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  1. 120?!?! I'm glad I was only hoping for a pair from each biome to start with.
  2. yep! I was thinking the same thing. I'm having a time of it catching them, though..... And it's so hard to only click on one in each biome.
  3. Thank you to everyone who helped with the mastersheet for the Milestones! Now I know better what to look for. And here are some metal fails if anyone wants them: http://dragcave.net/teleport/f56638dda0afd...f22a455c7508583
  4. Milestone gifted! GIFTER: Bluecanary1 RECEIVER: Grandmother_cathie GIFT: 2nd gen Bluna MILESTONE:3B 50 Elements in a single category - Water. Thank you bluecanary!
  5. I vote no on Hooktalons and the Greater Spotted Drakes unless further information proves to be ultra elemental. I vote YES on Magelight Pygmy Wyverns. 1) a part of them is on fire from the moment they are born (and before as their shells burn too), 2) they control the fire because on a small portion of them is on fire, 3) They produce the flamable oil themselves and pass it on to future generations.
  6. They are cute things, but not elemental unless the artist can assist with additional information. Welcome back Lastalda!
  7. Just sent the moonstone hatchie to Viar. And lookie!!!!! Squeeeee
  8. I've got a moonstone egg I'll send when it hatches.
  9. my favorites are the kitty and the snake with his little tongue flicking. I also loved the pearl, the bug in amber, the Lotus, the goldfish and the sneaky chicken. I love that the spriters told us what inspired them.
  10. No to colossus no to gemshard Even if I wish that gemshard were.
  11. Gemshard Dragons are small, gregarious, expressive easterns, living in large clans high in the jungle canopy. Their bodies are covered in tiny, gem-like scales that shimmer in direct light, and each dragon has a unique pattern of markings on the forked spade of its tail. Though Gemshard Easterns cannot fly, they often leap from springy branches high into the sky on sunny days and perform acrobatic spins and twirls to entertain themselves. When the weather turns foul, they pile up together on sturdy tree limbs and interlock the forks of their tails with others to keep warm and dry. Striped River Dragons dwell in clear, deep-moving water. These dragons are playful and active, but wild individuals are very shy and tend to flee at the first sign of humans. They are excellent swimmers and can hold their breath for up to an hour, and are also capable of magic-powered flight for short distances. Their hoards usually consist of shells, smooth river stones, and freshwater pearls; Striped River Dragons often trade objects from their hoard and give “gifts” to dragons or people they consider to be friends. These dragons are intolerant of poor water conditions, so their presence is often an indicator of a healthy river system. ================================= I love the gemshards, but I'm not totally convinced of their elementalness. I love the striped even more and vote YES in Water.
  12. They are beautiful sprites, but I don't think they are elemental. But didn't aangs-sister do a wonderful job!
  13. The family and I are breeding Valentines. Please let us know if you need something for your lineages. Most of what is available can be found here
  14. https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=115977#
  15. Have: 2nd gen ice from Ice x Mistletoe Want: Best offer of 2nd gen Winter from Winter x Mistletoe (Must be unrelated to any of these winters) Make an offer on my egg!
  16. I really love the Silver Shimmers and Mistletoe.
  17. I think that this is what Frank was looking for. I'll send him the links. Thank you.
  18. My daughter and I got nothing. My husband, on the other hand, got a bronze Shimmer. Now I just need to convince him to name his dragon Bubba the Elemental instead of just Bubba. : ) As the name Bubba can attest, Frank had nothing to do with naming his daughters.
  19. They've been sent out. You can also sign in to your scroll and type in http://dragcave.net/holidays14/raffle If you got one, it'll tell you there.
  20. No prize for me. Congrats to the winners though!
  21. Have: 2nd gen silver from Silver x Mistletoe Want: best offer of: 2nd gen from Winter x Mistletoe (preferred) 3rd gen checker of Spessartine x Grave unrelated to any of these dragons Make an offer on my egg!