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    10 on 10-10-10

    aw im locked >_<
  2. im back digi and i got 2 loose leaf pages worth of splices and i got much more to think of so what i get bored in 9th grade biology
  3. maybe he/she was touched when they was serving in thier church by the pastor
  4. there is racism every where you go cant really hide from it people try and target me in thier racist joke but they cant really tell what i am sorta a mix between an afican amrican and hispanic but im not from any of those races expect one so the people who are trying to make fun of me just look plain stupid
  5. ooo i need to come up with more ideas -looks at pokedex- get ready digi master
  6. ima show this thread to my mom rats sound so cool too bad she think there discusting
  7. o_o pokemon=saybleye and tyrouge base=tyrouge do=splice version=any
  8. congratz on finshing my order =) -hands digi a medal and trophy- i engraved it to say king of splices
  9. yay i claim number 100 i like this =)
  10. christmas time oh christmas time i am gunna get a psp and bbs
  11. =) nice work good luck with my order
  12. oooo that would be awesome it would be like veiwing the elite 4 hall of fame and the pokemon name would be under the pokemon
  13. digi see how many people you have inspired to splice
  14. go go and splice may digi's awesomness rub off on to you i have a feeling your gunna do a great job
  15. ill be your first custumer =) pokemon= lucario and blazeken base= lucario do=splice version=any good luck and have fun