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  1. I feel so far behind and under such pressure - I can't get online tomorrow and I only have 40 eggs so far. No phone data so I'm tied to a computer to get them. I think I'll make it but barely. Must get all the beautiful/amazing eggs! I love the little goldfish bowl egg and the atom egg and the stealth bunny egg. And the cherry blossom egg is so simple but pretty. Great job, spriters!
  2. Is the time between eggs longer this year? It seems to be taking about 20 minutes this year and I feel like I remember it being closer to 10 in the past. I'm worried I won't get all 62 eggs in three days, especially since I can't get online on Tuesday. 😟
  3. Time for the festival of eggs - yay! I have three so far, only 59 left to go.
  4. I finally didn't get eaten - my first time ever!
  5. So are there different badges if you get different endings in event? This isn't really my favorite type of event so I only played once all the way through, but if there is a different badge, I might go play again. I will say that I don't date in real life so I was amused that I got an ending where I didn't even go to the dance.
  6. I love that we can upgrade our base. I went with an igloo since I'm using a gingerbread theme.
  7. Inspecting my fort after attacks, I almost like the destroyed short ice walls better than the original ice walls. They make a cool-looking swirl pattern (a melted puddle?).
  8. A gray present generated right by my artsy (stabbed) snowman so it looks a bit like a tombstone:
  9. I think I have my fort finished (and now it will get destroyed ) so I'm just hanging out in the AP, looking for a Garland egg to freeze to complete my holiday season.
  10. Well, I have my 2018 holiday eggs, I have a whole bunch of older holiday eggs (including a lot of 2G Holly eggs thanks to the CB drops last year), and I'm at level 50. Now all that is left is to design & build my dream fort without it all getting destroyed while I'm building. I did forget to breed my CBs except one Garland and my Hollies, but that's better than Halloween when I forgot to breed any of my dragons. Thank you to all who created the event!
  11. Yep, same problem. I leveled up to level 2, but since then I can lob 20 snowballs from the same cannon in my fort to the same thing in the fort I'm attacking and there is no change. IDGI. I want to level up because I remember the amazing fort I built last time! 😀
  12. I have a female CB holly, but I don't really like PB lineages so my CB hollies don't get bred to each other, sorry. And before I get any PMs, my CB female holly has been bred for the year already and I'm not active enough on the forums/trading to do any advance planning...
  13. I thought they looked like a lighter blue version of the Avatar of Creation eggs myself. Thanks. Though I guess it doesn't matter since I'll get a pair from each biome eventually anyway so either gender would work.
  14. Okay, so my Windy turned into a Musty. It still says that it is influenced so does that mean the influence carried over?
  15. I had shoulder surgery so I have only one functional arm. I've seen/missed two "radiates power" and one mana egg in the last half an hour alone because I can't refresh & click fast enough with one hand. Guess I need to stick to breeding for the month.
  16. I have the most female frozen hatchies on dragcave (according to DC Records anyway - hats off to PrincessLucy for have the most overall ) I have a frozen hatchie GON I have a Female CB Holly & a CB Prize making me super lucky I used to have original 4-letter code holiday frozen hatchies, but I released those to get two CB adults when the holiday biome came into existence
  17. I know the egg hunt eggs will be changing to their real colors tomorrow, but, ngl, I sort of wish they wouldn't and that they would all be mint themed.
  18. I am (at least for now) the owner of an official Dragon Cave record... most female frozen hatchlings. I'm sure it won't last long, but I'm still happy.
  19. My new Valentine name "finds" Love and Devotion Song Sung Pink Holiday Temptation Gentle Rosie Chocolate Bowl Draw a Heart
  20. I've got them all, but I will return all flowers. (Special thanks to my extra helpful flower bomber helpers!) Scroll name = user name = sfts
  21. I still need a bunch, but I have all the flowers to give. I'll send above & return any flowers sent with an identical one. Scroll name is my user name, sfts.
  22. sending to the page & will return flowers with the identical flower if I can (I only have about half so far) ETA: returned the ones I have - I'll return the others today, after I gather as many flower types as I can! my scroll name is my forum name, sfts