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  1. I submitted my tree yesterday and I thought I saw a mention of being able to decorate it until the deadline, but no more submit button. When I went back to check today, I saw the "submit you tree" button. Was I hallucinating before or do I need to resubmit my tree?
  2. Good news - eggs are dropping Bad news - even without java/images, I wasn't fast enough and now the site is down I've only been trying for 2 hours so relative to others, that's not too bad, I guess.
  3. I went 1 for 5 on zombies last year (and ended up turning a Frill into a Zombie adult, now I regret that). This year, I was 2 for 4 and completed my zombie collection.
  4. Well, I have 94 items from trick-or-treating and my four kill slots gave me the two different hatchling stage zombies that I wanted. I've bred my pumpkins and let the eggs go to people. All that is left is crossing my fingers that I can get at least one of the new eggs. Some holidays I can beat the lag/rush, some I can't.
  5. 1st 92nd Start with a pumpkin, end with pumpkin soup? Mmm. And I have my hatchlings ready to kill and turn into zombies tomorrow, so now to wait to see if there is a new egg.
  6. Last year I killed 5/5, but only 1 was successfully zombified (adult male frilled dragon). I permanently killed a water hatchling, a white hatchling, a purple hatchling, and a white female adult. All the hatchlings were pre-frozen. I'm starting to keep a few commons for this year's attempts. I really hope to get a hatchling.