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  1. I did! It was awesome. I went to the International Wolf Center in Minnesota. We got them to howl and everything!
  2. There are also bears, bison, eagles, and so on.
  3. ok, whatever, i guess not everyone likes wolves as much as me. I just get kinda protective over everything. Sorry if i was a jerk...
  4. I wanted to change what i said.
  5. Ya, i'm sorry i just hate it when people swear
  6. Whatever, could you at least quit swearing?
  7. Seeya, I'll probably post in every once in a while to make sure no one is being mean like Vexx
  8. Well i guess i'll go find them then!
  9. Sorry for trying to find others that like wolves!
  10. I hadn't been able to respond since I was on vacation and had no internet connection. And, obviously, I don't think wolves are overrated! I would prefer that anyone who doesn't have anything positve to say, didn't say anything at all. That is not what I made this thread for.
  11. Oh wow... lots of fears for me. However, i think my biggest fear is drowning or diying alone.
  12. For all of you who are dissing wolves, please don't post if your just gonna call them overrated. I made this thread for people who like them to talk about them.
  13. I think wolves are just so pretty and smart. They can be any color from white to brown to black, they have their own social system, and they take turns baby sitting! Aren't they amazing?