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  1. Okay, so I can tell the little broken crystal item things (with three big pieces and two crumbles) are colored to match different dragons. I am totally stuck on this one: I don't know which the all red broken crystals go to but I imagine that will be more obvious when/if we get more dragon-matching crystals in the upcoming week.
  2. My first rare was my first dragon. Stolen from the AP. A Silver x Mint.
  3. My last pre-Valentine's eggs were some nice ones: Wrapping Wing x Royal Crimson - I have a Wrapping Wing/Mint cross to highlight the green in the WW, so I'm glad to have a dragon which highlights the reds now. Thank you, breeder! Whiptail x Lurker - These dragons match well in body type & I have a temporary lurker mate to use until Halloween when I can try for a real one. Thanks, Tjenni! Green x Lumina - A combo I haven't seen before. Thank you, Aphroditesky! White with Radiant Angels - I was actually going to breed this exact dragon and both my Radiant Angels refused their mates. Thank you for reading my mind, Statik! Frostbite x Solstice - Something to save for next Christmas. Thank you, breeder! I can't wait for tomorrow when I can start collecting & breeding Valentine's eggs! See you all in two weeks to admire everyone's neat catches.
  4. I did the same, so I have a frozen CB of the early Valentine's and Christmas dragons. Now that there are no breed limits after the first year, I can get messy hatchlings to freeze and wish my CBs could grow up. But my biggest mistakes are usually forgetting to hide Sunsets/Sunrises to make sure they continue the correct lineage.
  5. It's been a while since I've posted so I'll probably miss a few, but here are some of my January finds: BBW x Snow Angel checker, with gold wings just like my Snow Angels - Thanks, Cyradis4! A fun Heartseeker x Pink - Thanks, TnoelemaK! Heartseeker x Pillow. Now I need a mate! - Thanks, WWECornSerpent! Nhiostrife x Waverunner - Thanks, Carrow! Sunset x Ribbon Dancer - Thanks, Jascuty! Gray x Pink - Thanks, Perzephone! 6th gen Yulebuck x White - Thanks, Angelicdragonpuppy! Blacktip x Seragamma, an uncommon pairing of commons - Thanks, s0r0k4! Albino x Olive, another unusual pairing of common dragons - Thanks (again), Cyradis4!
  6. Can I get a name check on "Pardon my French"? It commonly refers to the act of cursing, but there is no actual profanity in the name so I'm hoping it is okay. ETA: Thank you! I actually couldn't believe it wasn't taken already so I wondered if there was a reason why.
  7. Well, the chances of me winning are astronomically small and even if I won, I would get what I would get and be thrilled, but I would most like a Silver Western prize, followed by a Bronze Western prize.
  8. I'm crossing my fingers so hard they'll probably lose circulation and fall off before the winners are notified!
  9. Thank you, Leatherhorn, for this 2nd gen. I've already started a checker with it!
  10. I'm glad to hear about the compromise for the future Solstices. My breedings for this year will not be the way I would have wanted them, but at least now I can fix things up next year. Thank you!
  11. 1. Tri-color Snow Angel - a lively, delicate sprite with bright colors 2. White Snow Angel - looks so delicate and elegant 3. Wrapping Wing - hard to pair with other species, but I like the design Sadly, my scroll isn't coded for either of my top two Christmas dragons.
  12. The wrapping papers for the presents are all so cool, but the asexual flag colors being there warms the jaded edges of my asexual heart. Now to finish my breedings and snag some of the pretty new releases.
  13. I like both sprites, but I based my breeding pairs around a red-shaded wing so that would be a bit disappointing. I have the Snow Angel sprite that i like the least and my scroll didn't error so i will never get my favorite sprite of all time, the Alt Sweetling. Compared to either of those, this apparent sprite change is no big deal.
