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  1. Ooooh I see o.o Well that makes it a lot easier if it's all three clans. Thanks for the clarification ^^ Edit: @Minkerbell I'm sorry I have another question >.>; If I didn't use candy from the Gumball Machine from a previous day (say like the candy from Day 8) can I still use them or do they like expire as the new day rolls in?
  2. I'd like to be placed on the Wait List for a Sacred Line Egg Name: Mochi Clan I belong to: Jade I own a 2nd Gen Heavenly Line Egg: Yes I'd like to be shifted from the Heavenly Line Wait List: NA Can I be put on the waitlist for the Rose Sacred Line? So we can just grab these and use them for bingo? We don't need to insert jujubes to get the candy? Also for the Stage 2 Bingo Cards, those are a clan effort right? So the entire clan works to get a bingo on one card vs. the individual critter cards? Nope, nevermind. Double-checked the post and
  3. I wanna thank the people dropping CB eggs in the AP. You guys are helping me to complete my scroll collection :'D
  4. I was waiting for the new eggs to drop & reflex-clicked the first egg I saw...it was a blue-banded & of course now I'm egg-locked OTL
  5. I have no idea what's going on here but I already have my dragons so I'll just register them Dragon name: Astera Royale Generation: 1 Lineage Link: Hg92c Fighting Alongside! Dragon 1's Name: Royale Prince Theseus Linage Link: JSRdj Dragon 2's Name: Astera Royale Lineage Link: Hg92c Are you willing to breed them for others?: Yes
  6. I've been breeding my Aeons & Blusangs to make a nice lineage but so far I haven't been able to get a single blusang from my pairings, only aeons. In any other case I'd be thrilled but...I really want some blusangs ;A;
  7. The Lineage gets longer! Proof (link to egg's lineage): jJfwP What Gen are you on now?: 6th Today's Date: 19 April 2018 Forum Name: Mochi Challenge Group Link (required): The Babs Ugh after one refusal & two miscolors I gave up. Now I'm annoyed because I could have just bred my 5G sooner T^T @Mow I feel your pain
  8. A Royal Offspring has grown up! Name: Mochi Link to Scroll: Here Clan I belong to: Jade Name of Imperial Harem dragon: Yu Ru Wangzi Lineage: IOMHP Color: Green Gender: Male Whose scroll did the egg hatch on? : Mine Favor Points: + 5 points to the Jade Clan (My first sacred baby & he colored properly T^T) I have earned Favor for my Clan! #3. I own 15 correctly named Dragons (fill in the number) Points earned: +3 Names / Lineage code of Dragons: Name | Lineage Code (or you can link to the dragon's lineage page) 1. Lad
  9. ...I don't actually have a mate for him yet, the cave has not been kind OTL I'm sorry >.>; Probably should have mentioned to only look at the ones that actually have offspring already
  10. I can breed you some lineage ones if you want (for variety). I have up to 6Gs at the moment La Noblesse (Honestly at the moment I don't what to do with all my dragons either especially since I started to run out of mates x.x)
  11. I’ve Recruited a Critter! Name: Mochi Clan: Jade Critter Recruited: Guinea Pig Completed Card: I’d like to Purchase some Sweets! I’d like to buy: Cupcake High Tea Set Total Cost: 1
  12. I'd like to be placed on the Wait List for a Heavenly Line Egg Name: Mochi Clan I belong to: Jade
  13. Thank you! Also no need to rush for me, I've got like xx lineage projects going on and no egg space at the moment either. I'm in no hurries ^^
  14. Guess I'll try my hand in this (I really just want the cute candies ) I’d like to Purchase some Sweets! Name: Mochi Clan: Jade I’d like to buy: Cotton Candy Fun Pack I’d like to buy: Ultimate Sugary Mystery Basket Total Cost: 3 ingots
  15. Omg yesss I’ve been looking for reds in the AP for the past 4 days with no luck. I’m going keep all my slots open. Thank you sooo much!
  16. I bred a bunch of reds the other day because I was bored & tossed them all into the AP thinking I could nab some low-time ones myself...I haven't seen any reds since & if I'd just kept mine they'd be ready to hatch in a few hours T^T Also apparently my army of 60 reds is not enough to keep up with my incubation needs
  17. I've been looking for brines for the past few days & saw your post and thought "man I wish I was that lucky" only to catch a brine in the cave a few minutes later. I think your luck rubbed off on me
  18. Lmao I'm 1 point off 50 Congrats to the top members! The Legendary Couples & Star-Crossed Lovers are so pretty *^* I really love the Celestial Lovers & Immortal Couple (though at this point I'd be happy with a 2G egg from any of the heavenly or sacred lines ;w;)
  19. I've been staking out the AP to pick up some drakes & pygmies but I keep grabbing other low-time eggs even though I spent the last few days saving space for them OTL
  20. I don't believe so I have noticed more pygmies, drakes, & two-heads in the AP but not many. I bred mine very early on & they still haven't hit the AP yet (though they should be in a couple of hours) so I don't think you missed them.
  21. I would like to announce a birth from a marriage Name: Mochi Scroll Link: Here Court I belong to: King's Lineage Link: cbOc4 I have earned Francs for the King! Francs earned: 2 + 2 + 1 + 1 = +6 Reason no.: for a 3G offspring & offspring matches one married parent's color, carrying on the family ranking & or a three step stair lineage & for donating a bred egg to a member of the same court (@Auferstehung)
  22. I once accidentally posted a trade on the DC community board, I didn't look before clicking & assumed it was one of the trade threads, luckily I double-checked & deleted it after a few minutes but boy was that embarrassing because I'm pretty sure about 4 users saw the post before I removed it >.>: