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  1. ANOTHER one of my eggs gendered wrong because I forgot to precog & influence I really needed this for my lineage project too wth is going on where was my head last week?! I could have sworn I precog'd everything but apparently not omg (action log doesn't lie) This is just OTL I really needed this dragon too
  2. Oh ignoring never works for me but then actively messing with them doesn't either The only ones that ever want to leave are the ones I want to stay T^T Oh yeah, just a way that makes it easier to get rid of the ones you don't want Used to think that reporting them to Isabelle would help get rid of them but nope Though there is a funny comic someone drew of her washing misbehaving villagers' mouths with soup Oh no LOL I don't even bother with making my own clothes, I just use the ones people post since they're like 20x better at it and I can't be bothered with tutorials. When my sister heard Isabelle was going to be in smash, she was like 'what if Tom Nook was in it?' and I told her there's no way he would spend time fooling around, he's too busy stealing all our bells Fun fact: the icon I use for the guest account on my Switch is Tom Nook
  3. Now that she's all grown-Finally managed to summon my second Guardian of Nature & now I have both a male & female!
  4. YESSSS I am ready!! I was disappointed when they didn't announce any AC during E3 so I'm super glad. ALSO Isabelle is joining Smash-I do hope this doesn't mean she won't be in the new game though I love her so much. I never played the old AC and only the DS ones so I'm wondering how it will be on the Switch. Also guess this means we won't have QR codes anymore which is one of my fave parts of ACNL-all those cute outfits. I personally don't care too much for the campsite incorporation in New Leaf and I thought Pocket Camp was okay (I mean it's an app so...but my sister still plays it quite frequently). I definitely wish there were easier ways to get rid of villagers-the amount of times I've attacked them with my net to no avail...why won't they leave T^T
  5. I-I DIDN'T INFLUENCE MY EGG AHH I thought it was the right gender and didn't even realize until I was about to breed her WHYYYY OMG Her new name shall be 'I was a fool' *Looks back at action log* I FORGOT TO PRECOG where was my head when I bred them omg
  6. I'm not particularly interested in doing a PB lineage myself (currently busy with my own Aeon lineage project) but I would be happy to help. I can breed a number of 2Gs and 3Gs (I have a 4G but it's a stairstep). There might be more but they're all mixed up at the moment and I have to sort through them x.x
  7. Mochi

    Lineage Advice

    Sorry for the late response, I wasn't even aware I had more replies >.>; @Jack_Indivisible That is a really good idea. Thank you for your input. I ended up making a second group just for this purpose. It definitely helps to make things less confusing x.x @Astreya o.o That is an interesting way of keeping track. I really dislike including the generations in the names (just doesn't look appealing to me visually) and I like how your method is more subtle and avoids that awkwardness. Thank you both for your responses. They were enlightening and helpful ^^
  8. Went to go breed and realized the majority of my nice lineaged prize dragons are gendered wrong. This is what I get for not paying attention to lineages before OTL
  9. The Lineage gets longer! Proof (link to egg's lineage): Here What Gen are you on now?: 16 Today's Date: 4 Sept 2018 Forum Name: Mochi Challenge Group Link (required): Here Proof (link to egg's lineage): Here What Gen are you on now?: 17 Today's Date: 9 Sept 2018 Forum Name: Mochi Challenge Group Link (required): Here Long overdue post. I just got back from vacation and did not want to deal with linking on my phone. Also my first bred purple neb on this line, just took 16 gens
  10. I just missed a blusang I hate trying to catch eggs on my phone; it hardly ever works out I also haven’t seen a xeno in the caves in quite awhile
  11. 3G Chrono x Aeon https://dragcave.net/teleport/6a6536db8465e62faec3b6405aa0501f
  12. Congratulations on 10 years and thank you for this opportunity! Broccoli...if I have to then steamed or fried but really there are so many other vegetables out there that taste so much better
  13. *sees the new wyrm requirement* *nabs a wyvern from the AP instead* Nailed it
  14. Yes, it is nice to see it still going especially when so many other lineages have dropped off ^^ The Lineage gets longer! Proof (link to egg's lineage): Here What Gen are you on now?: 15 Today's Date: 29 August 2018 Forum Name: Mochi Challenge Group Link (required): Galaxy Kids
  15. Big mood I missed a nice offer of something I want because I was asleep and have had no offers on either of my trades since I think it's the new releases, I feel like normally I definitely would have gotten more offers by now (my eggs even hatched 😓) Edit: I missed two offers while I was asleep It’s been like 5 days now trying to trade my now mature hatchling...really guys. I was on like all day yesterday checking trades you had to do this while I was asleep?
  16. The Lineage gets longer! Proof (link to egg's lineage): iz9CG What Gen are you on now?: 14 Today's Date: 24 August 2018 Forum Name: Mochi Challenge Group Link (required): Starry Sky
  17. I...forgot to precog on an egg I got with a lineage I planned on continuing...just incubated & hatched it THEN remembered to check...of course it's going to gender the opposite of what I need 😭 The one time I actually needed a male...
  18. I feel this so much. I was off doing real life things and missed a nice offer Every time I set up trades I always worry about letting them sit because I'm paranoid the person is going to withdraw them
  19. Mochi

    Lineage Advice

    @Kaiserf11 That's amazing o.o I did just hit 4th gen and am trying to get to 5th Yeah I feel like I might get confused even with a spreadsheet because it will probably be a list of names and that's what overwhelmed me in the first place. I didn't even consider a pptx but visually that would help me a lot. I suppose I'll just have to test different things out. @Ruby Eyes I never would have ever thought of using frozen hatchlings o.o That is a brilliant idea and will definitely help me keep my group at least somewhat organized. Thank you both so much for your input; I really appreciate it. I feel a lot less overwhelmed now ^^
  20. Mochi

    Lineage Advice

    @prpldrgnfr I named them after their parents but...they're all similarly named so it doesn't really help me (it seemed like a good idea at the time but now...) I do happen to like their names though and don't want to change them. I didn't even bother putting the CB parents in the group and I'm not sure if that would help the chaos or create more. Big mood but also I think I'm starting to get desperate enough for spreadsheets I thought about screenshotting lineages and then putting them together on a doc so I have visuals but I'm not really sure if that would actually help because I would still be looking back and forth trying to make sure I don't inbreed. Thank you for your response!
  21. Mochi

    Lineage Advice

    I have general question: What do you guys suggest for keeping track of lineages? Excel sheets? Google docs? Techniques/tricks you guys use? I finally seriously started working on my first lineage and I just figured if I dumped them all into one group it would be okay except now I'm having a hard time keep track of my different gens & parents/offspring and having to make sure I don't accidentally inbreed (I know some people put the gen in their dragon's names but I'd rather not do that). Just any advice would be great. It's gotten to the point where I dread doing anything more because I have a bunch of dragons to wade through.
  22. The Lineage gets longer! Proof (link to egg's lineage): jZvfD What Gen are you on now?: 13 Today's Date: 19 August 2018 Forum Name: Mochi Challenge Group Link (required): Shining Babbles
  23. Why WHY in the world can't I find a howler in the cave? 😭 Can't find anything I want in the cave even commons 😫
  24. Just bred 6 of my aeons in hopes of dropping something on the dc board...none of them took -.-; This is what I get for not using fertility except that last pair and they ended up with no interest, I suppose I'm lucky I had no refusals 😭 Better go and pick up more purples 😅
  25. The Lineage gets longer! Proof (link to egg's lineage): aM9Xl What Gen are you on now?: 12 Today's Date: 9 August 2018 Forum Name: Mochi Challenge Group Link (required): Twinkling Nebs