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  1. Accidentally quick-clicked a Gold Floret Wyvern Don't know if anyone actually needs it for a giftee? Feel free to keep it or trade it away Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Gone! Thanks to whoever took it, now I'm not egglocked X'D
  2. Here's a Paper for anyone who needs it, just offer a dummy Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Gone!
  3. I got my giftee yesterday and am pleasantly surprised to be making good progress! Can't wait for gifting to start
  4. Could I trade a Cheese for a Dino? How much are Dinos worth?
  5. Caught a glimpse of a silver in the cave but of course was too slow to nab it OTL And now a cheese too >.>; I'm just gonna pray this unlucky streak doesn't happen during secret santa
  6. For the first time ever I didn't realize I was egg-locked & bred an egg that got autoabandoned Bit embarrassed to be honest because it was part of a lineage I'm working on >.>; I've never had an accidental autoabandon until now OTL
  7. The Lineage gets longer! Proof (link to egg's lineage): Here What Gen are you on now?: 20th Today's Date: 20 Nov 2018 (haha 20th on the 20th) Forum Name: Mochi Challenge Group Link (required): Shining Babbles Been pretty lazy recently to keep this up 😅
  8. I Want to Sign Up! Forum Name: Mochi Scroll Name: xxlonewolfxx Group Name: https://dragcave.net/group/75334 Wishlist: 1. CB Gold, CB Silver, Neglected, 2G Shimmer Prize, 2G from Spriter's Alt 2. CB Copper, 3G from Spriter's Alt, 3G Prize 3. CB Aeon, CB Xeno, Chicken 4. CB Tan Ridgewing, 4G from Spriter's Alt 5. CB BSA, 2G from Holidays 6. Any pretty non-messy lineages (excluding zyus) 7. Surpise Me (just no zyus or dorsals) Breeding abilities: Most alt lineages I have are 3-5 gen or higher. I have some holiday lineages and 3G+ Prizes
  9. Been trying to nab an omen for days with no luck They just pop through too fast for me to nab Ugh
  10. I would definitely be interested! I have a bunch of BSA dragons I tend to breed & dump into the AP already anyways.
  11. The Lineage gets longer! Proof (link to egg's lineage): 6TG16 What Gen are you on now?: 19 Today's Date: 8 Oct 2018 Forum Name: Mochi Challenge Group Link (required): Here I must admit I'm quite sad to see it broken; It was really cool that it ended up being so long I hope you end up with Boreals tho to keep with the trend
  12. Naming Form - Hope Dragon Owner: Mochi Name of Dragon: The Hope of Every Dreamer Lineage URL of Dragon: XeGDv Sorry for the delay, I didn't realize there was a form for this and then I just kept forgetting to fill it out OTL
  13. I made a group a while back to sort my prizekin and went to check it today and- these were the only things in the group even though I definitely have more and other breeds somehow only whites made it
  14. A response from TJ himself 0.0 Thank you!
  15. I currently have my scroll custom sorted, if I changed it to sort by breed or any of the other options would that erase my custom sort or will it still stay saved so I could switch between sort types without losing my custom sort?
  16. The Lineage gets longer! Proof (link to egg's lineage): aGBWR What Gen are you on now?: 17 Today's Date: 24 Sept 2018 Forum Name: Mochi Challenge Group Link (required): Here Proof (link to egg's lineage): ELxJ2 What Gen are you on now?: 18 Today's Date: 30 Sept 2018 Forum Name: Mochi Challenge Group Link (required): Here I was once again on vacation and couldn't be bothered to try forum codes with my phone x.x On an unrelated note: it took me an embarrassingly long time to realize that gen numbers are at the top so I d
  17. Well that explains my initial confusion because I was almost certain it would be okay thinking there would be a confirmation but nope
  18. Accidentally declined a trade offer and it was exactly what I wanted but my hand slipped I can’t believe it this is the first time it’s happened omg and I feel so bad because they made the offer awhile ago ahhh I really wanted that hatchi QAQ Wish there was a confirmation before you accept/decline a trade
  19. My 2Gs finally decided to be cooperative again 3G Bloodswap! https://dragcave.net/teleport/abdabde0fe46047be512e0caecdf0e48
  20. I hit 100 Reds without even realizing Last time I checked I had around 60 The first breed I have so many of o.o
  21. I didn't know refusals were still possible if you used fertility 0.0 new fears Clicked too fast in the cave and missed a copper Been awhile since I've seen anything rare or even uncommon T^T
  22. Welp I lied (actually changed my mind) Seeing all these nice lineages makes me want to start a pureblood one too (though my main focus will still be my other project >.>;) My only 2G PB pair didn't produce an egg this week -__- Will start breeding to get more 2G & 3G PBs ^^ Looking forward to some bloodswaps
  23. And somehow never manage to catch it until they grow up! You would think I would notice when they were hatchlings but nope Tossed out an egg I wanted to keep to make room to offer on a trade...didn't get the trade and lost the egg >.>;
  24. ...More things gendered incorrectly without me realizing I even precog'd both of them but for some reason thought they were the correct gender OTL Last week was apparently not a good week for me
  25. Ooh good to know Now I won't be wasting fertilities left & right Thank you!