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  1. Messy red and thuwed orange still available
  2. Taking: Nothing Leaving (From my family) since I'm egglocked: beautiful lineage with alt sweetlings and old pinks Claim that Black is the new black! Enjoy, whomever got this. (10th even gen) Get out and grow up! combo Claim my BSA combo #1! Grow up and move away combo with a Z code, Thuwed twist. Claim my BSA combo #2!
  3. I know it's early for those who aren't as insane as we are about the season, but I wanted to start thinking about these things. Halloween. And Halloween eggies. I want to do a M Spessartine Pyralspite x F Grave checker, so I'm gonna want 8 2nd gens graves when the time comes. That being said, we don't have plans for our non elemental Halloweens (Marrows and Lurkers) I don't have plans for my Pumpkins (her, him, him, and her) and Caitriona says I can use hers for 5E trade fodder (she has a M CB, F CB and a 2nd gen from them) I only have plans for my higher gen Shadow Walkers (4 2nd gen and 2 3rd gen) but the family has a large number of CB, 2nd gen, etc that can be used for 5E trade fodder. SOooooo, to make a long post short, let me know if any 5Eers need eggs for 5E IOU trades or for themselves, etc, let us know and we'll breed them as soon as TJ lets us and send them on their way. Cheers!
  4. I had a little elemental breeding refusal, so I can't use this all seasonal autumn egg. I need it's parents to breed with the other picky summers. It is free to whomever would like it. Claim my eggs! Is anyone else having a lot of refusals lately? grrrrr.
  5. I like the Sulfur coppers and Pyrope rather well and I like the tidal with them.
  6. One has to question whether their choice of diet (Pyrope vs Spessartine vs Almandine eating mothers) effects the breed of their offspring enough that we believe their stone eating causes their appearance. I agree with Fi - Yes to earth. I'm a little sad that they aren't dimorphic, though. I thought that they would be with TJ having three of each. But they are lovelies, aren't they?
  7. Totally missed a drop. But time spent with the grandkids is a better use of my time anyway. Oh well. guess I'll see what trades can be made. Sometimes that's more fun anyway. Milestone gifted! GIFTER: rrattts RECEIVER: Grandmother_cathie GIFT: http://dragcave.net/lineage/73tFe CB Water MILESTONE:5H 200 Elements in a Single Category Thanks rrattts!! Two of my nebbies didn't color themselves correctly: http://dragcave.net/teleport/75bd2a7ea7131...90d125e0a6e7825 Up for grabs for whomever would like them. And more thanks for rrattts! Milestone gifted! GIFTER: rrattts RECEIVER: Grandmother_cathie GIFT: http://dragcave.net/lineage/ExOaB CB Royal Crimson MILESTONE: 3D 15 Elements of a Single Breed Royal Crimson GIFT: http://dragcave.net/lineage/WvxeR CB Sunset MILESTONE: 2D 15 Elements in a Single Category And gigantic thanks to deblogan for the garnets. 5E people are the bombdiggity.
  8. Took: Leaving: Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Nice PB Vine
  9. MilestoneS gifted! GIFTER: Deblogan RECEIVER: Grandmother_cathie GIFT: 2nd gen stone MILESTONE: 2B 5th Gen from 5 CB from each cat GIFT: 2nd gen geode MILESTONE: 3D 15 Elements of a Single Breed Geode GIFT: 2nd gen summer MILESTONE: 3D 15 Elements of a Single Breed Summer Thanks!!!
  10. This little fellow turned out the wrong color, but rather than just abandon him, I thought I'd see if anyone here wants him: http://dragcave.net/lineage/zwWPM http://dragcave.net/teleport/843679177c3c1...724a75b7cb3cbba Enjoy =================================================== Speaking of milestones, I have this 3rd gen Thuwed Hellhorse that people can claim milestones from - I guess the same as the thuwed shallows or would y'all rather them somewhere else? =================================================== And I went through and did a lot of housekeeping and updating. Sorry for the spamishness: EARNED: 87 // RECEIVED: 23 // GIFTED: 26 MILESTONES NOT YET RECEIVED: 64 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key...FUeHJDeXc#gid=3 Milestone Earned! FORUM NAME: Grandmother_cathie MILESTONE EARNED: 5H 200 Elements in a single category - Life GIFT REQUESTED: Any CB Life Elemental MILESTONE EARNED: 5H 200 Elements in a single category - water GIFT REQUESTED: Any CB Water elemental MILESTONE EARNED: 3D 15 Elements of a single breed - Geode GIFT REQUESTED: 2nd gen Geode MILESTONE EARNED: 3d 15 Elements of a single breed - Green GIFT REQUESTED: CB green MILESTONE EARNED: 3d 15 Elements of a single breed - Night Glory Drake GIFT REQUESTED: CB Night Glory MILESTONE EARNED: 3d 15 Elements of a single breed - Royal Crimson GIFT REQUESTED: CB Royal Crimson MILESTONE EARNED: 3d 15 Elements of a single breed - Canopy GIFT REQUESTED: CB Canopy MILESTONE EARNED: 3d 15 Elements of a single breed - Mint GIFT REQUESTED: CB Mint MILESTONE EARNED: 3d 15 Elements of a single breed - Spring GIFT REQUESTED: Bred Spring MILESTONE EARNED:3d 15 Elements of a single breed - Summer GIFT REQUESTED: Bred Summer MILESTONE EARNED:3d 15 Elements of a single breed - Vine GIFT REQUESTED: Bred Vine MILESTONE EARNED:3d 15 Elements of a single breed - Winter GIFT REQUESTED: Bred Winter MILESTONE EARNED:3d 15 Elements of a single breed - Galacus Drake GIFT REQUESTED: CB Galacus MILESTONE EARNED:3d 15 Elements of a single breed - Royal Blue GIFT REQUESTED: CB Royal Blue MILESTONE EARNED:3d 15 Elements of a single breed - daydream GIFT REQUESTED: CB Daydream MILESTONE EARNED:3d 15 Elements of a single breed - Gray GIFT REQUESTED: CB Gray MILESTONE EARNED:4C 50 Elements of a single breed - White GIFT REQUESTED: CB White MILESTONE EARNED:5D Even 5th gen Element containing only drakes GIFT REQUESTED: CB Drake VERIFICATION: http://dragcave.net/lineage/zJubV MILESTONE EARNED:6C Perfect 5th gen Element from own scroll DATE EARNED: 6/13/2014 GIFT REQUESTED: Alt Vine VERIFICATION: http://dragcave.net/lineage/205mF MILESTONE EARNED: 6a 500 Elements GIFT REQUESTED: CB Thunder MILESTONE EARNED: 11a Gifted 25 milestones GIFT REQUESTED: 3rd gen from thuwed shallow VERIFICATION: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key...FUeHJDeXc#gid=3
