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  1. That's definitely a relief to hear. Also I have another question. How old are you considering Old French Holidays because I know Bastille Day started in the late 1700s but that could be considered pretty recent compared to other things. Is there a specific era/time frame that our courts are based in? Are we measuring time in relation to that?
  2. Oh awesome! Research I can do, trying to creatively incorporate that into this project...not so much Thanks for making this so inclusive.
  3. @Ninjakittee I've sent a dummy I'm looking forward to this event! Sounds like good fun. @Rekha For the research, how would that be formatted and are there specifics? Like if I researched something am I just info dumping? Also I'm assuming that you're looking to see how French traditions can be incorporated into this project so are we suppose to not only describe/explain an event/thing but also how we think it can be incorporated into this? Or can we just bring up an event/suggestion even if we're not sure how to incorporate it? (fixed my horrendous typos, man i really need to go through my posts before I submit them)
  4. So I'm not sure if I'm supposed to announce the growth of my imperial line offspring or @Kigyptnee is because it was originally their egg and I assume favor points go to them? So I'll just fill out these two forms first. A Royal Offspring has taken a mate! Name: Mochi Link to Scroll: xxlonewolfxx Clan I belong to: Jade Name of Imperial Harem dragon: Hua Hanying Wangzi Name of CB mate (Consort / Concubine): Fang Mei Guifei Lineage Code of CB Mate: mcorz Color: Green Gender: Female Favor Points: +2 A Royal Offspring has been born! Name: Mochi Link to Scroll: xxlonewolfxx Clan I belong to: Jade Lineage of Egg: Qu9Jo Hope I filled these out okay >.>;
  5. Just bred my dragons and got ugpUG - Pug
  6. Thanks! Also the totals for the king's court on the spreadsheet and the first post on the forum are different? Whoops nevermind !!!! We're in the lead?! o.o
  7. I have earned Francs for the King! Name: Mochi Scroll Link: xxlonewolfxx Francs earned: +3 Reason no.: donating a CB hatchling to a member of the same court @pretty_thumb Here's your egg back ! @SaberToothMC I'm sorry but someone claimed it just before you
  8. I want to donate a CB egg/hatchie! Name: Mochi Scroll Link: xxlonewolfxx Court I belong to: King Transfer Link: Send dummy here Breed of egg/hatchie: Pryo Hatchling
  9. That is a good point. I totally forgot about that. Probably shouldn't have done this right before I went to bed and half-asleep Gaias are so hard to come by. I've managed to get everything a set of every xeno but them. Little Leaf Caterpillar Omg that's adorable lool I really hope I get a gaia from the royal pair. I am so down for a raffle! Raffles are fun even if my luck it...
  10. I personally will not be breeding during the Valentine's Day event because I'll be busy with valentine dragons so I'd say no but if someone does want to continue then I wouldn't want to restrict them. If people do want to still breed during the valentine period it wouldn't bother me, I just won't be taking part. The only thing is that there would be a disadvantage as some people like myself will probably be busy with the event. I think special pairings would be cool but I will most likely be egg-locked the entirety of the period with valentine dragons so if there were eggs from these pairings I wouldn't have any space for them. TL;DR I vote no but if the majority decide yes it wouldn't bother me. Edit: I'm realizing the voting no for breeding in the courts but yes for special pairings is probably contradictory. I'm a bit confused on what exactly you mean with the special pairings (I'm going to guess a special set of dragons or affairs that breed on valentine's/holidays?)
  11. @pretty_thumb Glad you're feeling better! Thanks for the update and making the quick links. I'm looking forward to the competition!
  12. @pretty_thumb I would like to request a Pretty Egg! Scroll: xxlonewolfxx Clan: Jade Pairing: Prince Mengyao Hua x Concubine Xinyi Hua
  13. *cries* It's been a week of on-and-off hunting and some attempts at tradings and I still haven't managed to get a gaia T^T But I've got like 5 pryos lol SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS. I am also very curious and excited to see how this will be incorporated *^*
  14. !!!!! Omg that's so cute!! *anticipation intensifies* Year of the dog, the best year Also my imperial egg hatched and it's red!
  15. Same here, it's brilliant I don't want to introduce my group yet (no fancy name) until it's complete and I still need an astrapi & 2 gaias until I'm done but I do want to introduce my sad star-crossed pair I'm also ashamed to admit that I spent so much longer on this than anticipated and I don't know why I do this to myself (I'm running on 4 hours of sleep OTL)
  16. @Kigyptnee Thanks! (the dummy egg you sent me is a pretty checker and now I can't bring myself to abandon it T^T Thanks for it! ) I have earned Francs for the King! Name: Mochi Scroll Link: xxlonewolfxx Francs earned: +2 Reason no.: Donated an egg Gaias and Chronos are my favorite. I almost joined the Queen's Court because I really love the Marquis title for chronos and Sorcier for pyros but I really didn't care for Gaias as barons
  17. Thanks for taking them into consideration @Mow Those are some (long) lovely names -currently on mobile so keeping things brief-
  18. I want to donate a CB egg/hatchie! Name: Mochi Scroll Link: xxlonewolfxx Court I belong to: King Transfer Link: Send dummy here! It's a pyro egg @pretty_thumb @Rekha Actually perhaps you guys could update the form to include the type of egg/hatchie it is? And I was wondering if an index/direct links to certain sections of the main post such as forms & titles could be included because I've mostly been using CTRL+F to find everything but it's not always the best if I pick the wrong word (I was searching for the forms but that didn't pop up because the header was an image >.>;).
  19. I'm glad you liked it Oh o.o Haha I think that's what makes German appealing though because it was the first language I'd experienced that does that with words. Also the translations of quite a few words I've seen were interesting or fitting/specific.
  20. Oh goodness no. They are so sad, I feel so bad for them and question why I did this to myself and my poor dragons OTL That is a lot o.o I actually had a pair of xenos each but I wanted to get a whole new set for this Oh yeah. English is like the bast-(actually not sure if I can use this word on the forums o.o so) child of languages Oh really? OMG HANDY???!!! That's hilarious I always love seeing people post about certain funny words or word translations Omg that makes me think of the video Actually...(warning: video) I mean that obviously an exaggeration but just looking at the words in comparison