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  1. Thank you to whoever was paired with me! Last year I got eaten so happy to finally get one this year!
  2. I keep missing gaias in the cave gaias QAQ
  3. Now that's she's grown Finally got my first CB gold still sad I haven't been able to catch one and had to buy from market but so happy to actually have a gold (though I'm broke now lol) Also finally hit 5G for my lineage project ❤️ Now to slowly make my way towards 6G
  4. I've got a 3G, anyone interested in swapping? Happy with any gen just want some new blood ^^
  5. Been trying to nab some more of the new speckled eggs but no luck and I also missed a zyu and aeon OTL
  6. Once again no win but I do have a shimmer I bred a few days ago sitting on my scroll so I can pretend I've won Guess I'm too early for the no-win cookies
  7. Just nabbed a hatchie from the AP and had it insta-grow on my scroll I've never had that ever happen before and it was pretty amazing o.o Also nabbed some pretties from the AP and got quite a good haul of Valentine dragons
  8. Missed a trade offer because I was sleeping & have been check the AP quite consistently the past few days and somehow keep missing all the heartstealings Guess I'll just have to dedicate next year to hoarding them
  9. This has got to be my favorite event it's just hilarious! (I have played xx otome games I know how this goes down XD)
  10. Have 3G Checker Soulstone x Red-finned Tidal Want 2G/3G Soulstone x Holiday 2G/3G Soulstone x Gold Offer here!
  11. I missed a gold in the caves QAQ I hardly ever see them so I forgot what their descriptions are. At least I almost have enough to finally buy one off the market then I'll finally have a cb gold. But honestly why is my luck with metallics so bad 😭
  12. I had a dream last night that I was breeding my dragons (planned for gifts that I'm still waiting to go off cooldown) and the second egg got auto-abandoned because I was egg-locked. The paranoia haunting me even in my dreams OTL
  13. I too had a lot of fun gift-hunting and look forward to next year! A big thank you to my santa! I got some really amazing gifts that I still can't believe I got. (They're just going to be at the top of my scroll from now on these beautiful babs) Thank you to everyone who participated and helped to make this happen!
  14. I...didn't care much for lineages before and during last Valentine's I randomly froze a bunch of hatchlings to check off my list of holiday dragons...turns out some of those have some really nice lineages OTL TT^TT
  15. I had a mini heart attack because I didn't see the sorry message and was freaking out thinking I didn't actually enter the raffle even though I swore I did
  16. Caught an egg with the code RAMBR If anyone needs it for their giftee feel free to PM me Gone!
  17. I would like to join as well (my first time participating >.>) : https://dragcave.net/group/82063
  18. GIMME EGG OwO *waits entire week* GIMME EGG OwO "You attempt to breed the two dragons, but no egg is produced" OTL Though on the plus side it wasn't a refusal (always gonna take that as a plus) But man my dragons are not feeling it
  19. Oh really? o.o How odd, I used to be able to just scroll to the right to see them all o.o Well now I just feel silly Thanks for the reply!
  20. Is anyone else having trouble viewing lineages? For some reason I can only see up to 11 generations back and it just cuts off at the 11th as though they were 1G Ex: If I view a 22G I can only see up until 11G or 46G only goes back to 35G I've checked different dragons and get the same result. Also tried changing browsers and clearing my cache but it didn't change anything. I noticed this happening last night and was hoping it'd go away (or someone else would post about it >.>;) but no such luck.
  21. Thank you very much! Good luck with the chicken! I swear yesterday all I saw were greens, yellows, & blues Today it's all red Edit: Stumbled upon a chicken! https://dragcave.net/lineage/dos2K
  22. I feel you; I don't even accept ungendered hatchling offers anymore because of this happening. *shakes fist* I missed a chicken in the cave One day I will have you!
  23. Thank you so much!! Finally got all the dinos unlocked :'D @Xalnec Green Dino (saw so many last night x.x) https://dragcave.net/lineage/cjVh6 https://dragcave.net/lineage/4BoKh Chicken https://dragcave.net/lineage/jkFOX
  24. It frustrates me to no end that I have all the dino eggs unlocked except the red one QAQ If anyone could help I'd be incredibly grateful