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  1. The fact that Sine's spring forth fully formed is surely completely unique among dragonkind.
  2. Just realized that there was a birthday event today. OOPS! I wish that eggs like these dropped all day so those of us who discover things late would have a chance too. (not to sound whiny) Is there a How-To on the Groups?
  3. Well with the new birthday celebrations, it looks like there may be a chance of more prizes out there. Also, with the new groupings, it might be easier to find Elementals on our scrolls. Just found out about both of them, though.
  4. Voting no on both the new breeds. Whoo Hoo on the two new additions. I totally agree on a grace period for the new All Inclusives. The Xenos are a rough one. I think I've seen one in the whole time I've been looking and that just doesn't seem feasible.
  5. For the Soulstones: Yes in Life, please. For the Tetra: No, thank you. For the Fire Gems: Yes, in Earth, please. They purposefully heavily consume specific minerals to color their fires. They purposefully collect specific precious gemstones etc. to match their colorings. Possible barter based society based on the gemstones.
  6. TJ's dragons grew up! Tetra Dragons are often found in large groups. They are very social both with their own species and with others. Tetra Dragons are very active and change locations quite frequently. Males defend small parts of territory within the groups but major conflicts rarely occur. Tetra Dragons prefer territory with lots of natural hiding places and can be skittish. nothing elemental here Fire Gem Dragons are a colorful, flamboyant breed often found in hot climates, particularly around active volcanoes. Their broad tails store the flames they breathe, which are colored by the heavy amount of minerals in the water they drink. These dragons come in a variety of colors, and will collect shiny trinkets and stones that match their own coloration. Despite their hoarding tendencies, though, Fire Gem dragons are social and will often congregate in groups and show off their collections while fawning over the stones their friends and rivals have gathered, occasionally arranging trades. Yes, , yes, yes to elemental. Now just to decide on Fire or Earth.
  7. New eggs started dropping yesterday. I wonder if the gemshardy looking ones might be elemental.
  8. So, it looks like the Valentine's kerfuffle is over (please let it be over) and some unknown but not unappreciated spriter has made and then remade our lovely Soulstone dragons. Soulstone Dragons are deeply empathic creatures. The pearls which they carry with them from a very young age are deeply attuned to the emotions of those around them, glowing in accordance with the strength and sincerity of the bonds individuals share with one another. Soulstone dragons have the ability to show that, even in the heat of a vicious feud, the love that friends, family, and partners share for one another remains true and strong. I'm leaning toward, but not completely voting yes, in Life because the are highly magical and can turn a non physical/mental thing (emotion) into something tangible (glowing pearls).
  9. The sketch being available, even if it was on the 100th page of "My crappy sketches - don't look," is still a breach of the contract and makes the original dragon unusable. The super extra closeness / tracing issue seems to be a bolster. Thank you, TJ for clearing up what happened. I kinda hate that you have to keep explaining and explaining. That being said, Here is the post I tried to post last night for 2 hours while this topic was locked: I liked the old s1 - I thought it kinda looked like the s1 for the Radiant Angels. I love the new s1 because I agree that it looks like a baby goat with it's butt on fire and baby goats completely make me laugh like a child. I'm now in love with the s1s and will be collecting them next year. I'm indifferent to the old s2 - They didn't keep the elegant stance of the old s1 but they were ok. They look like an elk or a buck seen from a distance. The new s2s look like someone just told a baby goat that their butt...um...tail was on fire and they are not only startled, but also trying to look quickly to see about their tail. She's going to go tail over teakettle any minute now. I like the old sprite. I think that Edwardelricfreak, Tazzay did a lovely job (far better than I would have been able to do). I especially think they did a good job with having enough muscle in the shoulder area to carry the wing joint and the arm joint at the same time. She reminded me of a heraldic stag with it's hooves and bushy tail with added wings and a golden orb. I wish I had a scanner so I could send my copy of Fox-Davies A Complete Guide to Heraldry, 1909! I wondered if they were somehow related to the Horse dragons based on her blue-purple tones. I really like the new sprite. I think the anonymous spriter did an excellent job (and kept the goat like tail I like so much.) I like the more draconian feet, horns, and lack of ears. I like that the golden markings are more pronounced on the underwing and the heart on the shoulder. I especially like that her pearl is pearl colored rather than gold. I have three things that I'm disappointed about. First, the horns on the adult seem to get lost on the scroll colored paper. Second, that it seems there might not be a spriter's alt to this lovely. And, third, that there seems to be such drama. We are not bees. (For Bees go here) We are not Llamas. We need no drama. We need dragons (that look like goats as babies).
  10. I didn't do the thing with the streamers, I just sang really badly to the dragon and he stopped. What do the streamers do?
  11. welp, I love the color of the new eggs and I'm looking forward to seeing what comes out of them. and I hate these kinds of games because MY brain doesn't work like this. Why would I pick up armor when I can barely pick up the axe? I've probably got a concussion from the red dragon from earlier and now I'm lost somewhere underground because my concussed brain can't figure out how to "climb up the tree roots to get out of the hole and into the sunlight." (voice in head answers "There doesn't seem to be anything to do that with." but you said there were tree roots, just climb! "You need a target to go that." the target is the roots! Just climb! "I can't do that, Dave.")
  12. I donated! Grandmother_cathie -> dirtytabs: 2nd gen Azure Glacewing Dragon from golden winged Snow Angel (accepted)
  13. Christmas Dragon 2016 (Snow Dragon) I vote No. There isn't enough data to vote yes. So, what is everyone working on right now? Does anyone need any Valentine mates?
  14. That is what I did. I tried to guess which of the pieces I would want if I lived there and why and basically gave my little blue character a backstory. but no litter boxes..... That might be an issue for all of us cat herders. (I love it anyway, though, especially the cat in the window.)
  15. After working and fretting over this little house and cursing the rugs for not laying where I want them to, I think I'm finally done. Gma lives for her kitties, visitors, and waiting on her grandchildren to visit She has a room all ready for the children full of toys and games and places to color and play all. One of the cats keeps stealing the little plush mint and hiding it in other places in the house, though. Gma's room has warm plush green carpeting to keep her toes warm when she is not out moving pillars for young mages and a cat tree for her three cats to play on. Her main room is blue because everyone gives her blue things and furniture because they think it is her favorite color all because of her blue coat. Here she has a place to eat, a place to cozy up with a good book beside the window, and a place to gather around the fire with friends.
  16. Is there a single page where people are showing off their houses?
  17. I saw that on facebook and was totally blown out of the water! And Silver-chan. If you look in the siblings of you egg, you get this: Pink!
  18. First of all, Happy New Year!!! Onto voting. Azure Glacewings - Still No Fell Dragons - Change to No Honey Drakes - As much as I love them, I have to vote No Snow Dragons - I'd like moe information before I decide.
  19. I just spent 20+ minutes looking for orange people. grrrrrr By up-o-date on the story, do you mean that the game recognizes that you played last year or something different? And then I did a hard refresh and all the other checks are gone and now I'm being told to look for Gladyos too. I appreciate that a lot of time and energy HAD to have gone into this, but this is insane.
  20. On the faded icons, what does the book stand for?
  21. I sent the 2 I could help with. The one 3rd I had didn't give an egg. sorry