  14. Burned the Popcorn (for a Red) Lonely World Wrapped in Satin Sundeer (for a Solstice x Sunsong cross) Glad Tidings Happy Tidings
  15. I picked up a nice 2nd gen Snow Angel. Sometimes it seems like I'm the only one with "boring" gold wing Snow Angels so finding good lineages can be especially challenging. This is perfect - something I can breed a mate for easily, thank you, veronicaDk! Thank you, Terces, for this nice Vine/Ribbon Dancer checker. The colors look so nice together. I managed to snag this Wrapping Wing/Mint checker. I already have a pair of 2nd gens so I'll be able to breed a mate for this one, too. Thanks, breeder! This Sunsong x Solstice combo is also pretty, thank you anon breeder.
  16. So I've earned my daily raffle entry with the game, caught one of each of the past release eggs (only my second AP Holly - it's messy, but I need one to freeze anyway), and I'm ready to roll. Happy Holidays!
  17. That's what I am hoping for. I made sure all my eggs would be grown up in case the event starts the 18th, but I'm hoping for the 19th because it fits my schedule better.
  18. I got my first spriter's alt lineages this week! Lots of 'em - Thank you, Tjenni Cool green Despi - Thank you, Johnnalola
  19. I've caught a few nice metal fails or holidaykin checkers this week: Electric/Gold, Tsunami/Gold, and Golden Wyvern/Shadow Walker. Thank you, unknown breed, bluemonkey9455, and Flaviel!
  20. I clicked on a bunch of AP eggs and most were messy so I abandoned them, forgetting to check this one. I was quite delighted when I later checked the lineage. What a lovely color combo - Skywings & Ridgewings. Thank you, daydreamer09!
  21. Thanks guys, seems like I've a ways to go. I'm at 370 adults, but I'm not sure how many are Alts versus regular Black dragons so I'll keep clicking. ETA: I must have been impatient, I got it at 389 adults. Now to find the 100 ND hatchies I need to have everything currently in the encyclopedia unlocked.
  22. So, umm, has anyone unlocked the adult Alt Blacks sprites from the curled hatchlings? I've clicked well over 150 Alt Blacks so it seems like by chance I would have hit enough that grew from curled hatchies, but maybe not. Do I need to click more or is this a fool's errand?
  23. Holly x Bleeding Moon, Gold Yulebuck x Purple, Winter Snow Angel x Canopy Ribbon Dancer x Thunder Winter Magi x Gold Shimmer Wrapping Wing x Mint Solstice x Gold Pumpkin x Dark Myst Marrow x Purple, Swallowtail, Rosebud Shadow Walker x Thunder, Water Walker, any of the Pyralspites, Terrae, Autumn, Blue-banded Lurker x Moonstone F, Trihorn Grave x Magi, White, Black, Spessartine Desipis x GON (I really want to see a Magma cross) Val 09 x Magi(!!!), Gold, Deep Sea Sweetling x Waverunner, Moonstone F Rosebud x Purple(!), Daydream Heartseeker x Sunset(!), Royal Blue Arsani x Storm(!), Carmine, Yellow Crown Radiant Angel x Tidal I find Christmas dragons the hardest for which to find good matches. I feel like Marrows and Shadow Walkers are the most versatile - they seem to look good with almost everything. My biggest DragCave regret will always be that my scroll didn't error so it's not coded for Alt Sweetlings; I love Alt Sweetlings with everything, too, but will never be able to have one.
  24. Thank you, Milkaq, for the two pretty lurker checkers. Thanks to Lillien for the Marrow/Red Dorsal checker. Thanks to the anon breeder of this SW and this Marrow and anyone who dropped excellent eggs to the AP, even if I didn't manage to snag them!
  25. My Halloween finds: A Lurker x Trihorn checker, I love how the breeding pairs appear to be looking at each other. View - Thanks, Cyradis4! A Sunsong x Lurker checker. I love the contrast of bright & dark. View - Thanks, Olympe! A Heartseeker x Shadow Walker checker - 4th Gen, wow! View - Thanks, Lantean Pegasus! A Shadow Walker x Lumina checker, nice and white. View - Thanks, Chanilove! Plus, thanks to Meiya, Listochek, and the anonymous breeders who abandoned 2nd gen eggs that I was going to breed so I got preemptive bloodswaps.