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Tobi-Ineedthisandthis.gifIS NOT VERY ACTIVE DUE TO SCHOOL STUFFS :( and some other personal problems....I am currently going through the period...You know, there is that moment that you got pwned by life just want to go away and hide somewhere and not to be disturbed meanwhile clearing thoughts and picking yourselfs up , pieces by pieces.... yeah....

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    sleep, gaming , reading, TV watching, mocking, punching, ass-kicking and killing( monsters in games lol)...... and i lov my....my ....er.... eggs??
    Loves animals, especially canines, big cats,horses, Bay owls and Snowies, Tyrannosaurus, raptors and mythical creatures like unicorns, Pegasus and of course dragons.
    and is a Naruto fan~
    correction, Akatsuki fan ~>:D