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  1. Oh man I missed it too OTL I hope they contact her And omg same i missed a silver because of the lag >.>
  2. I'd like to be placed on the Wait List for an Imperial Line Egg Name: Mochi Clan I belong to: Jade Generation of Egg: 3G Thank you!
  3. Haha thanks, I am too. I was doing lineage research last night and now I'm super excited to start on mine. I managed to catch a Thalassa yesterday so now I have a pair ready but still no Chrono or Gaia.
  4. Oh cool. I do like their last names but it's also fun trying to come up with one for my dragons. Thanks for clarifying
  5. Oooh I know what you mean! All I've been doing is catching gemshards and thinking up names for my dragons. I wish I could be more patient, the anticipation just might kill me @Kigyptnee Thank you so much! I would love to a dragon from one of your princes! Should I fill out a request form? Also just hatched a blue gemshard, want to be disappointed he's not green but as I don't actually have a male blue one I can't help me happy anyways. *stares at my other eggs* Not sure if I should donate one to make space or to hatch them.
  6. Congrats!! Looking forward to their future offspring Also I have a question: Along with the titles will our lineages be carrying down the royal last names as well?
  7. @DragonArchaeologist @SaberToothMC Welcome new members to the King's Court! Wooo now we're even with the Queen's! @pretty_thumb I would definitely be interested to learn more about the King and Queen. Here's to hoping we all have xeno luck I've only got a thalassa set up for the court so far >.>;
  8. @Ninjakittee Omg, I'm so flattered haha thank you @Mak0 I tried a few things with falling petals but didn't like how any of them turned out. I might try again in the future though. @pretty_thumb @Mow Haha actually those are sparkles (random anime sky) @MinkishMinx Good luck with your RL stuff. I hope everything goes well for you @Peachycupcake525 Thank you! I'm glad you like them ^ @Rekha I'm sorry about your egg. I'll be on the lookout in the AP. I hope you find it Thank you all so much for your praises. I really appreciate it! You guys really motivate me to make more. I wish the Jade clan was easier to make banners for OTL *stares at all everyone's dragons* I can't wait to start my lineages o.o
  9. @Ninjakittee Yay! @Rekha Thank you I like the idea of the King and Queen continuing our lineages. That sounds fun So far I've mostly caught everything but xenos (except a pyro and astrapi) and I was gonna trade for some but...*looks at eggs* yeah... Really hoping for a gaia or chrono. It's funny because the last few weeks all I could catch were chronos and now they've disappeared on me
  10. Me to me: I'd better stop making them, I've done enough. *sees people genuinely like them and want more* Welp @Peachycupcake525 Here you go Went a little wild They're probably not all the same size and hopefully the other differences aren't too noticeable Again I tried to make them small but...>.>; I swear I start off small and they just grow I have earned Favor for my Clan!
  11. Thank you all for your support! It's been so long since I've done anything graphic related so it's been a lot of fun brushing up. Nice to see us catching up to the Queen's Court @Ninjakittee In the words of Shia Labeouf "Just do it!" You know you want to >=D @Rekha Actually the Queen's banner was supposed to look like the kings one but I couldn't get it to work and one thing led to the next (really how everything I do graphic-wise turns out). I originally was planning on having vines growing but google thought I meant Vines and that was....yup @Mak0 Thanks so much! I'm glad you like them so much >w<
  12. As per @Mak0's request Sorry if this isn't what you had in mind, I couldn't find a way to incorporate the gemshards properly >.>; I have earned Favor for my Clan! Name: Mochi Link to Scroll: xxlonewolfxx Clan I belong to: Jade Favor Earned: #4 I Donated a Graphic Points Earned: 4 Graphic: Graphic Link: https://i.imgur.com/kJ61L8b.png I can host the graphic: No Making this also inspired me to make another jade banner in the process though whoops Graphic: Graphic Link: https://i.imgur.com/aLD2PGj.png I can host the graphic: No I can never get these as small as I hope
  13. @JavaTigress @Peachycupcake525 Congrats! @Narrae Woo! Another Jade member! Welcome
  14. @NinjakitteeThank you so much! I'm glad you guys like these enough to put them in your sigs ^^ @pretty_thumb It is an honor to be of service to my king @Mak0 Thank you so much! And we can't have that so- I have earned Francs for the King! Name: Mochi Scroll Link: xxlonewolfxx Francs earned: 5 Reason no.: Graphics Donation Once again warning because of gifs. This is similar to the Queen's Court one with an alternate version. I tried to make these smaller. Actually I've been trying to keep them all small but they somehow end up growing in size by the time I'm done >.>; I should probably stop now.
