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  1. This Nebula. Thank you, Cokuruscana. I hope it colors correctly because I can breed a mate at Christmas if it does!
  2. They have changed on the scrolls of users who have the original releases. Check the encyclopedia helpers thread for some links.
  3. I got two each of the regular eggs, one each of the drake eggs, and one re-release bright pink/Arias (influenced male since I have an original CB female). I have a pair of CB Frills from the original release so they were lower priority for me - and I'm glad since those seem tough to get (for now) - but I am excited to do checkers with them now! I'm excited about the new drake egg size and the rereleases. The new background/map art is quite nice, too.
  4. I grabbed four, all from different biomes, to fill my egg slots. I am debating whether I want to dump two of the bred eggs I have to catch an egg from each biome. If these eggs turn out to be jokes/not exist tomorrow, I would be sad that I dumped the eggs I have, but if these eggs turn out to only appear once a year or something odd, I would be sad that I didn't!
  5. You're very welcome to those who posted some of the eggs I bred this Valentine's season Here are the dragons that I was able to grab: Sunrise x Val 09 checker from Biruko! I needed a Sunset but I could resist, so... Magi x Val 09 from Elennilda! I can breed an unrelated mate. This has been my favorite Val 09 cross for years <3 Ice x Val 09 checker from Crystal1102! What nice contrasting colors. Sweetling x Silver checker from soulchaser! I have a Silver mate & have been seeking the Sweetling for years! So it was a Blusang x Rosebud year courtesy of aruslym & an anon breeder (2G + 4G)! I have the 3G and can now breed mates for all of them. I was looking for just this Rosebud checker, thanks AquaBlueRain! Heartseeker x RB checker from Hermeline! Very pretty! Black x Arsani is a nice combination, thanks anon! And so is Alt Nebula x Arsani. Thanks, Tishavara! RA x Gold checker from JaneMcAsh! I'll need to find a mate, but that sounds doable. RA x Sunstone checker from Lavinia! Nice color combo I haven't seen before! Thanks, Lady Nova & Drakoneiros, for the Heartstealers I was looking for Striped River & Lumina. I have a few others where I can't remember if I traded for them or found them, but I love all the Valentine's eggs that I ended up with. Thank you to everyone who spent the time to breed nice (by whatever your definition of "nice") eggs!
  6. Gosh, I'm behind. Here are some from January: A fun Avatar x Tangar checker from Deinosaur A Silver x Swallowtail checker from Siliskor. I already have a (potential) mate for this one. Something for Valentine's Day, perhaps. Thanks, anon! I like this Turpentine x Teimarr pairing. Thanks, anon! And this this Tangar x Tsunami pair, too, from DangerDragon. I always like Swallowtail checkers. This one is from Herk. A lucky 2nd gen Prizekin from an anon breeder. I caught this Silver x Almandine checker from anon. It goes well with the Gold x Almandine checker I have. A Gemshard holiday checker from Mistress of Whispers. And finally, an Indigo Lunar with nice contrast from RSoleil. Thank you, all!
  7. Here is a link to my enraged Aegides: http://dragcave.net/lineage/obNoi
  8. You're both welcome, I am glad the eggs found good homes! I've grabbed these recently: Pretty Pebble checker from Amberfly! I like the pretty greens. Copper checker from AngelsPunishment! I am a copper addict. Two Yulebucks with Bright Pink bases: 3G & 2G so I can get a 3G pair and next Christmas, I can breed a mate for the 4G I already have. Great last minute pick ups - thank you, MistyOC & anon!
  9. My favorite with the calm Aegis is the Day Glory, but that's not possible so I guess I'll go with Tan Ridgewing, Silver Lunar, or Thalassa. I like how they look with Mistletoes, Rosebuds, and Shadow Walkers but I avoid holiday/holiday when I can. I haven't decided what I like best with the angry Aegis.
  10. I think I'll do one of each. The biggest question is which I will switch since I chose eggs from different biomes to easy biome-related breeding patterns. Since they are males, Coppers aren't a problem, but I'll have to think on the Xeno possibilities. I intend to keep one of each permanently so I think I'll keep one egg from each and name them something like "Dad is Always Angry"/"Dad is Always Calm" so if someone checks on an AP'd eggs lineage, they might see it and understand the lineage won't change.
