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  1. The links I have sent may go to whomever you'd like to send them to.
  2. I've voted no and I'm not trying to change any minds (even my own). If I understand DC mana correctly, it is a physical thing with magical properties - but still a physical thing in it's many forms. It has to have another physical element to make itself manifest physically. You can have a plain rock (earth only) or you can have a magical rock (earth plus mana). EARTH - Dragons comprised of, resembling, or able to control rock, metal, and/or dirt, POSSIBLY residing in the earth. If this above is the case then the Depsisisisis (I can't get this right!) create rocks with their magic. One point for Yes in Earth. But only one. I'm not even bringing fire, water and air into this. LIFE - dragons who rely on or are affected by a very specific part of nature, which must be different than the majority of other breeds If Mana is a part of nature, then they do rely on a specific part of nature to survive (plus 1 for yes in Life). But I don't think that it is different than a majority of other breeds. Because one of the defining features of Life is that they must be different than a majority, I feel I can comment using other dragons. Magi store their magic (it mentions that they travel to replenish their stores and can convert mana into food (not rock)) (kinda takes away that Plus in earth), Cassare suck in magic (no longer unique), Pinks use their magic to change other dragon's forms (male to female etc), Purples change other dragon's minds (put them in the mood for love), Christmas holidays change moods (add cheer), Heartseekers (binding love together) and Arsani can meld their magic with one another. (taking away the plus 1 for Life) I still can't vote yes. I don't think that Mana = life. If it does or if high mana use equates with a life elemental, then we need to re-think our definitions. Sorry for the Teal Deer bait.
  3. Missed again. Oh well there's always next time
  4. I don't feel that these guys are Elemental. They're big and bad and scary (and I'd love to have an offspring of one of the alts of them) but I don't believe that they are Elemental. My vote is No. And I'll be sending you and/or Pie some links over the next few days.
  5. If they are not elemental I can give you lots (made some trades). If they are elemental my family can spare at least 2 for a new spriter. I'll send a link once they hatch.
  6. The easiest way to find my rare dragons arranged by type is to click On my spreadsheet. You can Ctrl+F and click to your heart's content. I multiples of most breeds listed, but I do not have zombies, dinos, chickens, or frozens. Sorry! After clicking my fingers off, I discover that it wants me to find 169 MORE neglected Hatchlings?!? I think I'm pretty close to quitting here. This has gone from fun to frustrating.
  7. I don't have nearly as many dragons as some people have but I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a tabbing ability. First of all, I usually wait until I have 50 or more dragons that need to be 'dealt with' and then find an evening when I don't have anything else to do. The new sorting helps some with time, but it still takes a LONG time. Second, it would be really nice to be able to quickly and easily click on a tab to go to the dragons I'm looking for rather than trying to remember which page they are on. Finally, I think having the ability to tab or not should be available. Yes...yes to tabs.
  8. Some people trade ahead of time with other people to get hatchies
  9. I would like to see an icon of a book for the encyclopedia on the dragon page (http://dragcave.net/dragons) preferably at the beginning or a link to it like the "cave account dragons etc" in the header.
  10. I still have graves that can be mated as well as some Shadow walkers. Take a look at my spreadsheet and let me know what you want and when. No trade needed for my 5E buddies!
  11. I read this and thought, 'Man! That's forever!' Then I looked at my calendar and realized that it was this weekend. DErP!
  12. I would like the forum to have the ability to look up a person by scroll name. Sometime I see a lineage that I LOVE and I see the scroll, but the name they've chosen here is different from what they've named their scroll.
  13. I'm an idiot. Ignore this post in it's entirety.
  14. Welcome to the Fifth Element Lineage!! Let us know if you have any questions or need any help.
  15. I haven't read through all 45 pages of this topic, but I'd wondered if y'all had concidered the Heartseeker as part of your lineage? Young Scrooge's search for love?
  16. Good Evening everyone! I'm back in the world of the living and working on catching up. It looks like there were some lovely shineys. I love the 3rd gen bronze from graves that you have there. Lovely!! I'd love to have a sibling after the holidays. I don't have any plans on breeding my GON with anything in particular. I'd gladly breed them with whatever you'd like. Just let me know.
  17. :Looks at egg covetously: I'm going out of town for the rest of the week or I'd at least ask for it. I'll throw Pink a link for this chilly silver if anyone wants it.
  18. Excellent. I can only gift out 4th gens from this lady, and that as a stairstep.
  19. Taking egg in quote Leaving: Make an offer on my hatchlings! Two hatchlings that should have been green and were purple instead. Leave a dummy egg please.
  20. Offered on the quoted item Leaving: Pink for your influence needs!
  21. If you are a male, get the Gardasil. If you are a female, get the Gardasil. There has been insufficient testing on Cervarix on males, and it only protects against 2 of the 4 strains that are most likely to cause cancer.. That being said, my daughter works in a doctor's office and here are her 10 cents: Get the vaccine! I've been giving it since it came out. Most common side effects are some pain and soreness in the area. Other side effects we've seen in our clinic are fever the next day and a local site reaction (whelp where we gave the shot). We've given thousands of vaccines and have had no problems. One of our sister office had two girls that hyperventilated and passed out and one girl that cried so much she threw up. The vaccine is a 'hot' shot and stings/hurts when it is going in. I've had more complaints about the 3rd one stinging than the first two. I wonder if it is the person building it up in their head and it would really feel the same.