  11. I thought that Pink had said that if it had gravestones we couldn't count it because we couldn't be sure that the parents were all elemental. Otherwise a "2nd gen" goldfish/shallow with dead parents would count, right? BUT, if the group wants to count gravestone parents, I'm cool with it. Your Tinsel is LOVELY!
  12. I don't see any milestones listed on your spreadsheet so I can't help you with any. As for knowing which ones you've claimed..... I've given you a Cb grey and a CB Nocturne. I don't know how long ago it was, I just kept a list because I keep lists. Sorry.
  13. This was a wonderful tweak. it took my usual monthly sorting time down to a single hour. Thank you very much!!!
  14. I do not like this idea at all. I liked the Frills. I hate that they are no longer available. I liked the old pinks and I miss them. Retiring breeds is genocide - like making them go extinct and neutering any that remain. booo hissss
  15. That is awesome!! And I love the rainbow! Congrats!!
  16. Sweet!!! Even sweeter with the other thuwed mates!
  17. I have 5 PB Undines. 3 are yellow and 2 are green. One of the green is from the mountains and the other is from the forest. I'm starting to think it's gonna be random like the vines - I just hope it isn't as 'rare' as the alt vines.
  18. I believe that these Undines are Very elemental and watery at that! 1. They change the states of water dependent upon their mood. 2. They live in freshwater and communicate with the very spirits of water. 3. They can move water with magic.
  19. That could be frustrating..... Fun, but frustrating....
  20. I totally forgot that today was drop day. Oh well. I'd rather be making presents for my granddaughter anyway... Mostly. There's still time to catch them all.
  21. Cocoaloco and Sunfeathers, how is that trade going? Any Luck? Refusals? Hands out virtual cookies while they wait. Between DarkViolet and Flame, Verilidaine is waiting on an egg from Sister of the Dragon and vise versa, right? What is the status with those? Do your dragons need cheers? Between Teal and Sienna, Olympe and sparkdragon are waiting on cyradis and arya25 and vice versa, right? Do your dragons need mood music? Looks for everyone to hand out more cookies. Looks like Fiona is getting ready with that one. Juujinx is still waiting on Germelia and vice versa between Green and Goldenrod. Amazon Warrior and Germelia are waiting on Souly and raistlin2 for Blue and Chocolate. Jane is missing her egg from Black_phantom, right? What encouragement can we help with?
  22. I hate waiting those last few hours before TJ's dragons grow up! http://dragcave.net/lineage/0G1VA Cassare Dragons are known for their magic-deadening abilities. Though not a conscious ability, a large field surrounds the dragon through which magic is passively nullified. This field is strongest near the dragon itself, and falls off with distance. The absence of magic often makes other creatures avoid them, though some will have the opposite reaction and seek refuge instead. It has also caused them to be hunted, as though the field is severely weakened once dead, their bones and scales retain some of the effect; possessing such an item is considered a necessity by those who expect to face hostile magic. http://dragcave.net/lineage/BozVy Carmine Wyverns are active predators found most commonly in tropical regions. They have a poor sense of smell and are primarily dependent on sight and sound to hunt. These dragons are lightweight and quick, and tend to flee from rivals rather than attempt to fight. When a confrontation does occur it usually involves large amounts of posturing and displaying to make the wyverns appear larger and stronger than their opponents, and one will often surrender and leave without a fight ever actually occurring. They are dedicated parents and usually mate for life, though the degree of loyalty to a partner varies between individuals and within individual pairings. http://dragcave.net/lineage/ZvG3F Blue-Banded Dragons are found primarily in mountainous regions with lots of precipitation. Although terrestrial, they are most often sighted near running water and feed mostly on fish. Females are very social and form tight-knit family groups, while males are strictly solitary and will fight any other dragons that enter their territory outside of breeding season. For this reason, females tend to drive males away when they are not ready to mate, or when they are caring for hatchlings. The amount of striping varies greatly from individual to individual, with some dragons having only faint dark streaks on their sides and others appearing to be almost entirely dark blue with paler markings. I don't really see any of the three that scream ELEMENTAL!!!! to me.