  11. Bred her for him. Refused. Bred her for this AP find. Refused. Guess they'll have mates next Christmas at least, but darn, but my CB Solstice breedings turned out to be for refusals.
  12. Things that were just what I was looking for : Mistletoe x Pyrope - Thanks, anon! 3G Winter Magi x Gold checker Thank you, anon! 3G Winter Magi x Golden Wyvern checker So many varieties of gold. Thanks, Lollipop00 3G Ribbon Dancer checker I can't believe I found a Hellfire checker! Thanks again Lollipop00! 3G Gold x Ribbon checker Thanks, Centuri! 3G Yulebuck checker A classic combo, thanks, Siliskor! Things I found and kept even if they weren't what I was looking for : Wrapping Wing checker - Thanks, Bloodonmyfangs, I'm a sucker for checkers 2G Wrapping Wing - Thanks, Chittamwood, I always like coppers 2G Winter Magi x Green Gemshard - Very nice, thanks, stadanko42! 2G Winter Magi Thanks, Celenth!
  13. Check out page 83 of this thread if you want maps showing how to get through the maze.
  14. This is me. In the past, I would sometimes keep Snow Angels of the "wrong" wing type, especially because my scroll is coded for my least favorite wing type. Now that I have quite a few Snow Angels, I only keep those with my scroll's wing type because I don't want to mess up a pretty lineage by having the wrong wings. I actually do the same with Alt Sweetling lineages at Valentine's. There were walls of Yulebucks and Ribbon Dancers earlier in the event. I actually had an easier time find neat Snow Angels, but they do seem to cycle more times and I think people looking for a specific wing variation. ETA: Based on the times of the eggs I see in the AP now, the 2G Holly eggs I bred should hit the AP soon. I'm sure I'm not the only one so there is still hope. Good luck, Holly hunters!
  15. Oh, that's interesting. I've been all nice (ha - not like real life ) so I hadn't seen any changes. Thank you for that tidbit!
  16. Oh, I'm glad I came here. I was just going to play the game while egg-locked and I would have been worried if it had just been me having problems.
  17. Hehe, the make me think of raptors having a bad hair day! (And that is said in positive, it makes me happy way) I think with the tail they could look good with the Solstice dragons for those who like holiday/holiday. I predict a lot of Silver/Silver Lunar breedings, too. I'll have to wait until tonight to get mine.
  18. Drats! I was catching my 5th cat and the cat pushed me out of bounds and I got stuck and had to restart. ETA: Well, at least the game is working well for me (i.e. reset worked and other than the difficulty of hitting enter at the right time, the movement is working)!
  19. This event seems like it will be fun and a bit different. I managed to trade for or snag four eggs off my "to find" list and I grabbed three other nice ones as well. Now to wait two days until I'm no longer egg-locked. I notice that Hollies seem much more common this year. I probably caught more than a dozen this morning sorting through for eggs to keep.
  20. Now 2016, when Hanukkah starts at sundown on December 24th, that sounds like a good time for a Hanukkah-themed dragon! But that's a discussion for next year.
  21. I'm looking for 3rd gens with Brute (blue wing), Frostbite (blue), Ice (rosy), Silver (blue), , or Sunset (rosy). I'm breeding 3rd gen checkers with Gold (blue wing), Silver (blue), Sunrise (blue), and Sunsong (rosy). I'm breeding 2nd gen Thalassa Xeno (rosy) and White (blue or rosy, haven't decided).
  22. I'd love a gingerbread dragon or a Menorah/candle dragon.
  23. Here's a Yulebuck x Tan Ridgewing. Here's a Yulebuck x Winter. Here's a Yulebuck x Albino. And finally a Yulebuck x Liver Copper. The first two are my favorites of this group.
  24. I forgot that I had grabbed two hatchlings from the AP and only counted my eggs so of course my Silver/Xeno pair finally gave me the Silver I needed after months of trying only to have it autoabandoned. Well, it will be a nice AP find for someone!
  25. Two of my newly traded for Desipis refused the mates which I already had ready for them. Guess that's two more pairs that can only breed once a year.