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  1. I want to join the Black Kitty Raffle! Name: Mochi Clan: Jade Choice of Kitty: Peach Kitty Wooo so many raffles!
  2. Oh yeah German is really interesting. I especially love how they have words for specific things/feelings that there are no English words for such as schadenfreude. It's not surprising that its similar to English since I think English has germanic roots. Though speaking of similarities, English borrows very heavily from French. Well, it is fitting at least? Sort of
  3. I have earned Favor for my Clan! Name: Mochi Link to Scroll: xxlonewolfxx Clan I belong to: Jade #1. I Donated a Caveborn Gemshard Egg or Hatchie: Female Red Gemshard Hatchie Points earned: 2 Recipient of Gift: @esse Lineage Code of Gift: RMkqO Thanks for taking my hatchie! Actually I just saw the other clans hit 100 and figured we needed to catch up, plus my trades are going nowhere and I keep catching gemshards in the cave
  4. I have earned Francs for the King! Name: Mochi Scroll Link: xxlonewolfxx Francs earned: +3 Reason no.: linking in your signature with an image Finally got around to it
  5. You know what-*tosses hatchie I was trying to trade* I'd like to gift a CB Egg / Hatchie Clan I belong to: Jade Color / Gender of Hatchie: precog'd Female (can provide proof if needed) Lineage Code of Egg / Hatchie: RMkqO Teleport Link / PM Link: Send dummy here I have earned Favor for my Clan! Name: Mochi Link to Scroll: xxlonewolfxx Clan I belong to: Jade #5 I Advertised in my Signature! Points earned: 2 points (if graphic / text links back to thread) or 1 point (if graphic / text does not link back to thread)
  6. I am so glad the battle has been postponed. I was starting to worry how I would manage juggling both then resigned to just focusing on completing my valentine collections.
  7. Ah I see. I find German funny and interesting just because of the addition of...I think they're affixes? I also think of this video I watched of German vs. other languages where it would be a simple/short word in other languages but in German it was like triple the length
  8. Ooh nice! o.o French is a really pretty language. I wish I knew it. Edit: Just picked a long pretentious sounding name for my Astrapi because he's a Duc and I wanted him to have something obnoxious sounding
  9. Oooh nice names! I mostly just go by what I think sounds nice & which last/first names sound good together though I'm probably pronouncing them all wrong in my head considering I can't speak French
  10. Oh lords no. I'm using a random generator too though I am picky about which names I pick. Also yesterday I was SUPER tempted to name some of my dragons after FMA characters once I realized Alphonse is a French name....>.>;
  11. I was looking for a fitting gif and ended up giggling to myself when I came across that one which is terrible because it's like 2am here and everyone is asleep. I'm glad you guys share my sense of humor Oh man. I was just thinking the other day how grateful I am that fits my timezone. There are probably gonna be a bunch of raffles in the future though. Maybe they'll make the next one earlier (or later)?
  12. Me to the Queen's Court: All joking aside though Congratulations!! I'm glad the pairings have all given us eggs so far. I'm really excited to see everyone's lineages *^*
  13. Dang o.o Nice! Way better off than me. It's been half a day and no bites though it's probably because I'm looking mainly for a gaia Edit: On the flip-side my pryo grew up without my noticing!
  14. I don't mind giving up my spot if someone who doesn't have an aoen wants to join and the slots are full
  15. Haha same but with more flailing and confusion because I wasn't logged in and couldn't figure out how to work the entry at first
  16. I'd like to join the Lucky 8 Raffle! Name: Mochi Clan: Jade Wooo raffles!! How exciting!!
  17. @MinkishMinx Ah it was mostly just the "Favored Earned: " part that threw me off but I got it once I saw Mak0's form. I was mixing it up with the points earned and then unsure whether I was supposed to fill it out and what with.
  18. *shakes fists* Nope not intimidated in the least I hope my trades pan out Was hoping to get a gaia from them but no bites. I'll probably have to go back hunting T^T Edit: My second dragon has grown up and been named! I'm so excited and I like how it was a mageia because it works out really well with what I had intended with my thalassa.
  19. I have earned Favor for my Clan! Name: Mochi Link to Scroll: xxlonewolfxx Clan I belong to: Jade Favor Earned: 1a #1. I Donated a Caveborn Gemshard Egg or Hatchie: Egg Points earned: +1 Recipient of Gift: @Kigyptnee Lineage Code of Gift: 8mZXh Thanks for taking it! I have four trades going on and the only response I got was from you T^T Also super glad @Mak0 filled out that form before me because I was confused with certain parts Thank you! This was heartening to see