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  1. Human gender identity is...well, complex, perhaps even more so than sexual identity. Here is a place to discuss gender, and all the forms of such. (Not just genderqueer, but the "Typical" genders identitities, as well), as well as gender roles, etc. Vocabulary you may see used in this thread: AMAB/AFAB = assigned male/female at birth Binary - the strict two-gender/sex system which restricts those that feel they don't fit purely into either male or female and even those who do fit purely into male or female but don't agree with the label they were given at birth Biology - having to do with what kind of gonads a person has CAMAB/CAFAB = coercively assigned male/female at birth Cissexism - the system of inequality set up against nonbinary people Coming out - the act of telling other/s that you are not cis Gender - a difficult concept to grasp/fully explain; a part of one's identity; having to do with the terms in which people prefer to be identified as Preferred pronouns - the pronouns (he, she, xie, zie, they, fae, etc.) someone prefers to be referred to with Sex - a difficult concept to grasp/fully explain; a part of one's identity; having to do with the terms in which people prefer to be identified as Transphobia - hatred or prejudice against trans people (and other nonbinary people) Xie/xir/zie/xir - gender neutral pronouns (ex. Xie/zie went to the store with xir/zir mother. Choose either xie or zie.) Some gender identities include: Agender/neutrosis/nongender - someone of no gender Cisgender/cis - someone who agrees with the gender they were assigned at birth Demiboy/girl - someone partly boy/girl and partly some other (possibly undefined) gender Genderfluid - someone whose gender is not static, but rather changes Genderqueer - someone who does not fit into any one gender; an umbrella term for anyone who is not cis Intersex - someone with some mixture of both end members of human gonads (testes and penis - vagina) Nonbinary/nb - an umbrella term for people who are not cis Transgender/trans - someone who disagrees with the gender they were assigned at birth Confused at how to pronounce someone's pronouns? Try pronoun-pronunciation. Gender is a very gray topic. Some people have a more fluid gender. Sometimes they are male, sometimes they feel female. Sometimes they may be one gender but enjoy being mistaken for the other. Some people are more than one gender. Some people are just confused. Etc. Please be respectful of others genders here. If they prefer to be called he, she, zie, them, awesome, whatever, please respect their wish. Genderfork.com is a good genderqueer site for sharing who you are and finding acceptance. mogai-archive at tumblr lets people freely post new orientations and genders so that others who may be struggling to define themselves might find someone like them and some words they can identify with Please be polite and respectful, or else be attacked by rotten fish.
  2. Human sexual orientation is a wildly complex and varied topic. To vastly oversimplify it, here are some of the common orientations: Homosexual: Those who are attracted to people of the same gender Heterosexual: Those people who are attracted to people of another gender Bisexual: Those who are attracted to both the same and other genders, attraction to two or more genders Pansexual: Those who are attracted to anyone, regardless of gender Asexual: Those who do not experience sexual attraction Demisexual: Those who are only sexually attracted to those they have formed a bond with first (can pair with homo-, hetero-, bi-, pan-, a-, etc.) Gray-Asexual: Someone who goes through periods of asexuality and sexuality or has very low sexual attraction (can pair with homo-, hetero-, bi-, pan-, a-, etc.) Sexual attraction can match up with or be different from your romantic orientation. This is for the discussion of orientation, not about sex.
  3. People are people. Why bother caring about something like physical appearance?