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  1. Last night I dreamt that TJ had a special event thing going on for one day where we could use the action 'set in stone' for a dragon & it would permanently change the sprite color of an individual dragon (someone did it with a kingcrowne & it turned golden-it made sense in my dream). And it was exciting to see what colors dragons would turn & how this would affect lineages. Super random though of all the things my brain picked to dream lol
  2. The Lineage gets longer! Proof (link to egg's lineage): OVwxo What Gen are you on now?: 2 Today's Date: 5/6/2019 Forum Name: Mochi Scroll Link (optional): Challenge Group Link (required): Water Noodles Grabbed my starters the day of but didn't want to post them up until they grew. I did add them to the group though.
  3. I missed a silver, A SILVER QAQ One day I'll manage to catch one (side note love that we have this thread for the sole purpose of venting as it usually ends up turning my luck around :D)
  4. Finally caught my egg but it has an awesome code & I can't bring myself to influence it female so I guess I'm gonna need to catch two more now (at least one back up) QAQ ...I just egg-locked myself catching other things out of reflex OTL
  5. Finally saw a thalassa in cave and missed it *shakes fist*
  6. Guess that's my cue, perfect since I'm egg-locked and all Just bred all my reds
  7. Now that she's all grown Managed to catch my first chicken and finally have one on my scroll now Was also lucky enough for it to be both a z-code & all-caps code
  8. Missed an aeon because a leetle distracted me OTL QAQ
  9. I can't believe I actually won!! Thank you so much for the lovely magelight! I adore pygmies! Congrats to all the other winners and a big thank you to all the donors ^^
  10. Missed a gaia...again... It's been so long since I've actually managed to catch one of those it's disheartening
  11. A New Challenger Enters! Scroll Link (optional): Forum Name: Mochi Today's Date: 14 April 2019 Starter Dragon (link and name if named) : Marquis Emeric Calvet Challenge Group Link (required): Water Noods Goal (Plan for your lineage): Stair - Breed Thalassa/Water x Aqualis
  12. Slightly confused on what the new requirements are Are we going to be breeding same rarities for 20 weeks? o.o
  13. Anyone interested in 3G swap?
  14. I'd be interested & I agree maybe not a whole year I had a hard time keeping it up & kept dropping off for other projects or real life things (and forgetfulness).
  15. Thank you to whoever was paired with me! Last year I got eaten so happy to finally get one this year!
  16. I keep missing gaias in the cave gaias QAQ
  17. Now that's she's grown Finally got my first CB gold still sad I haven't been able to catch one and had to buy from market but so happy to actually have a gold (though I'm broke now lol) Also finally hit 5G for my lineage project ❤️ Now to slowly make my way towards 6G
  18. I've got a 3G, anyone interested in swapping? Happy with any gen just want some new blood ^^
  19. Been trying to nab some more of the new speckled eggs but no luck and I also missed a zyu and aeon OTL
  20. Once again no win but I do have a shimmer I bred a few days ago sitting on my scroll so I can pretend I've won Guess I'm too early for the no-win cookies
  21. Just nabbed a hatchie from the AP and had it insta-grow on my scroll I've never had that ever happen before and it was pretty amazing o.o Also nabbed some pretties from the AP and got quite a good haul of Valentine dragons
  22. Missed a trade offer because I was sleeping & have been check the AP quite consistently the past few days and somehow keep missing all the heartstealings Guess I'll just have to dedicate next year to hoarding them
  23. This has got to be my favorite event it's just hilarious! (I have played xx otome games I know how this goes down XD)