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  1. 1 hour ago, FullMoonDreams said:

    I am still voting for fire but am pretty much resigned to never seeing the fire bar.  Each day I log on and it is around 55/45 to ice. During the course of the day it reaches 51/49 or 52/48 by the time I log off. Then the next day it is back to square one again.  


    Makes me want to give up and go and read about Sisyphus, who I am feeling something of a kinship with right now. 

    I hear you - I've voted fire since the beginning, always on the hardest puzzles but we never make it, even just to see the bar. 

  2. I won a CB prize last month. My plan is to do what I always thought that I would during the original raffles: trade the first 2G prize for something I want, keep a 2G prize to match the 2G prizekin I have, then send the rest to the AP for some lucky folks. That said, I have no idea how long it will take me to get to the gifting stage. I am lucky in that I have never had a problem catching enough CB metals for my own needs and I have enough NDs for my scroll goals thanks to my CB Holly.


    The thing is, if prizes are rare dragons, the more CBs out there, the less often they'll produce prize 2Gs as a function of the ratios. So in some ways, the increased number of CBs will draw the 2G trading timeline out even further.


    Re: multiple CB prizes on a scroll, I remember the the surprise/consternation when someone won the original raffles for a CB prize a two years in a row so that isn't a new problem, it's just more common now. 

  3. Here we go... I hope that callouts are to people whose forum name matches their scroll name. 



    Holly dragons: 

    Hehe, bacon... pYKfz    Thanks, @dothefreddy



    I hope to breed a mate for this checker: WYeRe      Thanks, @Nakeisha


    Snow Angels: (these were tough, I grabbed and released so many beauties with the "wrong" wings for my scroll)

    I usually don't go for stairsteps, but love the wing pattern on eM1FZ      Thanks, AnorHel

    A nice checker: ogeBY      Thanks, saikachan


    Ribbon Dancers:

    A bright checker: mjBHp      Thanks, Gerdu

    I don't have many fleshcrowne checkers: Cg9vg      Thanks, stargazer_7


    Winter Magi:

    Another new fleshcrowne checker: zQED0      Thanks, @Cokuruscana

    I had to keep this unusual checker with Spring: sTcIx     Thanks, @herk


    Wrapping Wing:

    I thought I had mate already, but it turns out I have the non-holiday full sibling. Guess I love this cross: kRb8y      Thanks again, @Cokuruscana

    and again for this nice Thunder checker: 1Buv6

    Red checkers are always popular: am24i   (from anon)



    I froze this lovely checker because her wings were off-color, but she is lovely: akaDW      Thanks, MochizukiHoshino

    Valentine's dragons make lovely checkers with Solstice dragons: qr0Q5      Thanks, @MiaLily 



    I can breed a mate for this nice winter checker: xK4ld    Thanks, @Puredark006

    Love the Chrono combo: U8lQO    Thanks, @prpldrgnfr



    Oooh, a nice enraged parent: FKQZg     Thanks, TheCrystalDragon24

    Two nice checkers: a Bolt buDQP and a Celestial NJ001.     Thanks, @natli & @tjenni




  4. I'd guess a global ending, but there is the possibility of a different badge based on the fire/ice choice. 


    Hmm, candle dragons. I am curious... But I won't be grabbing mine until the 27th because I love the AP too much. I'm actually hanging out trying to catch one of my own eggs; I've done it before but it was a less popular holiday sprite so I'm not sure if I can. 

  5. 12 minutes ago, LibbyLishly said:

    If it were me, I'd hold off for a year on releasing the frozens - something TJ said in Suggestions today seemed to indicate he's actually considering allowing unfreezing in the future.

    Well, that would just be my luck since I released my CB hatchies to get CB adults. Whatever decision I make always seems to be the wrong one - first I froze an original release, then when the limit on non-CBs was removed that seemed like a waste of a valuable CB slot. Now CBs are dropping again so I released my old hatchlings. It would figure if there was a way to unfreeze so that I could have kept them. I would not have minded the unfreeze, but if it is at all selective to holidays, then I (selfishly, I suppose) hope it doesn't happen just because that should have been done first or simultaneously with the reintroduction of older CB holidays. 

  6. 4 minutes ago, bandaidstealer said:

    I wasn't sure if they would have the new ones drop in the Holiday biome only, since you can only take 2 of them.  Having them drop in all 6 means that once I get my two, even if I have spaces for more eggs, I can't take any of the regular, none holiday CB eggs.  I wasn't sure if it would be different since there was no limit on Halloween, but there is for this one.  I guess I can just grab some eggs out of the AP or something.

    If it is like past holidays, there will not be any non-holiday CB eggs to be had. Only the holiday eggs drop. That makes it very easy for everyone to get their new eggs. 


    edit: typo

  7. I think a gingerbread dragon would be amazing! A full-on snow dragon could be fun, too.


    My favorite events were the decoration events - tree, wreath, gingerbread house - but I liked the greetings type events, too. While the games can be fun, I know I've suffered some years from bad internet connection while traveling so those aren't as high on my list, though I do appreciate the gigantic effort that goes in to them!

  8. As someone with a fast internet connection and experience on a slow one, late Christmas Eve or very early on Christmas morning (cave time) will probably be a good time to catch CB Hollies. Most people who come regularly will have grabbed any CB hollies they need and will be prepping for their Christmas catch while those who come only for the holiday drop won't have arrived yet.


    Good luck; I hope everyone catches what they want this year - be it CBs they missed or huge, messy AP finds!

  9. 3 minutes ago, Dragon_Arbock said:

    Ah, guess that makes sense.



    See.. I froze hatchlings too, but I'm too much of a sap to get rid of mine. So I'm stuck with one adult for most of those.

    I thought about it for a few days, but what I decided to do was to "reserve" the names by using them as placeholders on some lineaged holidays I've already hatched, then pass those names on to the newly grown CB adults when it is time. I chose to look at it like I was finally allowing the initial hatchlings to grow up, even if I know it is not technically true. Next year, I'll keep their first holiday offsping to be my new frozen hatchlings. I know that wouldn't work for everyone, but for me it was a compromise between being sentimental and being able to work on lineages. :) 

  10. I am excited to get the chance to get CB eggs for the dragons which I had previously frozen. I was happy for many years with a CB adult and a CB hatchling while we could only have two of a species. I regretted it when the limits for non-CBs were lifted because I could have had two CB adults with which to make lineages, but it was too late then. Now I have the chance to "fix" it and get two CB adults while freezing bred dragons. It is also good for newer users to have a shot at CB eggs. I suppose it will "decrease the value" of 2nd gen eggs since anyone can get their own cave borns, but I do not worry too much for that since I don't really trade anymore so that is not a complaint for me personally.


    An interesting side effect is that the original CB male hollies will be much more common, but the newer runner up raffle female hollies are retaining their relative rarity. 

  11. Well, after a few days of thinking, I dumped my old CB frozen hatchlings and replaced them with CB eggs which I'll let grow up. I'll have to freeze some new hatchies this year, I guess. My biggest worry is/was losing the names I had - there were some good names available nearly a decade ago. ;)


    I'm looking forward the new Christmas Eggs! I hope we get a decoration or a simpler game this year, though I also have a good computer this year vs a mobile device like last year so I'm prepared.

  12. Ugh, I just can't play the game on my tablet. The screen flashes black every second (or more often) and it gives me a headache after only a minute or so. Maybe when I get home in a few days, but does the game even allow you to catch up or will I just miss out?


    I am looking forward to grabbing the new eggs when I unlock!

  13. Two new zombies for me, plus I have five eggs and soon will be able to grab another two. Then it will be time to breed all my pairs... and I have a lot. biggrin.gif


    I'm looking forward to seeing how this year's dragons turn out!

  14. Finally managed to catch a pair of old pinks, and now I'm egglocked, so the rest of the new species will have to wait (I'm still missing the webbed drakes and the Frills).


    BTW, where do people see the new sprites for Frills and Bright Pinks? In my encyclopedia there are still the old entries...

    They have changed on the scrolls of users who have the original releases. Check the encyclopedia helpers thread for some links. smile.gif