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  1. I tried on a whim since I have been freezing some extra hatchlings lately. 3 attempted kills, all successful. 3 attempted revivals, one success. That completes my collection (M/F adults, M/F/U hatchlings). Whew, no more killing for me!

  2. My scroll is locked with new release eggs, one from each biome plus one to freeze. I also got 21 prior release dragons from breeding/AP/trading plus a frozen Desipis. I got all the trick or treat items plus lots of fun potions. All my holiday dragons were bred and mostly AP'd (with only one misclick breeding, oops, well, messies are easier to freeze). Finally, I got the last zombie I needed for my collection.


    Whew, what an event! Thank you to TJ & the artists.

  3. I misclicked when switching from my breeding list to the "breed" page I was on for a dragon and accidentally misbred my Marrow/Rosebud checker to a totally uneven, mismatched pair. sad.gif And it was their first breeding since I just got his intended breeding partner last Valentine's Day. I won't be able to rebreed until next February, either. sad.gif

  4. I have three to fill the slots I have now and will get four more this afternoon. Since we now have dragons which breed variations at least partially by biome (Xeno, Copper), I am picking up one from each biome and will influence once I see the colors of the dragon.


    It doesn't look like it's my year to get a purple/orange or green/orange or Frankendragon, but I am still very excited to see what kind of dragon we have. A skeleton dragon or maybe a spider dragon would be my guesses based on the egg.


    Meanwhile, time to potion my dragons so they all look cool!

  5. anyway whichever zone - in how many hours FROM NOW will the dragons be released : biggrin.gif

    The new eggs will start to drop in 8.5 hours.


    Oh goody~


    Now on another note, does anyone know in which of the biomes the Flame Lily drops most often?

    Also the Rainbow Water. I've only managed to come across that one once and I'd love to see if I can grab up another before long.

    Rainbow Water is in the Coast biome & the Flame Lily is in the Volcano biome.

  6. I have tons of extra ingredients, so I think I'll stock up on potions now to turn my dragons for Halloween. My favorite potions are the rainbow Desipis (I wish this was permanent!), the color-leeched Anagallis, and the black Golden Wyverns. Runner up is the scrubbed-clean Copper.


    I have all the trick or treat items. The last of my 21 previous Halloween eggs will hatch by midday tomorrow and I'll be set to snag some of the new release.


    It has been a nice Halloween event so far!

  7. I don't have a lot of early caveborns because I froze some as hatchies (it's worse with the Valentine's CB hatchies I have dry.gif), but...


    Male Pumpkin with Magelight

    Female Pumpkins with Crimson Flare and Magelight


    Male Marrow with Female Guardian

    Female Marrow with Silver Lunar?? (undecided)


    Male Shadow Walkers with Magma and Silver Lunar

    Female Shadow Walkers with Blue Lunar and Pyrope


    Male Lurkers with Silver and Pink

    Female Lurkers with White and Speckle Throated


    Male Graves with Spessartine and Pyro Xeno

    Female Graves with Magi and Anagallis??


    Male Desipis with Frostbite, Pyro Xeno, and Stone

    Female Desipis with Spessartine, Pyro Xeno, and Radiant Angel

  8. I actually like the new gold sprites better. *shrug*


    I am worried about the new Silver sprites simply because I have so many lineages with them and some might not look as good any more. On the other hand, if that is the case, I am sure there would be new appealing lineages that I could work on instead.


    Now to go find some more Whiptail hatchies...

  9. Nope, I've been trying to get a Summer from an Anagallis x Summer cross all season, but I only got Anagallis eggs.


    On the other hand, I do have several Autumn checkers that I am waiting to breed, so I don't mind Autumn's arrival. Autumns are also my favorite of the seasonals, so I always like the change.

  10. Some more holiday checkers:

    https://dragcave.net/lineage/aBLyr - Blue Banded x Shadow Walker, thank you sfts!

    https://dragcave.net/lineage/vNncl - Moonstone x Lurker, thank you sfts again!

    https://dragcave.net/lineage/0zsD1 - Dark Myst x Pumpkin, thank you sfts again!

    You're very welcome, it's good to know that my eggs got a good home!



    Here are a few of my recent beauties:

    Thank you, jerzeeshadow1 & idril, from whom I got this pair.

    Thank you, munificent & anon breeder, for these nice combinations.

  11. Nice, the blue's are still relatively easy to catch. I just filled up my recently freed egg slots with 3 more Lunars.

    I'm hoping it stays that way for three more hours for me to get the last Alpine indigo Lunar egg I need.

  12. *raises hand*

    I like having 2 pairs of each too, mainly since I've learned the hard way that having a backup CB is always a good idea because refusals are evil xd.png

    All my extra Golds and Blues were AP'd so whoever needs them they're out there ^^

    Normally I do 2 pairs each, but with the recent addition of biome-related breeding variations, I am grabbing three pairs - one pair from each of the biomes.

  13. Thank you, tishavara, for this fun Copper checker for Halloween and this Guardian x Thunder checker, too.

    I found a pair of summers with spring parents. Thanks!

    This little guy is actually a full brother to a dragon I already caught in the AP, but hey, refusals happen.

    Thank you, harlequinraven, for this Sweetling x Sunstone. I'm liking Sunstones more and more lately!

    Thank you, Undomiel, for dropping a shiny checker.

    Plus I snagged two ribbon dancer checkers: Hellfire and Tangar.


    I'm ready for the holidays!