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  1. The eggs have no descriptions, no image, and when you click on them you get an error...? Edit: nevermind, fixed!
  2. Happy Halloween! Super excited to see this year's new dragon.
  3. Aww, I missed Day 1, and red's my favorite color D: AMAZING JOB! I think you can do more with the wreath than you could with the tree last year. My favorite Christmas alts are the whites, neotropicals, BBWs, and skywings and... OK, I love them all. Once again, AWESOME! EDIT: I just noticed the animation on the S2 balloon Rudolph! I have a favorite now. Wait, has a dragon sprite ever been animated before? I don't think so...
  4. That was AWESOME! The story, art, items, EVERYTHING. Even the little badge is cool. A bunch of people think it would be cool to have a page like last year's trick-or-treat or the Festival of Eggs that shows all the haunted house items.
  5. This is AWESOME! I love text adventures. :3 So exciting! Hugs to everyone who helped make it, the art is gorgeous.
  6. spark3210

    Site Down

    Oh, good. Glad to know it's not just my crappy internet connection. Thanks, TJ! Wow. Why in the world would they switch FIVE DAYS EARLY and not tell you?
  7. Well, if this doesn't work, why not try some sort of auto-filter, so that the really terrible descriptions are sacked early on? I'm talking about a system that searches for profane and rude words. If the description passes, it can be put in the system. If not, it has no chance. This would also prevent things from getting too much more backed up in the first place.
  8. I love this idea! It's a reason for non-forum members to pick up commons. I like the "and it's mossy!" concept but I don't like the idea of putting actual moss on hatchies/adults. Maybe a little symbol like the frozen asterisk; a tiny leaf, perhaps? Oh, I have a legally blind friend who plays DC! She doesn't use any assistant technology to play, but I'll ask her. edit: she's fine with it, as long as it's a neon, highlighter type green.
  9. Just caught 3 of each As usual, thanks to whoever helped make these! I wish I had Reds, can't WAIT to see what they'll look like...
  10. These are awesome! The Back & vine one is just beautiful . Thanks Earthgirl, your art's great!
  11. I like most cheeses. Not american or cheese sticks, but most other cheeses. I have an Italian friend who sometimes has extra cheese at lunchtime, and she shares. SO GOOD. American cheese: actually cheese :: French fries :: actually french Just thought I'd throw that out there.
  12. Hm... it's an original idea, but I don't support it. It would make it harder for all the other people out there to get rares. That rare you just bred could have easily gone to a user who didn't have one already. This has happened to me too with some great eggs, but you can always breed again. It's your own fault for not realizing that you were locked, and we have the password protect for that last "wait WAIT OMG NOO!" moment. So, hate to be a party pooper, but no.
  13. Honestly, I'm seeing just about as many rares as I was before, even though that's pretty much zero. >.< I still like the biomes, though. I mean, I've gotten 2 CB Terraes from the AP since they came out. The rarities aren't changing, our strange brains that have had too much internet are .
  14. Since I had some eggs I needed, I could only get 1 of each, but it's still awesome! <3
  15. These two. They just have the prettiest little lineages.
  16. I never thought about that: who said we were talking about CHICKEN eggs?
  17. AHA, so there's a thread for that lovely lovely 8th gen I picked up a week ago? Here she is: wait, EVEN 8th gen?
  18. SplishSplash Sploosh the Goldfish lives on my scroll. I also have some weird Pillows. I have Mr Floofy and Mrs Floofy, which are mates, and also Death by Fluffy.
  19. Hmm. Well Sweetlings might be about human size, since it describes them as small. I like to think that Pillows are about 5x a grown human :3 Imagine the fluff!
  20. *dances* guess who just got her badge? Me! *continues dancing*
  21. I giggled at this one. In a girly fashion. Anyways, i have vEWW the vine(like 'eww'). It's sorta funny. gv1S is my magi, & it's kinda like saying 'give us'. Get it? Teleport pun? ...yea, I don't have the best codes... EDIT: I just bred an egg with this code (caps messed): FARTO. Yep. NOW I have funny codes.
  22. I've decided to start picking up the Dorsals in the AP. Apparently, people like to breed them with Alt Sweetlings but abandon the purple eggs. Very desirable, I'm a sucker for lineages. But, yeah, I do this.
  23. Tied between the old ones and Drk Myst pygmies. I voted for the old ones, though.
  24. Red's my favorite color, sooo...yeah. While we're here, apparently people breed red Dorsals with Alt Sweetlings, and abandon the purple offspring T.T. So I wonder which are liked more.
  25. I pretty much always do this. These two are a breeding pair, both from the AP. I mixed their names with my leetle naming scheme. Especially because I love the AP.