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  1. Just grabbed an egg from the AP. I'm not expecting much since it has a few views/clicks already.


    Your Forum name: sfts

    Your Scroll name: sfts

    The Egg/Hatchlings five digit code (No links please): AWr9d

    Egg type: Purple dorsal

    Time of Unfog (In updated EST* please): 3:24 PM

    Time of Death: 3:34 PM (based on AP timer of 20 minutes)

    Amount of current V/UV/Clicks: 29/12/6 when unfogged


    Result: Hatched normally at 3:26 PM with 1135/95/7 & released back to the AP.

  2. I have 13: seven golds and six silvers. I have the "complete" collection of sprites: male/female adults, male/female hatchlings, and an ungendered hatchling for each. I have CB females, but I still need CB males of both kinds. I'm fairly confident that I can catch a CB silver, but I don't know if I'll ever catch a CB gold. laugh.gif


    I have both given and traded away the offspring of my metals, but they don't give eggs very often!

  3. Eep, I had 6/7 egg slots filled this morning so I was not ready for this! Thankfully, I had some Reds who could incubate for me. I snagged a pair of the "shimmers like gold" eggs and I should have room for two of the moonlight eggs by the time I get home tonight. Whew!


    Thanks for the new dragons, I can't wait to see what they look like!

  4. Your Forum name: sfts

    Your Scroll name: sfts

    The Egg/Hatchlings five digit code (No links please): rDUrT

    Egg type: Albino

    Time of Unfog (In updated EST* please): 7:33 PM

    Time of Death: 7:41 PM

    Amount of current V/UV/Clicks:


    Hatched normally (& abandoned) with 1111/129/3 only three minutes after unfogging.


    My first experiment was neither successful nor really unsuccessful (at least I didn't end up with a dead egg).

  5. Hopefully the winners will get completey new prize dragons or at least tinsels with new colors.

    I think the tinsels in new colors would be fun! Perhaps green, red, and white (with silver or gold trim instead of green)? Blue could be pretty, too. Perhaps blue/red/white for 1st/2nd/3rd prize (or red/blue/white, depending on what country you're from).


    I guess if the dragons are starting to go out, we'll know soon!

  6. Congrats!! What did you pick, may I ask? o3o

    Thank you! I chose a Holly with the option of taking a prize dragon if someone above me declines theirs. I also chose a code, although I don't know if I'll get it, so I'd rather not say what it is. The CB colored stripe idea is a neat one, but a CB Holly would complete my scroll better, since it's the only CB event dragon that I'm missing.


    I'm torn on whether I should have accepted a prize dragon if someone else declines - I'd rather have a CB Holly than a CB '10 Tinsel, but if it's a new prize dragon for this year, I'd rather have that. I probably should have spent more time thinking up a fun code, but I didn't want to miss my chance somehow since I only got selected because someone else took too long!


    ETA: I start rambling and forget grammar when I get excited. The fact that it took me three edits to get the ETA right is proof. laugh.gif

  7. The squeal I let out upon seeing the notification at the top of my scroll was embarrassing! biggrin.gif


    I can't believe it, I'm so excited! Thank you, TJ and congratulations to all the other winners!


    (also: Nope, no choosing a prize dragon/tinsel for honorable mentions, although you could choose to take one if someone higher up declines. Yes, you could choose a code although there was no guarantee you'd get it)

  8. I always freeze a hatchling from the holiday dragons.


    I think I'm about to give up on getting a Holly this year. I've been surfing the AP for 8+ hours/day the last two days and have only seen two. Even if I see them, my internet is the speed of molasses so I wouldn't get them. Time to start planning my strategy for next year...

  9. I'm glad they're easy to catch - I'm traveling the 19th-26th so I have sloooooow internet. At least I got my quota of the current eggs even if the load time is too slow for me to get a Holly.


    The new hatchlings look colorful and like they might make a nice counterpart to the Snow Angels, especially if they turn out to be males (and yes, I know Christmas dragons can't breed with each other).

  10. Merry Christmas! I've enjoyed the wreath decorating and I love the alternate holiday sprites for the dragons. It's been a great winter event!


    I snagged my two eggs and I'm going back to the AP to try for a Holly.

  11. I've been trying to get a Holly for years with no luck. My catching skills have improved, but I'm visiting family and their internet is so slow that I can't even catch uncommons in the AP. laugh.gif I'm just glad that this year's Christmas dragon will still be dropping when I get home next week or I wouldn't have a shot at them either.


    I don't begrudge the lucky people who have a Holly (or two) the ability to trade/gift/abandon them as they see fit. I abandon the eggs of my CB holidays every year and I choose to do so late in the breeding window with the idea that many seekers will already be their 2 egg quota and perhaps some of the people with slower connections can get them.

  12. I think the hardest part might be seeing something creative and thinking it's nice, then seeing the same thing three or four more times and having to give them all the same "creativity" points (after all, the order you see the trees is random, not fair to punish the repeats you see later). That's one of the reasons I'm not giving much/any bump up for creativity - even most of the more creative ideas seem to have been repeated (with 8000+ trees and a set number of ornaments this isn't surprising).

  13. Just saw a tree with "TJ09 ROX!" written above it...Yeah,the writing was...um,creative but the tree itself was almost empty...and this is why writing random things around trees shouldn't automatically earn them higher votes... dry.gif

    Is that what it said? I could only read the TJ09 part and just barely that...

  14. I finally found a busy tree with lots of ornaments that I actually liked! I guess seeing blue/silver and red/gold themes does get a bit old, but when it does, I stop judging for a bit and come back later. So much is personal taste anyway. I dislike the words/letters and impossible floating things, but others like them.


    It's funny how it runs in streaks for me - I'll see half a dozen that I like (5-8 ratings) and get cheered up, then it'll be a run of 'no efforts' (1-3 ratings) and my eyes will start to cross.

  15. My rating scale is


    1-2: badly done (likely glitch-ridden) or looks like everything is piled randomly or is a face

    3-4: ornaments chosen at random with questionable placement, creative ideas tried but ended up tacky looking

    5-6: decent looking with a theme or obvious care

    7+: nice looking, creative ideas or a theme well executed


    I will take pretty traditional over cheesy, silly, or ugly creativity. I think lots of colors makes a tree look festive and cheery, but a 1-3 color scheme can look elegant and pretty, so I'm okay with either. I'm giving mostly scores in the 3-6 range, but more 1-2 than 7+. I did see someone else who used the same theme I did but executed it differently.

  16. If you click it it will tell you that you have already submitted--


    You are NOT submitting the tree, just adding your scroll to the list, so you can continue to edit until midnight tonight,and the tree that the judges will see in the one on your scroll AT THAT POINT IN TIME!!!

    Thanks! I know I probably won't win anything because my decoration skills are lacking, but I want to at least have that outside chance!