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  1. Sending to everyone I can find and sending replies! (might accidentally send out doubles) Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Scroll: xxlonewolfxx
  2. I want to join the Black Kitty Raffle! Name: Mochi Clan: Jade Choice of Kitty: Cherry Blossom Kitty Omg all the black kitties are so adorable!
  3. Really wish soulstones would drop more. Haven't been able to nab a single one and they're the only ones I'm missing right now >.>;
  4. Oh definitely. I still can't believe I won the raffle, I keep checking my scroll to make sure it's actually there
  5. Alright, thanks! Good to know I have more time *cough* since I hardly started any research (I got distracted by the valentine dragons and everything else XD)
  6. I'm overjoyed to finally have Valentine dragons. Didn't have a single valentine dragon (cb or bred) at all on my scroll. I'm really happy I was able to nab some heartstealing dragons, those are my favorit eof the valentines. I'm so glad we have these holiday biomes now.
  7. @pretty_thumb Just to clarify, so any research I do involving French holidays, etc. I should hold on posting about until after the King's competition is announced? Or will the King's competition differ from the Queen's?
  8. A Royal Offspring has grown up! Name: Mochi Link to Scroll: xxlonewolfxx Clan I belong to: Jade Name of Imperial Harem dragon: Yu Rong Wangzi Lineage: Qu9Jo Color: Green Gender: Male Whose scroll did the egg hatch in? : Mine Favor Points: +5 I'm so happy my first royal offspring and it's green!
  9. Congrats Minkishminx!! Also I was wondering if the King's Court lottery will be taking place soon because I'm currently egg-locked at the moment and I believe it's past 7:30 GMT time? >.>;
  10. I want to join the Valentine's Affair Raffle! Name: Mochi Scroll: xxlonewolfxx Court: King Lottery #: 8 Thanks!
  11. No problem! ^^ I have earned Francs for the King! Name: Mochi Scroll Link: xxlonewolfxx Francs earned: +3 Reason no.: donating a CB hatchling to a member of the same court
  12. I want to donate a CB egg/hatchie! Name: Mochi Scroll Link: xxlonewolfxx Court I belong to: King Transfer Link: Send dummy here! Breed of egg/hatchie: Chrono @SaberToothMC
  13. I do! Do you mind waiting for 2 more hours until it hatches? (I want the points for donating a hatchie )
  14. *deep breath* IT'S BREEDING DAY! Here's to hoping we get more eggs @SaberToothMC I've got a chrono egg if you're interested ^^
  15. Haha thanks. I'm feeling a lot better today ^^ Ah my bad, sorry for the trouble ^^;
  16. @Ninjakittee Thanks so much for the gaia! I was going out of my mind trying to get one T^T 1400s to 1700s in general, yes, but with the Maegia Xenos who have magick of old, we might go even further back if you find something very interesting! Oh awesome! Now I really want to look for something for Maegias
  17. @Kigyptnee Thanks so much for the clarification! A Royal Offspring has grown up! Name: Mochi Link to Scroll: xxlonewolfxx Clan I belong to: Jade Name of Imperial Harem dragon: Hua Hanying Wangzi Lineage: BYhvB Color: Red Gender: Male Favor Points: + 4 points to the Rose Clan (I think this is right) Sorry for the delayed response, I was quite sick yesterday.
  18. That's definitely a relief to hear. Also I have another question. How old are you considering Old French Holidays because I know Bastille Day started in the late 1700s but that could be considered pretty recent compared to other things. Is there a specific era/time frame that our courts are based in? Are we measuring time in relation to that?
  19. Oh awesome! Research I can do, trying to creatively incorporate that into this project...not so much Thanks for making this so inclusive.
  20. @Ninjakittee I've sent a dummy I'm looking forward to this event! Sounds like good fun. @Rekha For the research, how would that be formatted and are there specifics? Like if I researched something am I just info dumping? Also I'm assuming that you're looking to see how French traditions can be incorporated into this project so are we suppose to not only describe/explain an event/thing but also how we think it can be incorporated into this? Or can we just bring up an event/suggestion even if we're not sure how to incorporate it? (fixed my horrendous typos, man i really need to go through my posts before I submit them)