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  1. Name(What I should call you): Lonewolf Spliced or Original: Original Colors: white/milky/creamy Designs: brown or black muddy paw prints Can others use this egg: no I know this is mainly eggs but I was wondering if it was possible to have like a black wolf pup wrapped around my egg. Like its tail wrapped around diagonally across the half of the egg & the pup's head on the top right sort-of gnawing on the egg like you could see a fang or two poking the egg a little but no cracks on it. & maybe a paw or two hugging the egg. Would that be possible? ..> <' sorry its a lot to ask
  2. Hi I would like to make a request. Form(pixel emoticon, sprite, drawing... etc): Pixel animal What you want me to draw: a pixel of a black dog with ears like the one you made for suskekun222 & white wings flapping behind it if possible Any posing?: same as the other animal pixels Other:
  3. Loved the books! They were really memorable! I love Rick Riordan & his books. The series was really good and I would finish each book in at least 3 days. They were so exciting. Really love Percy. Haven't finished the Lost Hero yet just can't get over Percy & love the new guy. Haven't seen the movie & doubt I ever will.
  4. "Oh there you are Perry" Love Perry!! D & the fact that he doesn't talk
  5. I like firefox a lot (better than IE & safari) but I think the weired guy sitting in a corner is best! |D Seriously though I think firefox works really well there are a lot of things that don't work for me on IE so I just use firefox.
  6. Percy Jackson & The Olympians FTW!!!!! No way can you compare Eragon to Percy Jackson & The Olympians! Eragon, is long, confusing (with all the different languages), & too detailed. There's so many different languages used that it gets confusing. & I don't know about the rest of you but I don't care too much about really detailed stuff. I don't really care how the background looks & I don't want to read 5 sentences about every little detail about the place. Don't get me wrong, I love Eragon, but Percy Jackson & The Olympians is on a whole other level.
  7. BEST BOOKS I EVER READ!! Was reading them when they were still publishing & drove me crazy just waiting for them. I loved them soo but I have them right by my bed. I haven't seen the movie & don't plan to, I heard it was bad. & i don't like how they put faces to the characters. Kinda like Twilight, whenever I re-read it I see Robert P.'s face But anyways, really love the books, kinda sad its over though.
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    I felt the same way at the beginning but later on I began liking Peeta too. I don't mind too much that she ended up with him but I wish they didn't make Gale look so bad near the end, making him seem so blood thirsty & heartless. I think this book ruined his character. > < I liked him much better in the other books. As for Peeta, well he's not that bad but the whole "kill Katniss" thing was totally unexpected. Don't know what to make of that.
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    Mac or PC?

    I like both but I mostly user PCs. We have Macs at school but they lag A LOT! > <
  10. Hard to choose. Unlike most of the rest of you, I like both. They're both different types of books & its hard to compare them & say which is better, but since I have to. I say Eragon. I love how Twilight has the whole romance thing going. I really loved Twilight, the book itself not the whole, but Eragon had more action & fighting. & I love the whole dragon thing. I like how there's a war going on while in Twilight everything revolves around Edward & Bella, & I like it even less, now that they have put actors faces to the characters.
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    I gave it a 6. I like it, but I've read better books before & I really wanted Kendra & Gavin to end up together. This book needs some romance (not too much but...at least some).
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    It was okay...I was expecting her to be the new president or be an official. Wasn't expecting Prim or Finnick to die, that took me by surprise. I think too many people died..& the ending was.....well...them having another hunger games (or are they not cause Coin died?), I thought that was a bad idea. I don't know, overall I think this book could have been better, especially the ending.