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  1. I'll be updating my post with links, but I am a big hatchling freezer so I have frozen hatchies of every breed, including GON, on my scroll. Since lots of people have adults, I'm going to link mostly the hatchlings.


    Gold - h1 h2 h3

    Silver - h1 h2 h3

    Copper - g1 g2 g3 r1 r2 r3 b1 b2 b3

    Guardian of Nature - h1

    Avatar of Creation - h1 h3h2

    Avatar of Change - h1 h2 h3

    Avatar of Destruction - h1 h2 h3

    Tinsel - g1 g2 g3 s1 s2 s3 b1 b2 b3

    Shimmerscale - g1 g2 g3 s1 s2 s3 b1 b2 b3

    Ice - h1 h2 h3

    Magma - h1 h2 h3

    Thunder - h1 h2 h3

    Dino - red h1 red h2 red adult yel h1 yel h2 yel adult green h1 green h2 green adult blue h1 blue h2 blue adult pur h1 pur h2 pur adult

    Chicken - h1 h2 adult adult

    Neglected - h1 adult adult

    Zombie - adult adult h1 h2 h2

    Christmas - H1 H2 Y1 Y2 SA1 SA2 RD1 RD2 WM1 WM2 WW1 WW2 S1 S2 M1 M2 M2 A-rage

    Halloween - P1 P2 P3 BM1 BM2 BM3 SW1 sw2 sw3 CL1 CL2 CL3 G1 G2 G3 Des1 Des2 Des3 Cal1

    Valentine's - v09 v09 S1 S2 R1 R2 H1 H2 A1 A2 RA1 RA2 Hstl 2 Hstl 1

    Bright Pink - h1

    Frilled - h1 adult adult

    Cheese - h1 h2 h3 adult

    Paper - h1 h2 h3 adult adult

    Alt Vine - h1 h2 h3

    Alt Black - sit 1 sit 2 sit 3 curl 1 curl 2 curl 3

    Alt Undine - S1 S2

    Alt Dorsal - h1 h2 h3

  2. I have lots of names based upon lineages:

    Raging Alcoholic (Raging Wind x Crimson Wine)

    4 Fe 3 O2 2 H2O (with a father named Rust)

    Perced to the Roote (My HS English teacher would have been proud of someone)

    My name pun Geode

    Mr Roboto Fluffytail (Domo Fluffytail x Arigato Fluffytail)

    It's Hot Down Here

    Wandering Pass (American football)

    Other Fancy Stuff (Puff the Magi Dragon x Lives in the Sea)


    And sometimes I have good-for-the-breed names:

    Seachelle (for a Shallow Water)

    Ugly Sweater Contest (for a Tri-Horn)

    Fangover (for a Vampire)

    Jaquelina and Gourdonn (for Pumpkins)


  3. When I see an egg in the AP that is more than a day closer to hatching than the others and it lasts multiple refreshes, I assume it must be pretty terrible. Not true. My jaw dropped. Thank you, angelicdragonpuppy!


    ETA: Also found this lovely Sunset x Val09 checker the other day. Thank you, lollipop00! smile.gif

  4. I love the flower garden idea, I just wish we could place the seeds where we want so that I could keep track of what seeds were growing. I guess it's more of a surprise this way!


    I have to admit that when I got a mushroom seed, I thought it might be a jelly bean or other joke seed instead.

  5. ETA: Never mind, found the answer to my own question


    My scroll will be ready for the new release in just a few hours and I'm looking forward to it. I'm hoping for a white-based egg and an all-chocolate dragon, but I'm sure I'll like whatever the new release is.

  6. Whew, the last of my bred holiday eggs finally went through the AP more than 12 hours after they were bred so I can stop worrying about them and relax while I wait for the new release to grow up.


    I love looking at the gingerbread houses! All the fun of decorating a real house with none of the sticky icing mess. smile.gif

  7. I bred & AP'd three low gen Holly eggs last night shortly before the deadline since my trading partner never got back to me. I'm afraid they all got shunted into the wild due to the backlog, but if they didn't, then they're still hiding behind the flood of other holiday eggs. I'm sure I wasn't the only last minute breeder, so there is still a chance this year.

  8. I caught my first Holly last year on Dec 26th after three years of trying unsuccessfully.


    This year, I haven't heard from the person that my Holly's offspring was going to and I'm afraid they're no longer active.