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  1. Umm, so am I the only one without a cast button? I see the "???" pop up when I've found a spell combination, but I've tried clicking everywhere and get no response. 


    Edit: Well, no cast button, but if I click just below and left (SW if were compass) of the little "electric" circles that appear in the center of the casting area when there is mana selected, I can consistently cast. 

  2. My bad luck is my own making - I've become very picky about what lineages I'll pick up from the AP and so while I got lucky Monday and snagged eight beauties in about fifteen minutes, I've spent an hour now and only just got my first keeper. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder and others would love these dragons, but I'm getting a bit frustrated at not finding many eggs to add to my scroll. 

  3. 10 minutes ago, XDLugia said:

    I currently have these cookies up for grabs, if anyone is interested!



    Ideally, I'd like to send chip and dale as a pair, if that's alright xD

    I'd love the We Bare Bears cookie! ❤️ My Christmas gift this year was an Ice Bear will handle it shirt. 

    I can send a Christmas fir tree or a 2020 dumpster fire cookie? Christmas fir sent @XDLugia :)

  4. 1 hour ago, biruko said:

    I'm sending my cookies to random people now, but maybe someone would like one of them? Most are older (when duplicate worked), if anyone would like any of them, let me know :D 


    I just sent you one of my cookies - I'd love one of your snowmen, @biruko

    Sent the rest of the requests for my cookies now. 

  5. 1 hour ago, WestWindReborn said:


    Thank you so much! I have these cookies available currently. Let me know if one strikes your fancy.



    @WestWindReborn I would love a stained glass cookie if one is available. I just posted the cookies I have if you would like any of them.   Thank you, I love the snowflake. I hope you like the cocoa I just sent. :)

  6. 9 minutes ago, muttduck said:

    You all are inspiring me to try harder, and I tried my hand at a horse cookie.  I have a few unsent ones that I'd love to swap for something pretty...
    Hopefully others are ocean lovers and will want my (somewhat crude) art-cookies?


    I'd love the turtle or one of the rays. Would you like a waterfall in return?

  7. 2 hours ago, Kakaru_of_DOOM said:

    I decided to do a DragCave holiday classic!


    From left to right: the third incarnation fo the asoxeno cookie, of which I have four left; the holiday classic HAM green dragon I accidentally made fourteen of (I hope there are plenty out there who want ham?); the bulbasaur-in-a-box (one left); the lightbulb (x2); and Blondie the buff orpington, of which there is only one left (she isn't actually wall-eyed, but that's the way the cookie came out).

    Oh, @Kakaru_of_DOOM, could I please have a HAM dragon, I love it! Edit: Thank you!!

    Any requests in return? I'm on a touchscreen so the art is a bit rough. 

  8. 7 minutes ago, Long_Before_Sunrise said:

    You can I would like the Christmas wing at the top right with the candy stripes and sprinkles.

    Sent you the cookie - it's supposed to be a Wrapping Wing wing 😁

     @banban007 turbo-sled sent

    @VixenDra - will send as soon as I'm off cooldown 

  9. So mine are not that great - but what I lack in artistry, I make up for in enthusiasm? Anyway, I have two fun sleds and some holiday dragon-inspired cookies available if anyone is interested:


    Top row: Rainbow sled, others are gone (though I could remake). 
    Next row: Enraged Aegis present, Snow Angel present, Yulebuck present, Gold-wing snow angel
    Bottom row: Tri-color snow angel, Winter Magi wing, Rosy Solstice wing, Blue Solstice wing

  10. 7 minutes ago, banban007 said:



    @sfts Thank you for the penguin! :D What would you like in return? Otherwise, I'll send random cookie. 

    Anything with an animal - all your cookies are amazing, thanks! 

    I am currently blaming having to use a touch screen to decorate as my problem, but I don't think that's it. 🤥