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  1. Good point. I'm not completely awake this morning yet.
  2. Dragons that specifically use magic sometimes go in Life. White dragons for example. They also use their magic to effect emotions. I'm on the fence though. But they are lovely.
  3. Is there a link to the image of all the possible flowers? And maybe what they are?
  4. I got my first seed at lunch today. It still isn't grown up. I think my black thumb is hitting on DC too..
  5. I'm just kinda glad that you're back in business. I'm not a good mod mod, but I can help with mod stuff if you tell me what to do. As a side comment I have also donated one of each of the following to her. grammydragon - (3) 2nd gen (Red) Nebula from Marrow x RED Nebula grammydragon - (3) 2nd gen Gray from Marrow female
  6. I check the list at least twice a day (at least I try when DH isn't using the computer) and haven't succeeded yet. But I'm going to keep trying!
  7. http://dragcave.net/lineage/pYvuS I want this dragon. Or a hellhorse sibling of this dragon. I want this dragon so bad I could just cry. I'm SOOO happy that he decided to breed his hellhorse with a copper and thus have elemental babies. If I ever get on the Thuwed list, this is the dragon I'm begging for. Did I mention how much I want this dragon?
  8. http://dragcave.net/lineage/0u7aC Does anyone need a Tan Ridgewing for a Milestone?
  9. I'm SO sorry for the spam, but I need to get a few of these recorded to I can start working on other projects. Milestone Earned! FORUM NAME:Grandmother_cathie MILESTONE EARNED:4D - 15th gen from our own scroll GIFT REQUESTED: CB Neotropical VERIFICATION: http://dragcave.net/lineage/LoCiW MILESTONE EARNED: 4h. Members who complete an even 5th gen using 4 purebred (PB) 3rd gens - 1 from each of 4 Elemental categories. DATE EARNED: 11/5/2013 GIFT REQUESTED: CB Nebula VERIFICATION: http://dragcave.net/lineage/29eNz MILESTONE EARNED:5f. Members having an even 5th gen Element containing only pygmies/pumpkins. DATE EARNED: 12/22/2013 GIFT REQUESTED: CB Tsunami VERIFICATION: http://dragcave.net/lineage/lTytn MILESTONE EARNED:4A - 100 elements in a single category - Wind GIFT REQUESTED: CB Nebula MILESTONE EARNED:5H - 200 elements in a single category - Fire GIFT REQUESTED: CB Magma MILESTONE EARNED:7B - 700 Elements overall GIFT REQUESTED: Alt Vine MILESTONE EARNED: 3D - 15 elements of a single breed - Rainbow Copper GIFT REQUESTED: ??? bred copper ??? MILESTONE EARNED: 3D - 15 elements of a single breed - Silver GIFT REQUESTED: ??? MILESTONE EARNED: 3D - 15 elements of a single breed - Crimson Flare Pygmy GIFT REQUESTED: CB Crimson Flare Pygmy MILESTONE EARNED: 3D - 15 elements of a single breed - Ember GIFT REQUESTED: Bred Ember MILESTONE EARNED: 3D - 15 elements of a single breed - Red GIFT REQUESTED:Bred Red MILESTONE EARNED: 3D - 15 elements of a single breed - Spitfire GIFT REQUESTED:CB Spitfire MILESTONE EARNED: 3D - 15 elements of a single breed - Autumn GIFT REQUESTED:bred Autumn MILESTONE EARNED: 3D - 15 elements of a single breed - Neotropical GIFT REQUESTED:CB Neotropical MILESTONE EARNED: 3D - 15 elements of a single breed - White GIFT REQUESTED: PB white MILESTONE EARNED: 3D - 15 elements of a single breed - Dark Myst Pygmy GIFT REQUESTED: CB DarkMyst Pygmy MILESTONE EARNED: 3D - 15 elements of a single breed - Deep Sea GIFT REQUESTED:CB Deep Sea MILESTONE EARNED: 3D - 15 elements of a single breed - Purple Ridgewing GIFT REQUESTED: bred Purple Ridgewing MILESTONE EARNED: 3D - 15 elements of a single breed - ShadowWalker GIFT REQUESTED: ???? VERIFICATION: Elemental Spreadsheet of Wonderfulness Milestone gifted! GIFTER: Fiona RECEIVER: Grandmother_Cathie GIFT:http://dragcave.net/lineage/l6N86 MILESTONE:3D - 15 Embers GIFT:http://dragcave.net/lineage/P499W MILESTONE:3D - 15 Whites GIFT:http://dragcave.net/lineage/ZRYi6 MILESTONE:3D - 15 ShadowWalker GIFT:http://dragcave.net/lineage/LAPWq MILESTONE:2C - all elements in water Thanks so much Fiona!! EARNED: 64 // RECEIVED: Listed on the Spreadsheet // GIFTED: 22 MILESTONES NOT YET RECEIVED: Listed on the Spreadsheet
  10. good good. I was getting concerned! I vote Terrae. Also I vote that we only have one bonus dragon per month, not 3 or 4.
