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  1. the hatchies are so cute can't wait for them to grow up though muuuuuuust waaaaaaaaait.....
  2. The hatchies are so cuteXD can't wait for them to grow....
  3. Finally finished:) weird how it feels last year I was faster in catching the eggies:( and there were more eggs last year too oh wait, it was actually that I was watching BBC sherlock instead
  4. on egg 33, just nine more to go hope I can make it before I fall asleep D:
  5. YAY:) my favorite event of the year is back
  6. green is definitely my favorite color but I have an obsession for blue, especially the bright blue of october sky or the blue right after sunset on a summer night:) my obsession for blue's so crazy that just the names of the different shades of blue make me go all happy
  7. cats and any birds that are big, though I go crazy for most if not all animals:)
  8. I created an account on Halloween 2009 because I saw it on a friend's blog. but I had no idea how to use it and ended up killing my first four dragons that I got from the AP I quit after that until I saw another post during easter 2010 and was like heyyyy I know this site
  9. omg sooooo cuteXD I hope these are real D: the eggs in both ap and cave are changing and the number of users online is too kinda getting my hopes up...
  10. Congrats to everyone:) and the winners especially;) ..I wonder if anyone got a 2nd CB tinsel....
  11. I was like "NOOOO DOWNTIMEEE" and a minute later I had two safely tucked in my scroll:) Anyway the eggs are so pretty and Merry Christmas!
  12. 33 so far, guessing six more to go. Thanks for such a fun eventXD! ...now let's just hope I don't get lost again...
  13. YAY new eggs I love the blue ones. It's so... bluuue
  14. I was hoping for another easter basket..T_T// but oh well, the old one's purty, too:D And the eggs are beautiful:) Hopefully the cave will be back before tomorrow....
  15. it looks like stripeXstripe stripeXmarrow stripeXalt sweetling stripeXblack(alt+normal) all works if you want a black stripe.. the sad thing is that none of my stripes gave eggsDX
  16. I just saw a black stripe egg.. wonder if that's the 'more than meets the eye' bit..?
  17. AIEEEEE!!! these are so cute! I'd love to stuff all of them on my sig, but sadly they don't all fit... Thanks for making 'em!!
  18. I keep forgetting the fact that I'm on the other side of the world.. anyway here we've got about 4 more hours of valentine's day left! hope the cave gets back to its normal state soon
  19. I can crack my knees.. though I don't know if that counts...? I do that every time I sit down just to freak people out works every time.
  20. I meant to name my hatchie. Then I typed in my password. Then abandoned it. ...I was wondering why I needed my password to name... did that a couple of times...