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  1. Just send a PM to one of the Mods and give detailed information on what you think is going on. Some people have forgotten they had an old scroll and started a new one. They never touch the old scroll and only play the new one. They should contact TJ to have the old one deleted, but otherwise that seems to be completely ok and that is not an issue. Some people think that having two scrolls that they can raise dragons on is cool and they log into each for trade fodder or to catch and the like. That is an issue. Some families have scrolls for each family member (mom, child or
  2. Waiting patiently for more information, cause theses are lovely souls.
  3. Before I start breeding my CB and the like and start dropping them on random trades-people, are there any 5E peeps that are looking for something in particular from Christmas breeds past that my family can breed for you?
  4. I my husband never kept a list. He said it was too much trouble and frustration.
  5. I wonder if the wall of Halloweens will stay up until they are all gone or will the other dragons integrate. I will miss seeing all these pretty Halloween dragon eggies for another year.
  6. I totally agree. I end up doing twice the amount of cooking just to ensure that DH will give me one of his (whether he likes them or not) so I can end up with an even number. I wish that TJ would allow us to have an 8th slot. Of course then I'd be wishing for a 9th.... These little guys, based on their names, seem very bone related. I always hate the three days after a release waiting on his hatchies to grow up so I can read their description and see if they are gonna be elementally or not. On an elemental front, I did get enough breeding 3rd gen female Graves to continue my ques
  7. Is it just me or does the pale shadow on these eggs look like Elmo waving at you? My 13 year old grandson pointed that out to me and now that's all I can see when I look at the eggs.
  8. There are a few of the ingredients that I still haven't caught a single one of....but I'm hoping to catch at least one of in the next day. It's been fun though.
  9. After a hatchling dies in fog, how long does it count as a "thing" toward how many things you can gave growing on your scroll? 24 hours just like with a dead egg? I want one of each tombstone on my scroll and don't really care if they are adults or hatchies. I'm going to try with CB 10 adults, but I'd also like to have an army of CB hatchlings to try with.
  10. We're three away as you placed silver in that list., just an FYI.
  11. Have I mentioned lately that Lastalda rocks? No? Lastalda Rocks.
  12. 1. yes 2. neutral but I'm totally ok with being overruled 3. no 4. neutral
  13. Hatchies have been my bane too. But I have found a LOT of them on Flame Rising scroll and on PrincessLucy scroll. Thank goodness for being able to re-click after a few weeks/months because I remember going over Lucy's before. Now to find more Lumina hatchies....and I'm done. Why, oh why do I have to have researched 50 of those little things....
  14. Oh How I wish I'd known about that lovely when I was looking for waverunners! Now to find one like that for the flamingos....
  15. Per the new post in the news section, there are updates on the following dragons in the encyclopedia: Anagallis Dragon Coastal Waverunner Dark Green Dragon Falconiform Wyvern Flamingo Wyvern Gold-horned Tangar Gray Dragon Green Dragon Heartseeker Dragon Holiday Dragon (2012) Ice Dragon Lumina Dragon Olive Dragon Plated Colossus Dragon Pyralspite Dragon Ridgewing Dragon Royal Crimson Dragon Turpentine Dragon Two-Finned Bluna Water Walker Dragon Whiptail Dragon
  16. The "non-greedy" person in me would like to have just ONE MORE slot so I could have an even number of males and females when there is a new breed falling. Oh, and unlimited hatchies. The greedy person in me would have unlimited eggs too.
  17. I agree with this. I wish that there would be no "september" release and allow halloweens to breed only once during the 'season' but allow them to start at on the first day of October.
  18. I love these dragons. This has honestly, been one of the most fun releases I've had in a long time. The Fun/anxiety of figuring out what was going to drop when mixed with the beauty of the dragons themselves has made it a real treat.
  19. Didn't realize / forgot that this was already a rule. Please kindly ignore that part of my comment.
  20. That kinda hurts my brain to just think of how you thought that up and organized it. Could there not then be a "7th Gen all inclusive Leelo" and a "Prize 7th gen all inclusive Leelo"? One could have 2nd gen prizes and 2nd gen hybrids from off scroll while the other could not? Not that my brain could organize that, mind you. I believe that you've gotten the current possibilities, but I don't believe that a prize should count for a metal in a metallic Leeloo. They aren't actually metals.
  21. 1) lastalda- you are doing wonderfully. Let us know if you need help. 2) Pink- sadness in your stressfullness. I hope things start looking better. 3) I think we should clarify the prize issue to be "Shimmers, Tinsels, CB Hybrids, and/or 2nd gen Thuwed hybrids."
  22. Time: 08:07 PM Dragon Cave Time (DC) Date: 21 Sept 2015 Moon Phases: I. Aurax (Gold Moon): Waxing Gibbous II. Cirion (Blue Moon): Waxing Gibbous Lunar Heralds: A. My family caught a Silver Lunar Herald egg. Lineage B. I bred a Silver Lunar Herald egg. Lineage Link