  11. Two! WOW! I haven't even been able to get on the list! Congrats to you! :happy dance: Isn't this little one an elemental too as both pumpkins and crimsons are elemental?
  12. um....has the mod of the group been seen this month?
  13. What Elemental Projects are people working on?
  14. I'll pass. Thanks for a WONDERFUL shiney drawing!!
  15. As I probably won't be online for the next 20ish hours, I though I would go on ahead and make a list out so I won't be holding anyone back. Please forgive me if this seems rude. It appears that there are 13 attending the shiny shindig so here are 13 choices in case I'm 13th. 10. CB gold hatchie donated by Fiona 11. CB gold hatchie donated by Fiona 17. 2nd gen gold x nebula http://dragcave.net/lineage/xSfKl 22. 2nd gen gold x vine donated by rrattts http://dragcave.net/lineage/iGNRa 16. 2nd gen silver x white donated by Zelda http://dragcave.net/lineage/lDxaW 18. 2nd gen silver x nebula donated by Valkie http://dragcave.net/lineage/1EsOY 1. 4th gen silver shimmer x gwyvern from Shao Shi donated by Fiona http://dragcave.net/lineage/DcfhJ 13. 2nd gen silver x thunder donated by Husker http://dragcave.net/lineage/UWqSq 9. 4th gen silver tinsel x gold from Dawn donated by rrattts http://dragcave.net/lineage/y6Uoe 25. CB green copper hatchie donated by Fiona 26. CB rainbow copper donated by Fiona 24. CB liver/brown copper donated by Fiona 4. 9th gen gold shimmer x gray from Virn ze Lunar donated by Myrrh http://dragcave.net/lineage/nAkhV Thanks!
  16. Count me in. I've got 7th gen gold shimmer from Geumseol Menoth to add in now, and 2nd gen green copper from silverand perhaps another later.
  17. I'm Reporting a Gift! Scroll Name - Grandmother_Cathie Forum Name - Grandmother_Cathie PM Link - PM What gift did you give?- CB Nebula egg Who'd you send it to? - Oasis Added Points- 20/2 = 10 Total Points= 87 + 10 (gift) = 97 I have hatched eggs from the AP! Dragon Codes - Oi6e8 ember 2iHBG mint C78Zz water VQkky purple ridgewing THVFM spitfire 55OcN canopy VSUi6 neotropical zglIM neotropical jc2pB purple ridgewig P2ynq vine wHRK8 Purple ridgewing mPfuk white grlR0 grey 9nfpW Night glory KWyrk white P3B72 hellfire gordY ember - gifting 2iudF purple ridgewing x57EV purple ridgewing h6Ta2 purple ridgewing - gifting dPgN1 purple ridgewing qPuuz green opal Scroll Name - Grandmother_cathie Gifting them to somebody, trading, freezing, or keeping it? -keeping unless noted Total Points - 97 + 22 =119
  18. No need for a replacement! I'm completely happy with the wee one I get.
  19. As usual, I'm the holdup. Sorry Guys! 4. 6th gen silver shimmer x moonstone from Jewel donated by Roekerd 13. 4th gen silver tinsel x nebula from Penk 6. 5th gen silver tinsel x tan from Dawn donated by Husker 17. 4th gen silver x heartseeker donated by Zeldarax Thanks for your patience
  20. Throw me in the pot as well. I'll see what the kids will produce. http://dragcave.net/lineage/3xR3Z http://dragcave.net/lineage/OjRul Am I the only person that occasionally clicks on the raffle site just in case there is a change?
  21. Congrats to the Winners! Wish I were one.
  22. 2nd gen graves shouldn't be an issue next year. I do not have alt sweetlings. Daughter Caitriona has 4 2nd gen blacks from alt sweetlings x black if that helps any.
  23. I think that this calls for a gigantic SQUEEEEE Thanks!!!