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  1. Ack...I can't keep up... And my characters can't do anything. They need an objective for them right now...
  2. Guys, are there ANY Emerald/crystal/things left to find?
  3. Yay, no sever hurtings! Happy Holidays guys!!!!! What did everyone do for the holiday season? Also, are there ANY Chaos Emer--I mean jewels left for my dragons too find?
  4. Auuggghhhh!!! Don'thurt meI'msorryIwasn'thereagain!!!!
  5. Castles? I was hoping for something a little more.... natural-home type thing that's natural. I mean like tree-house but less boxy. I dunno how to describe it.... ((EDIT:)) Nvm, It appears that you just used the buildings as "town" representations to show size... Sorry...
  6. Sorry, but like I said, schoolwork... I'll get Glast and Sarrel ( and mabe Kal'Ro :3 ?) looking for something along the lines of a jewel while nature walking off some battle trauma. Maybe it'll be in a tree. Like grown into the tree?
  7. GAAAAAA!!!!!!!! I LIIIIIIVE!!!!!! (Dies) Okay, I'm back. i'm sorry for not posting more, school work is crushing me, I've been busy on my X-Box, and doing all sorts of other things, but it's mainly homework. Dusset, I'm am VERY sorry for not having one of the hatchlings go and help Scuta, (I FAIL) but anyway, is there anyway one of the Wyverns could help? Also, it looks like were filling out the Villains Cache rather nicely... AND By "may someone come?" in my last post I was here, I meant for Scuta. Crusher can go suck an electical cord. He's a good character design, but he's maddenlyingly evil. And he's over armoured.
  8. Evil? Crusher is not evil. Insane, mind-controlled, and violent maybe. But there are things even eviller out there.
  9. [should you need back-up? May someone come?]
  10. And I have no idea where to aim my characters!
  11. [sorry I've not been posting... Also, did anyone take Glast into the medical-cave section thingy?]
  12. I have 4 rare/uncommons! I have a bunch of wyverns in a wyvern breeding program.
  13. [backstory!!! anyway, g2g, post later!]
  14. In your secoind lat post, You said you ripped out his tail, but didn't hurt any important organs
  15. [You only said his party pulled out. You didn't specify that he himself pulled out. He was still in the clearing when you ended your sentance ]
  16. Glast eyes grew and he flung himself on the ground staring in a trance at his disembodied tail. Sarrel noticed this aswell. And he was horrified. "You son of a--- [sarrel releases a slew of swears, all blocked out for your fragile minds] with a piece of !" The swears made everyone pause and sarrel charged with all his might headbutted the vampire, digging his horns into the vampires throat and ripping out veins, and smashing the vampires head all in one swift move.
  17. LLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glast wanted that tail!!!!!!!! I will put you throguh eternal pain you son of a Jk, not really that mad
  18. Glast dived and went into a dive-spin and latched on the back of crushers head with a call-out: "SURPRISE FANG FACE!" And Sarrel nose-dived on a dark dragon bent on revenge.