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  1. sweet =) Perhaps they could breed with the Pygmy´s ? Becouse they are tiny too... Oh and before i forgot it to say: Happy Birthday DragonCave
  2. It´s give 53 eggs right? If yes i have finished my easter Basket
  3. Yeah! With Internet Explorer it´s work! thank you all for the Idea. I have my first egg, a blue one with a buterfly
  4. I´m going to try to go with the Internet explorer in the Internet. Currently im using Opera... im here in a few minutes again
  5. Yes i have. but nothing was there...
  6. but im online since a few hours and i have clicked every link on DC but nowhere was a egg.
  7. But when there are every 6-15 minutes a egg, why i havent one and why i havent a Easter Basket?
  8. Yes, im logged in and my javasript is on. Im using a laptop. Perhaps i should log out and than in? i havent something of the easterfestival. *edit no, the log in- log out doesent work.
  9. i havent a easterbasket and i cannot seem to find tthe eggs somewhere in my Cave. There is nothing. ;( Why?
  10. i werent registerd last year Easter. DO i dont get a Easterbasket? Becouse it says in the first post the basket of last year will be used...
  11. i cant go on the Dragon Cave scroll. Is the Server crashed? Or why i cant go on the site?
  12. Montymaus

    2011-03-16 - New Eggs

    i have now a black stripe dragon and of of the new yellow eggs.
  13. Montymaus

    2011-03-16 - New Eggs

    wow, the new dragons re very sweet. But i havent any of them Catched right now
  14. yes they are very beuatifull. But a little bit funny too.... klick please ~Spam Removed~
  15. Oh my, My tree is near to Overloaded.... But it´s look very nice. I hope there cames som striped things.... PS: Please click here my creatures. magistream.com/ ~Spam Removed~
  16. Mee too. This tree decorating is very funny:
  17. Oh my! Whats this??? -> Are that socks? Or what is this??? ~Montymaus
  18. I have both of them on my tree, but i think the popcorn i will throuh away... im so crazy who are the winners of the tree decorating festival will be.... ~Montymaus
  19. Yay the christmas dragons are free to steal in the abandon! I have already the christmas dragon eggs from 2008 and 2009 But who are the little trees? Are they came only at christmas day? Please help ~Montymaus
  20. oh. that´s bad.... And for a pumkin dragon i must wait until next year .... But, i have a Adult silver dragon. So cool.
  21. I havent anyone catched of them. Can they breed out of Halloween and a HALLOWEEN dragon is coming out of the egg. Or can they only breed on halloween so that a halloween dragon came out? please help ~Montymaus
  22. It gives 92? If this is right, im ready with the collecting i thinck ---> Halloween
  23. Only 19 more and i have the 92. Thats so cool. http://dragcave.net/trickortreat/Montymaus
  24. Im collect already 45 of this. ) But... how much pictures are there. 90? 91? or much more? Please help -> look on my Halloween pictures which i have collect-> http://dragcave.net/trickortreat/Montymaus They are so Pretty
  25. O, Cool, But.... who can i collect them?