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  1. With Erador: https://dragcave.net/lineage/rGibp
  2. Forgot to say took this lovely Thanks so much for the egg! ^^
  3. Forum Name: Mochi Scroll Name: xxlonewolfxx Trophy: Platinum Group: https://dragcave.net/group/117640
  4. !!!!!!! NO I DID NOT OMG I always thought that breeding ends as soon as the new egg is released! o.o THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR LETTING ME KNOW OMG :'D
  5. I nabbed a really lovely 3G Sweetling x Aether checker from the AP and I was just planning to do one myself so now I'll be able to have a 4G!! None of my holiday breeding plans have gone as far as a 4G checker (this is the first year I've seriously bred my holidays) so I'm super excited!
  6. Having open hatchling slots but not egg slots Trying to maximize those slots by grabbing low-time AP eggs but also trying to hurry and breed my own holidays before time is out. (please hatch faster x.x) Also have only caught one sakuhana and haven't been floral-crown hunting either. Guess I'll just wait for next year I like waaaay too many Valentine dragons. I didn't have this problem with the other holidays I really need to stop impulse-clicking all the breeds in the AP. Keep getting side-tracked from florals and sakuhanas OH GOD I OVERBURDENED MYSELF AND NOW I EITHER HAVE TO TOSS A HATCHIE IN THE ETHER OR WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR TO BREED MY HOLIDAY OMG WHY DID I DO THIS QAQ *matures in 6 hours* 6 HOURS TOO LATE BUDDY GROW FASTER QAQ I’m too attach these cute babies are mine guess i’m just waiting next year to start that checker
  7. I do custom sort but I honestly hate it because it's a pain having to manually sort each dragon once they've grown but I also don't like any of the other sorting options. My whole scroll is organized based on where I feel dragons should go together, nothing fancy like rainbow but colors do play a part in what I group together. I do keep all water-types together at the tail-end of my scroll. Holidays are all at the very end. My zombies & leetle on top right after growing eggs & hatchlings. Wait no, I forgot about my chickens The other after growing things is: Leetle, Chickens, and zombies The only unbreedables I have up-front. I have Aethers after that but that's just because I like them (basically how my entire scroll is organized: You go there because I like you there/these colors look good) Having custom sort means I even have to sort my eggs to every time I grab something from cave or AP. I guess you could call my scroll organized chaos. The one thing I'm strict about is separating CBs and bred though which is an absolute pain because there's no indicator of what CB is so every time something grows up I have to sort through my dragons. Honestly one of the reasons I love different gender sprites is because they help make sorting soo much easier for me especially since I don't have many named dragons so it's really hard for me to differentiate from male to female while sorting. I always have to have at least three tabs of my scroll open just to sort every time. QAQ I really wish there was an easier way to differentiate CBs and bred. But yeah every breed on my scroll is sorted CB first, bred, then frozen mature hatchlings, and finally frozen hatchlings. Clumping the genders together helps me differentiate cbs and breds. I did try to sort by rainbow and then breed once but I really didn't like it and didn't want to try using it and permanently lose my own custom sort settings. So I guess I'm just stuck OTL I don't know why I make things so hard for myself T^T I'm so used to where everything is though that if I change it now I'd probably end up confusing myself.
  8. Good to know! Thanks @Fuzzbucket @Chaosdawn Guess I'd better start making more extensive plans Now I won't be worried about naming holidays and being stuck with them
  9. I was wondering since we can now catch all CB holidays each year, does this mean that we could release our current ones and catch new CBs of the same breed and expand the breed pool? Have people already been doing this? It would definitely make holiday projects easier.
  10. Anagallis and Water dragons I had to train myself out of impulse-clicking every time I saw an Anagallis in the AP and I still can't resist Waters I adore both I also have a weakness for Tercorns and Aqualis I really wish we could collect eggs too. I just love the desire for the Anagallis
  11. Congrats to the winners and thanks to the mods for running this! Had a blast again this year ^^
  12. I take it back, the blacktips are really growing on me ^^ PSA: there's a lovely wall of them in the AP, 2Gs with lovely named parents
  13. Oh wow. I'm kind of glad you've brought this up because this is something that pops into the back of my mind every now and then whenever I think of winning. I'm not a huge fan of tins; I do treasure the ones I have but I've never been an overly huge fan of them. I absolutely adore shimmers on the other hand. I mean this is mostly me being me and worrying about random other things before I even need to (I also wonder what I should gender mine if I ever win a prize) and at the rate it's been going I don't know if I ever will even get one yet but it's still something I think about. I know if I won I'd be super shocked and thrilled to have won at all but I also have the feeling I'd be a bit heartbroken if I ended up with a tin and not shimmer. I don't even have a prize yet and even thinking those kind of thoughts make me feel like...yeah I shouldn't even think of complaining if I win but it's still something I feel and think about despite that. I would definitely be thrilled to win anything but yeah...I just really love shimmers T^T Anyways I just wanted to say it's nice to know that I'm not the only person to think this so thanks for bringing it up (makes me feel less bad about my nonsense over hypothetical, in my case, situations)
  14. @Astreya Thanks for the reminder! I'm always getting things mixed
  15. Oooh thanks! I've still got time then
  16. Hi, does anyone know when holiday breeding begins?
  17. Me and my awful memory My scroll name should be visible now If I had a group already linked though does that me I don't need to have it visible? o.o
  18. @Natayah Took the tin for my giftee! Thanks so much ^^
  19. Congrats to the winners! The 3G is still available for anyone who needs it ^^;
  20. I've hoarded a lot of the new breeds but haven't done as much breeding with them as I'd hoped This would be a nice chance to start I do have a nice blancblank lineage I was working on though Would definitely love a reminder for this
  21. Anyone need a 3G Prize for their giftee? Just offer a dummy 3G Bronze Tinsel x Astrapi Also still need a 2G Prize (tinsel if at all possible) or 2G SAltkin for my giftee ;;
  22. Darn I'm not a fan of waterhorses and don't care much for blacktips either At least I'm expanding my collection though Here's my group (with a placeholder until I catch something) https://dragcave.net/group/113932
  23. Forum Name: Mochi Scroll Name: xxlonewolfxx Trophy: Platinum Group: https://dragcave.net/group/113931