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  1. I currently have a tarantula, some praying mantises, both water and land turtles, a fire bellied newt, a water snail, a hamster, and frogs. Come to think of it, I guess most of the pets I've kept in the past could be considered exotic. I've had millepedes, tortoises, toads, ect.
  2. Mine was an Ice. It was a gift from a friend. (: The first one I saw was a CB Magma. When I saw it, I flipped to the DC Wiki page, spent a few minutes making sure it was a Magma, then spending a few more minutes deciding whether or not to get it. Didn't get it, of course. The first one I got since the biomes were released was a CB Thunder in the Desert. I didn't need to refresh; it was the first thing I saw when I decided to explore the updates. It was all the way on the left. I was a little slow in getting it, but there were only a few other people there so it wasn't too hard.
  3. Right now, looks like the Spitfire.
  4. I had to use dragons from my scroll. D: One of my dragons successfully revived, but didn't zombify. I ended up killing that one again because I thought they were another dragon. Dx But I did get a zombie success!
  5. Bred my Tinsel while I was locked. Got a Bronze, but it went into the AP.
  6. Bred my Tinsel when I was locked. Oops. x3 Only got a Terrae, though, but still.
  7. I have to agree with this. They earned their dragons and can do whatever they want with them. ^^
  8. I like Death Note. Some other animes I've watched are Ouran High School Host, Pretear, and a lot more.
  9. Neglecteds and Tinsels are some of my favorite rares, they're so beautiful. I also like Silvers a lot. Hollies have also been among my favorite dragons for a long time. At first, I thought it would be easy to get one. Oh, and chickens are awesome too!
  10. Yay! Thank you so much, TJ!
  11. When it gets to six days (or when I feel like it), I put them on Silvi's Lair, Allure, DC Focus, Valley Sherwood, Eggs Around the World, and sometimes Egg Drop Soup. If it's a rare, I may fog it at night for the first day or two.
  12. Whenever I saw a rare, I would stop to check the Dragon Cave Wiki, then spend a minute or two deciding if I wanted to get it.
  13. I love the Silver and Alt Sweetling you drew! ^^
  14. Hey, I'm new to the RP. So... where is everyone right now, and where can my character (Kiara) enter so everyone else's characters won't be like "Omg where did she come from she just appeared in the clan out of thin air!!!"
  15. The Paper's owner might have hidden their scroll (although I don't think the username should show on the page if that's the reason... I dunno.) The White's owner just didn't have their username appear on their dragon's pages.
  16. I voted none, but now I have a gold tinsel. :]
  17. Happy birthday DC! I managed to get all but the dark and mysterious egg. Had to abandon a thunder and a dino, though.
  18. I like green, with blue and purple a close second. I like the hatchlings.
  19. From quizzes, I've gotten mostly Hufflepuff, but I'd choose Ravenclaw.
  20. I just realized I lost a paper egg from the downtime. Oh well, not a big deal, considering I didn't notice it was gone until now.
  21. Thanks for telling us. I was... scared about my two little lost Easter eggies. : It was really weird when my pygmy (she let me get my 200 trophy) became a hatchling again... but luckily my split and vine grew up so I didn't lose my trophy. Sorry to those who lost rare eggs or had something else bad happen.
  22. Thanks for telling us. I thought there was something wrong with my computer at first.