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  1. I have earned Favor for my Clan! Name: Mochi Link to Scroll: xxlonewolfxx Clan I belong to: Jade #1. I Donated a Caveborn Gemshard Egg or Hatchie: Hatchie Points earned: +2 Recipient of Gift: @JavaTigress Lineage Code of Gift: YVYkk
  2. Welcome back Rekha! I have earned Francs for the King! Name: Mochi Scroll Link: xxlonewolfxx Francs earned: +2 Reason no.: offspring matches one married parent's color, carrying on the family ranking (i forgot to fill this out yesterday x.x)
  3. Sorry for the delay, I didn’t even realize had egg-locked myself last night. i hope it’s alright if I fill out the donation form later (currently at work and on mobile OTL) Also sorry to that other person who made an offer on the hatchi >.>;
  4. Influence Report! Mochi influenced a Magi to be male for rubina96!
  5. My Court Offspring has taken a mate! (Marriage announcement) Name: Mochi Scroll Link: xxlonewolfxx Court I belong to: King's Lineage/Proof: Ju6SV I would like to announce a birth from a marriage Name: Mochi Scroll Link: xxlonewolfxx Court I belong to: King's Lineage Link: oVHTp (i've currently got it fogged though, can add picture if necessary) I'm so happy! This is the first time I've ever bred a holiday dragon; I wasn't even sure it would work QwQ
  6. Oh man, I hope your eggs/hatchlings are okay o.o I've been really nervous about this since it seems that there have been attacks lately, even though Valentine's is over.
  7. Omg this is like fate haha. My gemshard egg just hatched red & precog'd female I'd like to gift a CB Egg / Hatchie Clan I belong to: Jade Color / Gender of Hatchie: Red/Female Lineage Code of Egg / Hatchie: YVYkk Teleport Link / PM Link: Drop dummy here
  8. My gemshard egg just hatched red and precog'd female and I've been trying to trade my other female red for days with no luck. I just keep getting female red gemshards. GREEN OR BLUE would have been fine or a male red but nope T^T Edit: SO I got excited 'cause I realized I actually precog'd the wrong hatchie and went to precog the right what and it still ends up being female. 3 female reds T^T
  9. A Royal Offspring has been born! Name: Mochi Link to Scroll: xxlonewolfxx Clan I belong to: Jade Lineage of Egg: 5ERZz A successful breeding this time around! I have question about this egg is 5G but the 2G pairing is not mine so does that mean I don't get points for it being a 5th generation stairstep? I think I get the points since I'm the one who bred it though? Second question: Are there any rules against breeding these two (5ERZz & 7Zl9t) if I wanted to connect their lineages? I was thinking if my egg hatches red it would look nice, though I'm not sure I actually do want to link the two.
  10. Omg I never knew what that button was for! I just thought it was a search button or something o.o Wow now I feel silly. Thanks for telling me
  11. Thanks! And I fixed mine. I really wish there was a way to preview our post before we actually post them
  12. I'm ready to begin my fairy tale! Please add me to the Waiting List from an Original Couple Forum Name: Mochi Link to Scroll: xxlonewolfxx Preferred Breeding Pair: [ H a p p i l y + E v e r A f t e r ], [ O n c e U p o n a T i m e ] & [ And They Lived + Happily Ever After ]
  13. On the one hand that's relieving on the other that just fuels my indecision I'm going to try to actually stick with my goal.
  14. Influence Report! Mochi influenced a Aeon Wyvern to be Female for jostensminyard!
  15. Okay edited and fixed. Sorry for that, indecision is the bane of my existence. I'm just going to stick with nebulas and do pygmies on the side (lol that sounds shady)
  16. A New Challenger Enters! Scroll Link (optional): xxlonewolfxx Forum Name: Mochi Today's Date: 2/26/18 Starter Dragon (link and name if named): e9Fun + 1O2SK Challenge Group Link (required): Nebula Challenge Goal: Nebula Spiral (I might regret this later) This is so exciting! Let's hope I can actually manage to keep this up throughout the year.
  17. @Kigyptnee Thanks so much! I'm really excited to see what color it'll be. The lineage is beautiful
  18. I just wanted to officially introduce my court members now that I finally managed a complete set! La Noblesse