon’s magic and never melt. They are a somewhat rare sight to see flying overhead, as they are typically only seen in the depths of winter. A tradition has arisen among many humans to hug nearby friends and cherish the moment when one is seen, both to honor the breed’s amiable tendencies and to express excitement at the rare sighting. They are an herbivorous breed that avoids harming others whenever possible. Stay tuned! More (possibly) to come through the encyclopedia. If we can fit all this and more in the entry.
  8. Are there any Elemental Christmas dragons that people need?
  9. 2 and 3 aren't in the encyclopedia yet, so I don't know that they should be used. IMHO. For the Magi, I think they should be included in Life for the reasons listed. They are the definition of magic users that change their environment with their magic. For Deps, I think they should be included in Life because so much of their being depends on magic - from defense to offense to food to fashion.
  10. I love this line: "I'm so lazy, Lazy pays me to be lazy for him." I'll go for #2 - not out of laziness, but for the historical aspect.
  11. Congrats! I'm looking forward to the next one!
  12. I'd like to change mine to #6 (if possible) If you moved the other dragons, where would they go? Autumn, Avatar of Creation, Guardian of Nature, Heartseeker, Pumpkin, Soulpeace, Spring, Summer, White, Winter would stay Life? But what about the others? Canopy, Frostbite, Harvest, Mint, Neotropical, Terrae, Vine
  13. http://dragcave.net/teleport/6259d4d99f5d5...cf373c48ba39d58 Had a nebula miscolor again. I think that every element has the ability to contain magic. I almost agree that life should only be GON and avatars. BUT, I also think that Life should contain an overall positive good. And regarding eyesight being an elemental thing, I look at it as having more visual receptors, not necessarily something elemental...
  14. That's the list I got on. I've been checking every time I come online for anything. I saw the list and almost didn't believe my eyes! I yelled to my daughter and she got on one of the lists too, but I don't know which one. Did I read somewhere that each list is 4 people long? I don't know where I read that.
  15. Thuwed list is open. I FINALLY got on it! "WHOO HOO!!!!"
  16. I like the idea of magic being one of the components of all elements not just the life element but I think that it should only count as one plus in it's counter. Seasonals effect the weather based on the season, they're only available at certain times of the year AND they use mana/are magical - put them in life. Undines live in rivers and streams and have control over water AND they are magical - the magic is a point, but the water outweighs it - put them in water. Brimstones live in dry earthy places, eat rocks and drink water high in minerals, and use minerals for protection. They don't use mana/magic, but the other things put them definitely in earth. did any of that make sense?
  17. I like them with Male Moonstones or something red if you're feeling patriotic. Welcome CajunSun! I've seen you pop up on a lot of areas. Welcome to Fifth Element! Let us know if we can help out.
  18. I believe one of my teams is stuck at 8th and another at 7th.
  19. I'd like to try one: This bright egg smells like clover. Holiday: St Patrick's Day
  20. I'm hoping that I can just go back in a few weeks and click on the neglecteds that I've already clicked on. I'm getting tired of looking. Whew!
  21. Do Clicks on any of the 'click sites' such as Neglected Dragon or Daily Dragon Fix count toward our numbers in the Encyclopedia? I'd rather click on things that need them rather on frozen hatchlings.
  22. Want this! Oh yes! I'm completely OK with knowing that I'll only get dragons in my book based on how many I've seen since I've opened by book, but I'd also love for my book to show how many I own now.
  23. Obgu Fgrir naq Gbal unir frk jvgu bguref orsber trggvat gbtrgure. Gbal naq Fgrir unir ybgf bs frk, whfg gur gjb bs gurz, naq n qrrc ebznagvp eryngvbafuvc, ohg svany cnvevat vf Gbal Fgnex/Fgrir Ebtref/Bevtvany punenpgre, sbe pbzcyrk ernfbaf. I don't even remember why I'd copied that.....
  24. I've been so focused on Halloween that I'm having a little trouble getting back into the swing of things. (old brains and all) What are the rest of you working on right now?