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  1. https://dragcave.net/lineage/7h1NZ


    Thank you breeders wub.gif

    You're both very welcome!



    I missed saying thank you for a while, but here are a few of my most recent acquisitions:

    Holiday/Lumina checker & Holiday/Golden Shimmer checker, thank you, tishavara!

    My first Xeno AP catch, thank you, s0r0k4!

    I can't wait to find a mate for this bright Xeno cross, thank you, lastcrazyhorn!

    A 2nd gen Copper, thank you, MissTerious!

  2. When choosing which biome to go to for my seventh egg, I actually chose based on which biome has low turnover when the new egg hysteria dies down. The Alpine, Desert, and Volcano have better turnover. The Coast and Forest seem to have lower turnover, so I took a second Forest because I like the color and it will be more frustrating when I'm endlessly refreshing in the future. wink.gif

  3. I try to get two CB of each gender for all the dragon species and occasionally get more if I need them for breeding projects or really like the sprite. Otherwise, I prefer AP finds. I am fond of checker lineages, though I do have some others. I have started my own breeding projects around some particularly good finds.

  4. Some of my late February catches


    Thanks, Munificent, for these two Heartstealing 2nd gens from fun codes. I tried to give them appropriate names.


    Thanks, Nakuru, for this Radiant Angel x Teimarr checker; a more unusual mate for the RAs!


    I've forgotten who has the Mi' prefix, but thank you for this pretty White with Alts. And in a similar vein, thank you, Phioxse, for this 3rd gen Tidal from a prize.


    Some fun new checkers because I need more breeding projects wink.gif :

    Neotropical x Turpentine - Thank you, anon, I like the yellows!

    Falconiform x Hellfire - Thank you, SyrusAllen, I like the blues!

    Albino x Deep Sea & Albino x Balloon - Thank you, anon, for these two albino checkers (I'm guessing they're the same person - the AP had a bunch of similarly bred dragons)

    Waterhorse x Ice - More fun turquoise!

    Grey x Red - Thank you!

    Royal Blue x Terrae - a nice color combination


  5. Degas is getting ready to meet his mate, while his unattended helpers are happily causing trouble.


    Also, if my boy's soulmate is a Canopy, I swear he will get his soulmate, flesh and scales. Fly me to the wilderness, Rani! ninja.gif

    I love the little hatchlings holding the gifts!

  6. After days of meticulously arranging shinies, meats, and other draws; after countless rejections by dissatisfied females, Customized has attracted an admirer: a waterhorse dragon! You leave the happy couple alone to enjoy each other’s company.

    user posted image

    So you can probably tell from the scales what type of dragon I was hoping for... And then when I bred my Copper Customized to a Waterhorse, they promptly refused! Perhaps all is not well in the cave of courtship. wink.gif

  7. My Valentine's AP finds:


    This purple Neb x Val 09 checker - thanks, Starfyre!

    This Spring x Val 09 checker - thanks, anon!


    This Sweetling x White checker - this is one I needed, thanks, anon!

    This Sweetling x Royal Crimson - thanks, WatersMoon110!

    This Sweetling x Moonstone checker - thanks, iNarvi, I have got the third gens I need to breed a mate this year so I'm all set!

    This Sweetling x Seragamma - thanks, anon, this is a great combo that I've never thought of!


    This Nhiostrife x Rosebud - thanks, anon, for two nicely paired sprites!

    This Blusang x Rosebud checker - thanks, Xdlugia!


    This Heartseeker x Gold - thanks, MIGOR!

    This Heartseeker x Bleeding Moon - thanks, genna06, I was looking for one of these!

    This Heartseeker x Bleeding Moon - thanks, karasu hime! He refused the mate I had, but I can breed another thanks to the above find.


    This Alt Shadow Walker x Arsani - thank you! This is my first 2nd gen Spriter's Alt


    This Radiant Angel x Desipis - thanks, anon, I'm usually not a big holiday x holiday fan but I couldn't let this one go!

  8. Okay, so I can tell the little broken crystal item things (with three big pieces and two crumbles) are colored to match different dragons. I am totally stuck on this one: user posted image


    I don't know which the all red broken crystals go to but I imagine that will be more obvious when/if we get more dragon-matching crystals in the upcoming week.

  9. My last pre-Valentine's eggs were some nice ones:

    Wrapping Wing x Royal Crimson - I have a Wrapping Wing/Mint cross to highlight the green in the WW, so I'm glad to have a dragon which highlights the reds now. Thank you, breeder!


    Whiptail x Lurker - These dragons match well in body type & I have a temporary lurker mate to use until Halloween when I can try for a real one. Thanks, Tjenni!


    Green x Lumina - A combo I haven't seen before. smile.gif Thank you, Aphroditesky!


    White with Radiant Angels - I was actually going to breed this exact dragon and both my Radiant Angels refused their mates. Thank you for reading my mind, Statik!


    Frostbite x Solstice - Something to save for next Christmas. Thank you, breeder!


    I can't wait for tomorrow when I can start collecting & breeding Valentine's eggs! See you all in two weeks to admire everyone's neat catches. wink.gif