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  1. @Mow Sounds about right

    A community account is a great idea, then we won't have to worry about posts being locked to only one user.
    Was the new year the deadline until we made the new post? I can't remember anymore OTL
    Also has anyone actually made a google doc/sheet yet?
    I assumed from the previous posts that Rekha would be but not sure if it's actually been made yet or I just misread the post x.x

    I think we will have to reset at this point (you mean points right? or are you talking about lineages?)

    I don't think the point system is actually all that complex but I do remember it being confusing and taking quite awhile to become accustomed too.

    I think part of what made it confusing was that each court had a different system (some breeds being more valuable than others) but I also don't see how we could simplify it. 

    I think organization also plays a big role in the confusion. I just tried to find the original point system and got turned around a bit until I found it.

    Okay yeah actually look at the point system it does seem complicated LOL
    Like wow I was only looking at the court's individual system and then I found the general one

    At this point it might be better to have a live chat like discord to discuss things? Mostly why i suggested a google doc besides having all the relevant points in one place (and not clutter this with confusing posts) was the possibility to speed up changes without this back & forth (live edits, possible conversations via comments)


  2. I normally have pretty good luck with my prizes but the minute I need them for gifts they decide to quit on me. *shakes fist* I'm on a time-frame here!

    Also haven't been having any luck with my Stat either. I hope my holiday breeding luck doesn't end up this poor