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  1. Mine was an Ice. It was a gift from a friend. (:


    The first one I saw was a CB Magma. When I saw it, I flipped to the DC Wiki page, spent a few minutes making sure it was a Magma, then spending a few more minutes deciding whether or not to get it. Didn't get it, of course.


    The first one I got since the biomes were released was a CB Thunder in the Desert. I didn't need to refresh; it was the first thing I saw when I decided to explore the updates. It was all the way on the left. I was a little slow in getting it, but there were only a few other people there so it wasn't too hard.

  2. I saw that scroll. Keep in mind, they aren't obligated to breed anything for anybody, ever. Kudos to them for having built up such an impressive scroll, I am impressed. I love running across scrolls like that . . . it's like window shopping for dragons. smile.gif

    I have to agree with this. smile.gif They earned their dragons and can do whatever they want with them. ^^

  3. Neglecteds and Tinsels are some of my favorite rares, they're so beautiful. happy.gif I also like Silvers a lot. Hollies have also been among my favorite dragons for a long time. At first, I thought it would be easy to get one. xd.png

    Oh, and chickens are awesome too! laugh.gif

  4. My real life nickname is a paper origami dragon hatchling, as far as I can tell. Oh, and they're on a scroll that doesn't seem to exist any more :/ http://dragcave.net/view/n/cat


    My actual real life name is a female white who doesn't appear to have an owner. http://dragcave.net/view/n/catherine


    I'm not sure which of those two is weirder. A dragon on a scroll that doesn't exist, or a dragon not on a scroll at all...


    As for my username, it's not taken.

    The Paper's owner might have hidden their scroll (although I don't think the username should show on the page if that's the reason... I dunno.)

    The White's owner just didn't have their username appear on their dragon's pages. wink.gif

  5. Thanks for telling us. I was... scared about my two little lost Easter eggies. :smile.gif

    It was really weird when my pygmy (she let me get my 200 trophy) became a hatchling again... but luckily my split and vine grew up so I didn't lose my trophy. laugh.gif


    Sorry to those who lost rare eggs or had something else bad happen.