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  1. @TJ09 Is there a reason why not? Those descriptions with their flowers have been the best part of this whole season for some of us. I feel like I've collected for nothing.
  2. You mean the list with the names and descriptions that I've spent all this time accumulating isn't being saved? That's been the fun part of all of this for me. now I'm sad.
  3. I have wanted an Alt Sweetling on my scroll for a long long time. Since they came out. But it is not to be. And that makes me a little sad. I'm glad that the Alt owners have the chance to have the Pinks. Good for you. I wish we could all be as lucky, but we can't. And suppose that's the way things are. No use crying over spilt milk.
  4. Take it from an old lady who knows. These are signs of abuse, not a positive, healthy relationship. A person who cares about you may say that their parents are anti-tattoo, but they wouldn't want their beloved to hide in a sweater in the heat. A person who wants you by their side doesn't allow their friends to belittle your opinion. A person who cares for you can have bad days, but they will come back around later and express regret for the way they acted. A person who is being taken care of should not be complaining about their caretaker's appearance unless what they are saying is, "Come sit down, my love, you look tired. Please rest a bit." A person who is doing poorly should not be compounding their poor illness by drinking vast quantities of alcohol with their "friends." Alcohol will not tuck you in at night. Alcohol will not pay your bills. A little is fine. Too much of anything is nasty. In closing, lizards are fascinating and beautiful creatures. They come in every color of the rainbow, not just green.
  5. Awesome!!!!!! For the Garlands, YES in Life!!! I won't be here tomorrow for the shiny drawing, but Good Luck to those of you that will be!
  6. Perhaps there wont be 12 full days of storyline for us to work through...
  7. I'm still around, just not terribly active all the time. :waves at everyone: Baikala dragons Yes - Water, please. Script dragons No Khusa dragon No Carina dragons Wind because even though they are on fire, they seem to be far more sky oriented. shooting stars, cosmos, constellations, etc. Bauta dragon No Spinel wyverns Yes, please, in earth. Omen dragons (Halloween dragon) Yes, in life please. While their destruction aspect is fire based, it is still destruction, which is a part of life.
  8. My daughter decided she wanted to be a pumpkin Sesshomaru https://dragcave.net/halloween17/caitriona My nephew decided he wanted his Caligene to be a fox faced Iron man https://dragcave.net/halloween17/Charlie101 I just loved the Kimono and used the wizard scarf for a little more neck coverage. https://dragcave.net/halloween17/grandmother_cathie I loved this game.
  9. Their should be some in the AP in a day or two.
  10. 30 ish minutes later and my nephew reports still no eggs.
  11. If anyone needs Elementals bred for Halloween, let me know and I'll do my best for them! Otherwise, I'm done breeding them and only trying to catch Pumpkins now.
  12. See my sig for something similar to what you are already looking for. I didn't make it though. At least one came from this topic:
  13. You GO Silver! I could have 240 months and I don't think I'd get my act together enough to make an All-Inclusive!
  14. I'm totally ok with or without a vote. I vote for them, if it comes to it, in Fire. As for the "when should a person have to re-breed for their all inclusive" I think that when the person puts it forth, they should say, "This is my all inclusive as of DD/MM/YY. It does not include X,Y, and Z as they were new to the group after the indicated date or were impossible to breed (in the case of the Risensongs and Setsongs)" And I think that the date should be within 18 months of the date of completion. I haven't had names mess with me yet because the signatures usually are at least similar to what they used to be for the person. Usually. But then I'm not nearly as active as I was. Before I could quickly pop around and now I feel really really slow again. I don't learn new things as quickly as I once did.
  15. I concur with this. I am also having trouble with the new forum, so expect me to have problems replying and responding until i suss it out.
  16. TJ's dragons grew up. They are LOVELY!!!! Setsong Dragons wake with the setting of the sun. They can be found hunting during the night, only to vanish into their lairs once the sun begins to rise. Their glossy feathers and scales are a deep purple, but the evening sunlight reflects off of their bodies in a beautiful red-gold shimmer. Setsongs are reclusive dragons, found alone or in small groups, and are fiercely territorial--and loyal, protecting their hatchlings and group just as stubbornly as their hunting grounds. These dragons have a respectable ability to weave magic, but only once the sun has started to set: the daylight weakens their magical powers, and their spells are most potent at night. Risensong Dragons wake with the rising of the sun. They can be found hunting during the day, only to vanish into their lairs once the sun begins to set. Their glossy feathers and scales are a deep pink, but the morning sunlight reflects off of their bodies in a beautiful light gold shimmer. Risensongs are social dragons, found in small to medium-sized groups, and are relatively approachable dragons that make little effort to secure the bounds of their territory. These dragons have a respectable ability to weave magic, but only once the sun has started to rise: the darkness weakens their magical powers, and their spells are most potent during the day. Dusk Pygmies, as their name may suggest, are crepuscular dragons. When the sun sets, they are most active and are commonly seen darting across the sky, the fading sunlight catching and reflecting off of their wings in brilliant patterns. Living in small, tight-knit groups, these pygmies spend many of their waking hours stretching their wings by fetching food for group members. The young, elderly, disabled, and injured are all diligently and lovingly cared for by all of the group. Though rather intelligent, they are easily distracted. Some Dusk Pygmies are prone to hoarding objects that may distract them; others may return late to their roost late after most of their other group members are already sleeping.
  17. It appears that we may have 3 new Elemental eggs coming our way based on parentage. The new eggs for this month are all three hybrids. Spoiler: The "bright egg shines in the morning sunlight" is a Sunsong and a Sunrise Dragon. The "bright egg shines in the evening sunlight" is a Sunsong and a Sunset Dragon. The "tiny egg is cold to the touch." is a Crimson Flare and a Nilia Pygmy. All Elementals!
  18. Well that settles that quite nicely. No broken counters, please.
  19. You've got all the votes for me correct. Thanks!!! As far as naming, as long as it's consistent, I don't care. Happy Summer!
  20. Color - Zyumorph is consistent with what we do with Prizes, Ridgewings, Two-Headed Lindwurm, Xenowyrm, and Lunars. I go with that. But we don't differentiate with Fire Gems or Nebulas.
  21. I agree with EVERYTHING that Herk said. I can't remember most of the newer eggs. But if I want to go hunting for them, I always have to go to the Wiki. I should be able to go to the Encyclopedia and get all common and esoteric knowledge on the dragons.
  22. I SO agree with this. about 10000000000 percent. I would also like an icon in the trophy area where I can click to go to the Encyclopedia.