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  1. I don't mind giving up my spot if someone who doesn't have an aoen wants to join and the slots are full
  2. Haha same but with more flailing and confusion because I wasn't logged in and couldn't figure out how to work the entry at first
  3. I'd like to join the Lucky 8 Raffle! Name: Mochi Clan: Jade Wooo raffles!! How exciting!!
  4. @MinkishMinx Ah it was mostly just the "Favored Earned: " part that threw me off but I got it once I saw Mak0's form. I was mixing it up with the points earned and then unsure whether I was supposed to fill it out and what with.
  5. *shakes fists* Nope not intimidated in the least I hope my trades pan out Was hoping to get a gaia from them but no bites. I'll probably have to go back hunting T^T Edit: My second dragon has grown up and been named! I'm so excited and I like how it was a mageia because it works out really well with what I had intended with my thalassa.
  6. I have earned Favor for my Clan! Name: Mochi Link to Scroll: xxlonewolfxx Clan I belong to: Jade Favor Earned: 1a #1. I Donated a Caveborn Gemshard Egg or Hatchie: Egg Points earned: +1 Recipient of Gift: @Kigyptnee Lineage Code of Gift: 8mZXh Thanks for taking it! I have four trades going on and the only response I got was from you T^T Also super glad @Mak0 filled out that form before me because I was confused with certain parts Thank you! This was heartening to see
  7. I'd like to gift a CB Egg / Hatchie Clan I belong to: Jade Color / Gender of Hatchie: Lineage Code of Egg / Hatchie: 8mZXh Teleport Link / PM Link: Send dummy here
  8. A new member in the King's Court! Welcome!! We now outnumber the Queen's! Woo! >=D Oh man, I keep reminding myself to prep and then I get too focused hunting xenos and forget OTL Good luck hunting!
  9. It is! <3 Only one of my eggs is hatching soon. I still have to wait another hour for the others. I swear I'm not normally this impatient but when I get excited about something...>.>; I'm glad I won't have to wait another day though and I'm so happy I have a Gold Trophy now.
  10. Haha the trials of being egg-locked *side-eyes eggs* Glad a few of mine will be hatching in a few mins so I can go hunting again Edit: Haha I did too while I was typing it but that might be because I've had too much sugar and am a bit hyper at the moment
  11. I'll be looking forward to future raffles! I really like the pairing Didn't realize how nice astrapis look paired with mageias
  12. Oh no, I'm excited again. *looks at waitlist* soon Hope we get a bunch of eggs from both courts tomorrow! Edit: Omg I just super excited because I thought I caught a gaia but it was a chrono & I am forever mixing up the dragons in the forest/jungle biomes lol But at least I finally nabbed a chrono! Slowly heading towards a full set! Now if only i wasn't egg-locked.
  13. Oh man I hope you feel better soon! That sounds awful! Hopefully it's nothing too serious >.>; On a side note: I got super excited until I realized that you were talking about the Queen's court OTL I really can't wait to start. I'm really looking forward to it *side-eyes eggs & hatchies and wills them to grow faster through the power of my glare*
  14. @Mak0 Oh that happened to me with the first silvers I ever saw. I didn't know what the description was and missed it the first time and the next day another appeared but I was too slow. Yeah I like aeons a lot and always have trouble making myself trade for them especially since the first time I went hunting for one it took me almost a week to catch one. It seems I can never find what I'm actually looking for in the caves. Last time I was looking for xenos only zyus appeared and then when I was looking for zyus only xenos appeared. Also this lag has been killer. Congrats pretty_thumb on your gaia! I'm so jealous >x< Me too! At least I don't have all my xenos ready so I have something to do while I wait. Also I totally forgot about Valentine's Day coming up and haven't prepped for that at all and now I'm slightly terrified Wishing us all xeno luck again! Last time I managed to catch a thalassa right after I posted that
  15. *manages to nab another aeon but couldn't catch a single xeno all day* My luck is so weird I swear. Can never get what I'm looking for and I can't bring myself to trade my aeons OTL