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  1. Category: Dragon Records: Dragons - General Dragon with the most Views: Views: 20,105 UV: 1734 Clicks: 8 Name of Submitant(forumname): kitty41188123 Scroll Name (link): http://dragcave.net/user/kitty41188123 Proof for Record: [ - please use lineage links- /view/rOQP[/url] Reason for submitting new Record: I was glancing through my dragons and noticed what a high volume of views he'd received compared to Unique Views and Clicks. *Shrugs* Thought 20,105 views was enough to make it a "what?" moment. So I wanted to see what dragon had the highest number of views, and noticed that there wasn't a place in your records for highest views, unique views, or clicks.
  2. What I want? I know that most people who have their own dragons of a special color would probably scream this idea away, but I wish that when they breed shimmers/tinsels/etc that their alt's color would continue down the line, so if the person chose they COULD share the color with the world, and if not, they could simply give us the middle finger and keep them all to themselves. I'd trade my soul away for some of the alts. They're so pretty. I also actually don't feel like that's too unfair of a demand simply because they could CHOOSE to share or not share. All the current offspring stays their color though, since I doubt that EVERYONE would actually enjoy the color swap. My other demand? I want a personalized Kirin, that looks like this. (Yes I did just steal this from google.) Btw, besides that. I actually really feel bad about the old pinks. D: Everyone used to hate how common they are, poor dears, I loved their sprites. Same thing with the Frills, I had a lineage going with them and the Guardians, so now I've come to hate the Guardian's simply because they're a reminder of a lineage I can never continue. D: So frills and old pinks need to come back simply so I can continue their lineages that I loved, plus it was such a nice thing to have a female ONLY species so whenever something gendered male you could easily pick it up a mate. *Sighs* So we need a new female ONLY species and a male only species so I can easily find mates.
  3. I noticed an old one I have, it was adorable. :3 It's 1dER. I had to laugh at it simply because the meaning it has through this site. :3 I also have, alL1, laNd, and kEN0.
  4. I have a CB Vampire hatchling looking to gift someone. First person to message me gets it! :3
  5. Just a wonderful thought I had. Open a spot for "Most rainbows made on a single scroll." I don't remember who this was but a whiles ago I seen someone with the most interesting pattern for their scroll, it went from pink to purple and back around again. It was one dragon for each color. Very interesting theme! :3 Maybe also you could also look for the dragon with the most frozen offspring. *Shrugs* Just ideas though.
  6. Earlier I went to grab a gold egg, much to my excitement I caught it, only to realize I hadn't logged in and it asked me to create a scroll. My face literally just fell at that moment, I was just about sqeaking with joy to my boyfriend and then, nope.
  7. I can't seem to find any silvers to save my life! I've been hunting for years, and I'm quick enough normally to catch what I'm looking for but I feel like I'm not patient enough for them... I've caught a CB Gold, but my problem is normally staring at them for like a minute before going oh shoot! I need this! *Clicks WAY too late* I've yet to see a CB Blusungs and I don't get how they haven't shown up for me once. 0.o I also have yet to find a CB Ice. I don't understand what's goin' on with 'em.
  8. I don't think the wild counts towards a ration if I remember correctly. So it wouldn't really be helpful to release if it doesn't since the goal is to raise the their rarity. Does anyone else know if it does or not? 0.o (pokes) Even though if you weren't interested in Prizes as much as simply helping the goal of making them less common you could always just release hatchlings to the AP. Since no matter the breed hatchlings are ALWAYS picked up!
  9. All News shall be posted in Green. News that's older than three days will be lose it's coloring. I'm hoping to make a project out of collecting the top two winners of this poll. The goal is to make them from undesirable eggs into a rare breed. So let's messing with the populations. The idea would be to grab as many CB eggs and lineaged eggs as possible of the two winning types. Prizes would be given out to those who collect 25, 50, 75, 100 and more. I'm looking for people who'd be willing to to gift eggs as well as hatchlings to those who reach these limits. Freezing is fine for this, as well as breeding them yourself, as long as you keep the offspring as long as it is the right breed. Inbreding is fine as well since the main goal would simply to make them highly sought after dragons. I'm personally willing to breed together any two dragons you please off my scroll, even if it takes a couple times for them to give the desired result. So let's see where the poll takes us. Feel free to mention any dragon you feel should be in the poll. As well, I'd love to hear ideas from others. :3 The Prizes: 25-Something common 50-Something Uncommon 75-Rares 100-Low Gen Rares +100-CB Rares/Anything you desire Gifters: Pledges:
  10. I managed to catch my first CB gold. *Jumps up and down* I've been here for a long time too.
  11. Yay! I noticed it on the hour drop and was like, egg why are you floating?
  12. *gasp* Don't say that! I'll have to cry. Even though I'm starting to wonder at this rate...
  13. I believe there was because I kinda remember the hype of it.
  14. I'm still hoping for some kind of dragon but since I know the chances are slim, I just can't wait for somethin' to happen knowing it's only a couple more hours! :3
  15. I would really like to see the date kept the same for holiday releases. I fell like even users who don't come on often at least /know/ that oh hey it's something special on this site on this day! I fell like if you don't like the dragons don't collect them. I've always hated magi dragons but I have enough to transport now and that's it. An I happy they got that bsa? No. Simply because my preference over them. Am I going to start a debate to get it changed? No. I personally hate winter and everything to do with winter because every year around December to February I have horrible seasonal depression to the point that I'm normally not left alone for over an hour at a time. I don't really like any of the holidays, but do I think we should stop celebrating Christmas? No? Can people make sprites and do all the leg work to create a dragon that's not focused on Christmas but other winter events, holidays, things like that? Yes, but instead of complaining about it, it's time to go to the drawing boards and start creating new dragons to summit for the holidays. Instead of taking away let's add. Don't say it's not fair others didn't think of you. That's not their job. It's you're job to go to the drawing boards. If you want a dragon that you connect with start thinking of things. Sketch out stuff and then talk to others for more help. Don't complain unless your willing to help make the changes. You know earlier there was a lot of birthday party things. All about how other kids had awesome birthday parties and you never getting one. My mom never had money for a birthday party for me. I didn't have one until I was seventeen and I paid for all three stuff myself. I personally never enjoyed someone elders party less and simply always explained to other kids that my birthday was just family. It didn't mean I probably feel it makes you more humble. In my personal opinion sitting here just taking about it and fighting about it is like a child stomping their feet throwing a got because it's not about them. I'm sorry if anyone takes offense to this. It's no ones job to try to make you happy except yourself. I feel like if enough people summit non-traditional dragons for holidays they'll be picked more often. It's just about spreading happiness, and joy, and until someone starts submitting ideas for dragons nothing will change.
  16. Hmmm I thought of something that would honestly be very cool! Maybe instead of a normal hunt we can get a couple non-hatchable eggs! Pretty designs and the whole nine yards. I'd like that. No timer, and can't abandon, only release to the wild if we don't want em. They could drop in the cave.
  17. I think it might have had bunny ears? If I'm correct? But that probably was it. *Sighs* I wish they'd make a new one. It was too cute for words. Even more so if they managed to make it all fluffy and colorful. Oh I wish I could sprite, because I have the cutest idea for one!
  18. I think I remember back in '10 or '09 there was a dragon, it was an Easter dragon, that was in the Dragon Request forum. I can't seem to find it in either the completed or in the dragon request anymore though. It was adorable. It had an Easter basket curled around it, and it was white. :3 I died a little bit on the inside because it's cuteness.
  19. I'm quite curious if we're having any kind of Easter event this year, and if so what do you think it'll be? Also if you do think so when do you think it'll start? Sometime soon this week, on Easter, or the week of Easter? A new dragon release maybe? An egg hunting event? Maybe both? Other ideas? Or do you think Easter will pass much without notice this year? I'll put popular ideas below if this starts to become long. :3 Easter Egg Hunt New Dragon Rabbit Decorating Bunnies!
  20. Also I hate to be a dream crusher, but without the spriters okay, for the alts I don't believe no matter how many people say yes this can happen. Same thing for the the alts, our dear creators must agree to having their vision changed. Which honestly I don't believe they will agree to. You speak of caveblockers? Go back to the days of the old pinks and purples, those use to be caveblockers. There would be a huge amount of those and mints. The cave is a lot more diverse than it used to be, and I enjoy all the different things.
  21. Actually a couple days ago was the first time one of mine ever died from being bitten. I almost cried, and then to follow it up the next one was pushed from my scroll. My dragons have never rejected babies or even killed 'em before so I was quite upset. Luckily though, as of yesterday I had a successful one!
  22. I'd like to join! Join Date: March 2, 2013 Forum Name: kitty41188123 Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/kitty41188123 PM Link:http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=Msg&CODE=4&MID=6498 Proof I read the Rules: blue is awesome, and so is seven. Btw if I'm not looking to acquire points may I simply hatch them and then drop them back into the cave? I enjoy your idea, but I simply just don't wish to keep them.
  23. I want to gift Forum Name: kitty41188123 PM Link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=Msg&CODE=4&MID=6498 I don't mind being contacted? Of course not! Feel free. When my metallic are pleasant I also gift them. :3 Special Requirements: I prefer to give them to someone who doesn't have very many, but willing to give to anyone. No trading/gifting away please! Also the process to becoming a vampire is so hard for them, don't kill them! I'd also like to see them named. Follow any pattern you wish. Feel free to freeze.
  24. I have eggs I didn't pick up. 0.o
  25. Wait can we get more eggs after collecting them all? 0.o