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  1. Whew, the last of my bred holiday eggs finally went through the AP more than 12 hours after they were bred so I can stop worrying about them and relax while I wait for the new release to grow up. I love looking at the gingerbread houses! All the fun of decorating a real house with none of the sticky icing mess.
  2. I bred & AP'd three low gen Holly eggs last night shortly before the deadline since my trading partner never got back to me. I'm afraid they all got shunted into the wild due to the backlog, but if they didn't, then they're still hiding behind the flood of other holiday eggs. I'm sure I wasn't the only last minute breeder, so there is still a chance this year.
  3. I caught my first Holly last year on Dec 26th after three years of trying unsuccessfully. This year, I haven't heard from the person that my Holly's offspring was going to and I'm afraid they're no longer active.
  4. I love the silver dragée dragon! So many lovely & creative houses here.
  5. My house: http://dragcave.net/holidays12_house/sfts My only regret is that I can't make several! I'd love to do a blue theme and a black theme and something using those fun little frosting squiggles in an overlapping manner and... Needless to say, I love this years game & mini game, so my hat is off to the artists involved!
  6. How did I just get Luminol for one of the new Lumina dragons? I can't believe someone hadn't used it before this new release, let alone after.
  7. I've found a few nice lineages lately: This Purple will fit nicely with my Purple/Holiday pairings. And I've grabbed this Magi/Tangar checker, this Pink/Thunder checker and this Terrae/Pink checker recently. I love checker patterns with nice colors!
  8. Now I know why Terebinth and Paint Thinner were taken when I tried those for my new Turpentines I did get the turpentine derivatives Camphor, Geraniol, Linalool, and Pinene. Other recent names include: Colonel Mustard Literacy Major Pain Major Payne Sound Wave
  9. I just grabbed this Ember egg which should go nicely with this previous tinsel fail catch to make a mate for this dragon that I found in the AP. ETA: And now I found this Pink tinsel fail to go with my previously caught purple tinsel fail. It has been a good morning for getting tinsel fail mates!
  10. I froze my first hatchling after less than two weeks on the site - a CB White male. A glance at my scroll would tell you that I have never been against freezing - I have 295 frozen dragons. For each type of dragon, I try to get male/female adults, male/female S2 hatchlings, and a S1 hatchling. Even the limited holiday dragons are subject to freezing. I think most of the hatchlings are cute and sometimes I like the hatchling sprites more than the adult sprites. It never bothers me when others freeze the offspring of my dragons.
  11. Your Forum name: sfts Your Scroll name: sfts The Egg/Hatchlings five digit code (No links please): TpQeT Egg type: Nocturne Time of Unfog (In updated EST* please): 7:53 PM Time of Death: 7:56 PM Amount of current V/UV/Clicks: 2/1/1 when unfogged, 1019/82/1 when died Egg turned (my first to do so), but died.
  12. I got Graveyard Smash for a 4th gen Pumpkin/Pygmy checker with Monster Mash (not mine, but a great name for a Halloween dragon) as the father.
  13. Wow, that must be a tough lineage to breed! Congrats!
  14. @codyne, Congratulations on finishing your project! Two years is a long time to stick with something. In this past week, I've tried three new pairs for projects and had refusal, refusal, and refusal. The last one is the worst because even if it's two 2nd gens, I don't own any of the parents so I can't just breed a new mate. I need to get out of this run of bad luck!
  15. I just grabbed this out of the flood (puddle?) of Waters in the AP right now. I'd just been contemplating breeding a Magi/Water checker this morning, so I had to keep this egg.
  16. I like how the hatchling ended up a blue Neb, I think that ties it up pretty well.
  17. Yep, it alt'd. I'm going to try to swap it so I can try again for a non-Alt, but I guess I don't mind keeping her, since I do like the Alt sprites. I'm just not sure if I'll be able to use it for my planned breedings now. On the plus side, this worked.
  18. Now I'm worried about the bred black egg that I traded for. I like the Alt sprites better than the regular ones, but it would put a wrinkle in my future breeding plans. And refusal. Luckily, it should be easy to rebreed since I need a common 2nd gen.
  19. My first egg was a 2nd gen Silver snatched from the AP. A week later, I got a CB Magi and a CB Split. Number four was a Paper. Within my first 25 dragons were three dinos, two papers, two silvers, and a CB gold, plus two blacks and two bright pinks which weren't rare at the time.
  20. I'm pondering my next (long-term, maybe impossible ) breeding project and I was wondering if anyone here had any advice or suggestions. I'm looking at doing an Alt Sweetling Rainbow pattern, but I'm not sure exactly how I want the pattern to go. I have a few ideas: ideas A-D and idea E. I'm leaning towards A or B, but I'd love to hear opinions or suggestions on other possibilities.
  21. I found this red egg in the AP earlier. Normally, I don't like male Moonstones, but the navy/light blue looks nice with the red. The egg even has a fun code to boot. If the breeder sees this, thank you for the lovely egg! It's already been influenced and I have a few potential names picked out.
  22. *squeals* That's my dragons' daughter down at the bottom. So pretty! I absolutely love seeing things I've bred be used to make even more pretties. Thank you so much for posting this and letting me see it. <3 Thank you for breeding (& releasing) such a lovely dragon! Water Horses aren't the most popular breed, but I think they look lovely if you find the right mate.
  23. I'm so close to finally finishing my first real breeding project: lineage preview I caught the female in the AP and thought she was so beautiful that I did a breeding project to make a "matching" mate to the best of my ability. I actually like how the colors of the Water Horse & Sunsongs look together so much that I plan to go back and do a regular checker once I get an egg from these two.
  24. I was just going through the older pages of this thread and found this. I'm the one who snagged the vine egg you dropped. Thank you! Luckily, she liked my Frill male; I dropped their offspring in the AP to continue the trend. A few of my other AP catches: 2nd gen Silver from years ago 2nd gen Ridgewing Tinsel fail 4th gen Shallow Water I caught most of my tinsels in the AP as well.
  25. In general, I try to use the first letter of the father's name as the first letter of the offspring's name, but I will sometimes try to continue themes as well. When I do, I'm always a bit afraid that I'll offend someone or steal a name that someone is planning to use in the future. I worried about that for this vine which I believe was an AP find. Same for this geode (also an AP find). I traded for these two (1 & 2) as a pair of hatchlings and I tried to continue the names/made them a breeding pair. My original Ridgewings are named after chips or cookies () and it made my day when I saw that someone did this.