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  1. You have all of my votes perfectly documented Lastalda!
  2. Has anyone had a multiclutch where the multi was the non-Celestial or was mixed?
  3. I am totally in love with these Celestials and whole heartedly vote YES for them to be included in the Wind category.
  4. I thought this was amber with a tiny Dragon trapped in it. Shows you what you see when you're trying to catch things way to late in the evening.
  5. Last year, I think, TJ put up each of the eggs, who made them, and the inspiration for the egg. Any news on if that is the plan this year? I hope so, because I didn't understand them last year and that helped me appreciate them more and I don't understand them all this year either.
  6. Sapphire - No Antarean - Yes in Fire as they require the sun to live
  7. I don't believe that the alien part had anything to do with the concept. The spriter has said that she initially based them on the star Antares and surrounding gas cloud.
  8. Unless we get more information on the Sapphire's, I'm going to say that they don't seem very "elemental' to me. The Antarean's on the other hand do. They gain most of their nutrients from the sun placing them firmly in fire. According to early versions of the dragon, they are drawn to the star Antares. Which is more "cosmos/wind if you consider it =space rather than star=sun. IMHO
  9. I love the deep color of the blues, like deep deep water. I love the orange/gold ones because, to me, they look like they are spinning. Thank you to the spriters.
  10. Milestone gifted! GIFTER:Lastalda RECEIVER:Grandmother_cathie GIFT: CB Purple Ridgewing MILESTONE: 3D - 15 dagons of a single breed - purple ridgewing. Thank you!!!
  11. Milestone gifted! GIFTER:Lastalda RECEIVER:Grandmother_Cathie GIFT:http://dragcave.net/lineage/WBMRl MILESTONE:4A - 100 elements in Earth GIFT:http://dragcave.net/lineage/cFf3A MILESTONE:3D - 15 Mints GIFT:http://dragcave.net/lineage/eGTjp MILESTONE:4A - 100 elements in Wind GIFT:http://dragcave.net/lineage/lPUay MILESTONE:3D - 15 daydreams Thank you so much Lastalda!!! When I get a little more sheep I'll come back and read the posts about 2nd gens and the like and put in my 2 knuts worth edit: sleep not sheep. by bed is calling me right now.
  12. Milestone gifted! GIFTER: Lastalda RECEIVER: Grandmother_cathie GIFT: CB Storm/Gray egg MILESTONE:3D - 15 Dragons of a single breed - Gray Thank you Lastalda!!
  13. *I* count your example as a 3rd gen Elemental and a 3rd gen DC.
  14. I don't either, Fi, though the mental image of a dragon that during the spring becomes bouncy and starts talking about "lurve, truuuuu lurve" just kinda makes me giggle.
  15. Stuck as well. I'll just wait until morning and see if the PTBs have fixed things up.
  16. I had a nebula mis-color. Free to whomever would like it. http://dragcave.net/teleport/7fb8daa413cec...add49d9c763dcb4
  17. Milestone gifted! GIFTER:Lastalda RECEIVER:Gandmother_cathie GIFT: CB Canopy http://dragcave.net/lineage/YAivj MILESTONE:3d - 15 elements of a single breed - canopy BTW: It is so much easier to find people's milestone needs with the new mastersheet! Milestones gifted! GIFTER:Grandmother_Cathie RECEIVER: Fiona Bluefire GIFT: CB Spirit Ward http://dragcave.net/lineage/7J2Cu MILESTONE: 15 bronze tinsels GIFT: CB Spirit Ward http://dragcave.net/lineage/A5V20 MILESTONE: 15 greens GIFT: CB Spirit Ward http://dragcave.net/lineage/DLL1d MILESTONE: 15 shadow walkers
  18. I've sent a message to hawktalon about an egg from Purple, but in the Halloween and then Christmas rush, I haven't heard anything. Hawktalon? Paging Hawktalon.
  19. I wish that once we have the adults unlocked, that all we have to do is view the Holiday Alt once to have it show up. I don't mind setting myself a reminder to go to Infinis' scroll every month or so to click on the hatchies. I just wish I had the option to do it for all the other holiday alts as well. As a side comment - Are all of the dragons currently available in the cave able to be seen in the encyclopedia (plus holidays, frills, and old pinks)? I was re-looking at my encyclopedia and realized I didn't see some because I didn't think about "looking for them" because they are on
  20. If you click on all of Infinis's white Caligenes you will be able to open the adult male and adult female, but not the egg or the s1 or s2. If you go tot he Aegis Oath page, there are enough enraged to add them to your encyclopedia as well. If you click on all of Fiona's alt shadow walkers (23), there is still not another line for the shadow walkers (even shadowed in)
  21. Welcome Dark_Angel! I like the Aegis Dragons, but with only the current information, I would have to vote no.
  22. And now Odeen posted this: In the presence of naughty behavior, the normally-gentle Aegis flies into an uncontrollable rage. When enraged, the Aegis dragon smells distinctly of charred earth. His eyes glow bright red with bloodwrath, and his talons grow long and hooked. His mane is an untamed, coarse, twiggy mess. Enraged Aegis dragons will hunt down the object of their anger with destructive intent until the wrongdoer either repents or is killed. They will remain enraged until such time as someone manages to pacify them.
  23. Before, I just liked the Aegis dragons (and wondered about the name....) but now they totally rock my socks.