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  1. Count me in. My shineys were slightly stingy, but have two lovelies to offer: 3rd gen silver and white spiral http://dragcave.net/lineage/tyuCp 7th gen bronze shimmer from Luck First Raffle with tan ridgewing http://dragcave.net/lineage/eOxuF
  2. I have two night glories if anyone needs/wants them. Just send me a PM.
  3. I'm really rather saddened that you got snarky PMs. We should be adult enough to handle things in public like adults (even if we legally aren't). I don't think I even want to know what was said in them, but I apologize if something I said caused you angst or vexed you. All I can say is that sometimes people don't always show their best face when their toys don't get played with the way they think they should. I don't believe that the 4 "additional days to comment" came across as "if there are no better comments, I'm going to veto." They came across as "not everyone who is generally active has voted and I want to give them time." I saw no reason to further comment on the issue. Also, I was not around for the white discussion - or for many of the early discussions - so I don't know if there was a similar time frame or what was done. I didn't realize, and I apologize. In the future I will try to do better than just "yeppers, I likes me some elemental dragons, so yep," when voting. That being said, I believe that the idea of a symbiotic unique bacteria grown as a form of protection does move the debate past poison. As a completely side comment, what the Fevers have is not a poison at all. Poisons, by many definitions, must be ingested. The Fevers raise a bacteria which in turn produces a neurotoxin that incapacitates and kills the prey of their host. (Can you tell I talked to Nurse Caitriona about that one?) As a side comment, I think that nocturnal has been thrown right out.
  4. It's not that they have a poison - it's that they incubate a unique lifeform within themselves as a form of protection. It's not poison, it's bacterial warfare. No other fever has the same bacteria as it's siblings or clutchmates. They reply on a specific part of nature (the bacteria they nurture and breed) to help them survive. At present no other breed of dragon has this ability, making the fevers unique among their cohorts. These are the definition of the life category. On a side note - and I very much hope that it doesn't sound rude, because that is not my intent - I do not think that a single person should be able to overrule a 83% majority. If a single person could, then what is the point of voting in the first place.
  5. Milestones: 4 and 7 New Dragons: Brutes - No Fever - Yes - Life - they purposely grow another, unique lifeform as a form of protection. Did anyone not get Brutes that wants some?
  6. New Egg Form Dragon Breeder: Grandmother_cathie Team of Breeder: SeaGreen Generation of Egg: 8th Lineage URL of Egg: http://dragcave.net/lineage/0aYhY Transferring or Keeping: Keeping! Naming Form Dragon Owner: Grandmother_cathie Team: Seagreen Name of Dragon: EPIC Gift of Seagreen and Cotton Generation of Dragon: 7th Lineage URL of Dragon: http://dragcave.net/lineage/fIpFV
  7. Fiona's clarification helps! #3 seems very similar to 4H (an even 5th gen using 4 purebred (PB) 3rd gens -1 from each of 4 Elemental categories bred from own scroll) but not purebred elementals. #1 is more interesting if you keep the elements in order as CB and then as 3rd gens. I'd rather throw out the seasonals and alts thing rather than mix them together. I hadn't thought about the shallows and hellhorses having to be thuweds. :/ I'd rather have a 5th gen elemental Seasonal where each generation is a different season such that the CB pairs and the resulting 5th gen share the same season (a la this dragon of my daughters and/or a 5th gen seasonal created from 4 - PB 3rd gen seasonals each representing a different season (3rd gen PB spring, 3rd gen PB summer, 3rd gen PB autumn, 3rd gen PB Winter as a base) Then one based on how you breed: variations of parents - 2nd gens could be Bluna, Geode, Soulpeace, tan from purple, purple from tan, set from rise, rise from set and lastly a seasonal. It would be a mini version of 12A
  8. There'd have to be some clarification before I'd be gungho about those as they aren't as clear.
  9. The categories seem well done! I'll vote for that. New Milestones: I got a little confused with some of these, but I definitely vote for the Rainbows (4) and a milestone for the Wyverns (5). I'm completely ok with #2 if I'm reading it right that it means that the 3rd gens would be "pure" elements (all fire, all water, etc) up to that 3rd gen. What is the difference between #3 and #1? I'm a little confused with them. I'm not really against the triskelion, I just don't care for the look of it. I'd love to see something with our bred only's (geode, soupeace, shallow, bluna), with our seasonals (perhaps something like the season group does with "seasonal starts" (summer to autumn to winter to spring to summer with each season being a generation), and with our two heads.