  15. Thanks so much everyone. You're too kind. I'm glad you guys like it ^^ Because I am an indecisive person I made two versions of the Queen's Court banner (honestly the same one but reversed). Didn't really turn out how I originally planned >.>; I have earned Francs for the King! Name: Mochi Scroll Link: xxlonewolfxx Francs earned: 5 Reason no.: Graphics Donation Warning: Gifs again (I tried looking for rules pertaining to images/gifs but couldn't find any in the guidelines so I'm just going to assume these are okay)
  16. Me to me: It's late, you're tired, and you honestly don't have the time. Also me: Let's do a gif Just going to drop this one off before I go to bed. Will work on the other one tomorrow. I have earned Francs for the King! Name: Mochi Scroll Link: xxlonewolfxx Francs earned: 5 Reason no.: Graphics Donation Warning: It's a gif (I can edit if it's too much, I slowed it down a bit so it wasn't seizure-inducing levels) Not sure what exactly the rules are involving gifs/images so I hope this is okay.
  17. @MinkishMinx Oh my god. Sorry, I don't know how I missed it. I swear I thought I looked to the forms and saw it before but it escaped me this time around OTL I have earned Favor for my Clan! Name: Mochi Link to Scroll: xxlonewolfxx Clan I belong to: Jade Favor Earned: #4 I Donated a Graphic Points Earned: 2 Graphic: Graphic Link: http://i.imgur.com/sFpB3Xe.png I can host the graphic: No (if no, please give MinkishMinx time to save and upload the graphic to her web server) Really sorry about that >.>; Edit: @Rekha Thank you
  18. @Rekha Awesome! Thanks, I'll get to it...sometime...in the near future ^^; Need to earn some francs for my court
  19. @Ninjakittee Thanks so much. I was originally going to include both male & female gemshards but he just did not want to work with m
  20. I was bored and attempted to make a thing (it looked a lot better in my head). I don't see a form to fill pertaining to this though (maybe I missed it)? Anyways I'm jut going to leave this here (I spent way more time on this then I was expecting). Yeah...I tried >.>;
  21. I wanna ask before I start doing anything. Would it be alright if I made graphics? Like simple banners or something?
  22. This just made me crack up so much. I'm glad it made you laugh Also thanks so much for doing this! It's nice having a personal hall and fun to decorate
  23. I'd Like to place an order for an Avatar! Name: Mochi Clan: Jade Current Welcome Image: Default If your welcome image has been customized in any way, please copy and paste it here. What would you like to buy? Name of Design: Zodiac Collection Color / Animal Option: Dog (finally our year this year! :D) Price: Free Change your Welcome Avatar to this? : Yes
  24. | Welcome | | My Imperial Harem Dragons | | Breeding Pairs| Descendants From the Jade Honored Line x Jingyiwei Hui Yu x Lady Xuefeng Yu x Jingyiwei Luoyang Hua x Lady Na Hua (3G) Request Form: Waitlist: Open | My Graphics Gallery| Try as you might, you cannot find what you are searching for | Wishlist | A heavenly line dragon A red male gemshard | Lunar New Year Event | | Spring Event | Candy Count: x2 x1 x0 x2 x1 x1 x1 x3 x` x2 x1 x0 x2 x2 x1 x2 x2 x1 x0 Critters: