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    YAY! Thanks Rebsingh! *Goes to Avadopts*
  2. Awesome! Congrats to the new Global Mods!
  3. I got the one with the thin shell. I recognize the other one. Too bad I had to abandon a cheese... (scroll locked)
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    Aw, I didn't get a chance to get a Cardinal Swan. By the way, one of my friends says she thinks there should be an "I forgot my password" thing if there isn't one already.
  5. I don't remember, a nebula in someone's siggy I think.
  6. Awesome song! Thanks for sharing it with us! See my sig? Great minds think alike, I guess.
  7. So the chickens of the future came from the past, and the chickens from the past came from the future? And her ancestor is herself? O_o
  8. LOL, I like that theory! But wait, if that's how chickens got here, then how are they in the future in the first place?
  9. Well, birds came from dinosaurs, correct? So exactly what would you call a chicken? o.o The chicken needs to come from an egg, and a chicken needs to lay an egg. Also, the chicken will need to sit on the eggs so it will hatch. So without the chicken, the eggs would die. And there would be no eggs in the first place. And how'd the chicken get here if there was no chicken to lay the eggs? Let's just say this: Space Chickens
  10. My electric egg, my first egg, died because I didn't know how to get views back then. D: If that doesn't count, I got two black marrows and they were both girls. So, I fogged one to prevent it from growing up, in case I could trade it for a male. I forgot about it and it died. I tried reviving it, but that didn't work either. My recation was, "I can't believe I forgot about her! ): "
  11. I just saw one where the gingerbread man and the nutcracker were under a rainbow or gazebo. I think they were getting married or something. O.o
  12. LOL! I just saw one where the nutcracker was sitting in a sleigh, with the birds pulling it.
  13. Here's what just happened: *Rates tree and clicks Vote* Message pops up Me: Did I win?!?!?! Did I finish all the trees?!?!?!?!?! Message: You must choose a rating! Me: Goes back to tree rating page
  14. I just saw a tree with a rocket on it! It was pretty impressive.
  15. All these cool trees makes mine look plain. D:
  16. LOL, I just saw a tree where the dragon and the parrot were playing tug-of-war with the raptor! And the parrot was standing on a huge pile of birdies. Looks like the parrot has quite a few members on his team.
  17. I'm pretty nice when I rate the trees LOL. I've given quite a few nines and tens.
  18. I want to vote for all of them too. Probably not going to happen for me, though. Here's how I usually rate trees : Blank - 1 Really don't like, underdecorated - 2, 3 Below Average - 4, 5 Average - 5, 6, 7 Above average - 8, 9 Awesome - 9, 10
  19. I find voting on trees pretty fun! Right now I want to vote on my sister's tree, but it hasn't shown up yet.