  10. Transfer Form Sender:Cottondragon Team of Sender: none Receiver: grandmother_cathie Team of Receiver: Seagreen Generation of Egg: 7th Lineage URL of Egg: http://dragcave.net/lineage/fIpFV Replacement Egg Form Dragon Breeder: CottonDragon Team of Breeder: none Generation of Egg: 7th Lineage URL of Egg: http://dragcave.net/lineage/fIpFV Name of the dragon to-be-replaced (according to spreadsheet): EPIC Soda Fish Intended for: Grandmother_cathie - who has it I really hope I'm doing this replacement form thing right. Now we just hope that fIpFV genders Male and likes EPIC Gift of Turquoise and Grace! Also, it looks like I either forgot to put up some naming forms or I forgot to put up some naming forms: Naming Form Dragon Owner: Grandmother_cathie Team:Red Name of Dragon: EPIC Green Stranger 9 Generation of Dragon: 9 Lineage URL of Dragon: http://dragcave.net/lineage/JNeDL Naming Form Dragon Owner: Grandmother_Cathie Team: Red Name of Dragon:EPICest of all the 10th Gens Generation of Dragon:10 Lineage URL of Dragon: http://dragcave.net/lineage/PtxhF
  11. Milestone gifted! GIFTER: Pink467 RECEIVER: Grandmother_cathie GIFT:CB Tsunami MILESTONE:5G - 300 total Elements GIFT: CB Winter MILESTONE: 4A 100 Elements in a single category - Life GIFT: CB Red MILESTONE: 3B 50 Elements in a single category - fire As a side comment, rrattts made me into a blithering idiot again - this time as I was quickly checking my dragons while DH and his idiot brother were visiting. Luckily DH's brother was to confused for me to even start complaining. Thanks again!!!!!
  12. I have hatched eggs from the AP! Dragon Codes - P1usn nocturne mqMut neotropical mpN3t Neotropical F5gc8 Heartseeker q5Ifm heartseekerl E0GQh Heartseeker NTe38 Heartseeker JuZwD heartseekerl 38wE0 Heartseeker Xg0Rr heartseekerl IZIFC Heartseeker UhdTH Heartseeker 9ENhT heartseekerl JQc6w Heartseeker RXbeW royal blue Scroll Name - Grandmother_cathie Gifting them to somebody, trading, freezing, or keeping it? - keeping Total Points - 119 + 15 = 144
  13. Look at my new pretty! dragcave.net/lineage/g9xHR rrattts gave her to me. I opened the email and screamed and my DH came gimping in asking what was wrong. I told him I had a golden eggie. He grumbled that he'd gotten up from "How It's Made" for that and turned around and grumbled back into the living room. Thank you again and again. I'm off to do a Happy Dance in front of the TV to further pester my DH. squeeee
  14. I wanted to show off my Pretty. Milestone Earned! FORUM NAME: Grandmother_cathie MILESTONE EARNED: 5C. Members having an even 5th gen Element containing only breeds within a single Elemental category DATE EARNED: 2/15/2014 GIFT REQUESTED: CB Magma VERIFICATION: http://dragcave.net/lineage/9L5Fy
  15. This is the first Thuwed I can offer on this group. Thanks! Claim my egg http://dragcave.net/lineage/g44iw
  16. :Raises hand and flails around: ME, please!
  17. I'll pass on the 2nd and 3rd rounds as I have managed to completely egg block myself. Thank you all for all the lovely eggies. This is the best group!
  18. I'm first?!? Oh My! I would love to have: 1. 3rd gen silver shimmer x copper from Luckiest Catch donated by Fiona http://dragcave.net/lineage/C14N4 Squeeee!
  19. I'm not on yet, but that's the one I want. If anyone gets a hellhorse 2nd gen - I'd sell my firstborn for a 3rd gen hellhorse. (but please don't tell her that, she'd be rather cross with me!)
  20. Want to start getting fed hatchlings? Off topic: Is anyone still missing flowers from valentines? Send me or post a list and I'll see what I can send you. DH and I have somewhat full gardens.
  21. Oh dear..... I'll never get on there! Oh well. I'll just keep looking and trying with more jaded glasses than rosy ones. Thanks!
  22. Add me in, too. I'll breed tonight and see what I can woo out of my dragons. ====================================== Seems my dragons aren't feeling very woozy.... Out of many, many breedings, all they gave me was this bronze shimmer.
  23. I've never seen the slots open, so I have a question: I really want a specific egg. do I have to wait not only a slot come open, but also a slot to come open for a specific dragon? Thanks ahead of time!
  24. Replacement Egg Form Dragon Breeder: Pink 467 Team of Breeder: Turquoise Generation of Egg:7th Lineage URL of Egg: new eggie Name of the dragon to-be-replaced (according to spreadsheet): B5l7E Intended for: Grandmother_cathie - Team SeaGreen The receipt form for this egg is a couple of screens up/back. Naming Form Dragon Owner: Grandmother_cathie Team: Seagreen Name of Dragon:EPIC Gift of Turquoise and Grace Generation of Dragon: 7 Lineage URL of Dragon: http://dragcave.net/lineage/z2p28 Yeah, it's not grown now, but I can't guarantee that I'll remember to post it's name then.
  25. Transfer Form Sender:Pink467 Team of Sender: um.... Receiver: Grandmother_cathie Seagreen version Team of Receiver: Team Seagreen Generation of Egg: 7th Lineage URL of Egg: http://dragcave.net/lineage/z2p28 Now I just need to discover who my team captain is....