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  1. Time: 10"41 PM Dragon Cave Time (DC) Date: 17 Sept 2015 Moon Phases: I. Aurax (Gold Moon): Waxing Gibbous II. Cirion (Blue Moon):New Moon Lunar Heralds: A. my daughter caught a Gold Lunar Herald egg. egg showing here
  2. I believe you're right, though. I concur with the 7th gen leeloo. I'm still working on the 'mechanics' of the all inclusive. Every month with new and involved drops is slightly holding me back. Not that I don't love the xenos and the lunars.
  3. Before I saw the emerald one, the indigo was my favorite. Now I love the emerald, and it will be my "dream dragon" and the indigo will just have to be my favorite in cave dragon.
  4. I believe that on those few times where you'd have one moon at "new" and the other moon, normally at a full stage, but eclipsed, you'd get Bronzes. If the egg's color is dependent upon the moonlight hitting the mother at the time of conception, one could theorize that during a new moon with eclipse, there would be bronze eggs, and then when the eclipse is over any eggs produced would be the color of the now full moon.
  5. I haven't seen one. I'm going to just hope that they are more prominent in a day or so like the bronzes were.
  6. I think if sunlight is too harsh then fire would be too harsh too. It requires the 'cooling' of the cosmos to make it palatable for them. I'm still going Wind.
  7. The Desert had 78 at the hour and lagged for half of the first minute. And then there were only a 3 visible. fantastic! But they are beautiful sprites.
  8. I got one bronze at the beginning of the hour and haven't gotten another since. I only want 2 from the first night's drop. Is that really so much to ask? grrr.
  9. Is there an image or list of which dragons are actually in the encyclopedia? I ask because the Stripped River Dragons don't seem to be there (at least on mine) and there is something between "Pink" and "Prize-Eastern" that is shaded and my silly self can't guess what it is.
  10. It looks like cocoaloco was Seagreen's captain and Purple's was Sunfeathers. It's been a week and I've heard nothing from either of them. I took over for Cottondragon, so I have an 8th gen with all of Seagreen's initial eggs in it. Is there anyone from Seagreen or Purple still around?
  11. A flock of these beauties going overhead at night would look like an aurora. Beautiful Job and thanks to Lady Lyzar!
  12. I think you totally rock! And the hatchies have grown up! Lunar Heralds are deeply attuned to the two moons of Valkemare, Aurax and Cirion. Strictly nocturnal, they draw energy from moonlight and will only hunt when the moons have waned. When breeding, the amount of moonlight the parents receive from each moon will determine the color of the egg produced. I like them in Wind because their egg 'type' depends on the moon/cosmos and they 'eat' moon light.
  13. Wind was my original thought as well - with Nebula
  14. Both moons seem to be at the same point right now.... If one moon is significantly closer and thus would orbit our planet quicker, there would be a LOT more math involved to find out when these lovelies do their thing. I'm kinda hoping that they move around in conjunction with one another. We already know that Valkemare orbits it's sun at the same speed Earth does (as the seasonals change at the same point the seasons change on earth) and it rotates at the same speed Earth does (as the nocturnes change day and night as (at least the east coast) of Earth does. If the moons orbited at different rates, then their pull on Valkemare would speed up or slow down the daily orbit, making longer and shorter rotations. Did I just science in the middle of a pixel collection game?
  15. I thought what Pinkgothic said at first, but now I think : gold - full moon to waning crescent blue - waning crescent to new moon brown - new moon to waxing crescent silver - waxing crescent to full moon SOOOO, I think we'll have a whole month of Saturday releases!
  16. Thanks! No problem for the delay. it's not like I wasn't working on adding in dragons that I was supposed to add in DECEMBER. No procrastination here.
  17. Unrelated to current question: Have the magelights, 6 Xenos, and Spirits been added to the "official list" on the spreadsheets? I'm finally registering dragons (something I haven't done since Christmas!) and it doesn't seem that they were added yet. Thanks!!
  18. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Npj...Pxqk/edit#gid=0 That is the masterlist. Here is the Milestone form for requesting. And here is the Milestone Received form. I think that inactive players with requests should be PM'd and asked if they still are interested in participating with the lineage in general and if they do, then the 'problem' is solved. I like it!
  19. I vote yes because they change their mana intensity in response to threats. in Life
  20. Thanks to Lavinia for organizing so even those of us that couldn't be around much could play.
  21. I was just coming over here to see if 'someone' had any hints. Time to call the grandkids to get them to catch eggs for me.....
  22. Milestone gifted! GIFTER: Fiona RECEIVER: Grandmother_cathie GIFT: CB Magma MILESTONE:5C 5th even gen from one category http://dragcave.net/lineage/9L5Fy Thank you!
  23. Based on their creator's comments, I'd put them all in Life. Now if someone can just point me to the post that explains their breeding results. Giggle
  24. I'm going out on a limb and voting yes on all of these. 1) They are powerful mana users. 2) They have changed their bodies and abilities to best handle the area where they live (water, lava, etc) 3) see below for each Astrapi should be in Wind because of their time spent airborne and their control over weather. Thalassas should be in Water because they use water magic and because they cannot live unless they are in water. Mageia should be in Life because of their range of spell-casting abilities. Chronos should be in Life because of their unique ability to use time magic. Gaia should be in Life because plants sprout up wherever they go. Pyros should be in Fire because they breathe fire and use flame as an attack.