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  1. Is the cave down for anyone else? I haven't been able to load it for twenty minutes...
  2. *refreshes AP* ...blast... lagging again... *5 minutes later page loads and I see 6 hollies in the AP* ARRRG! The lag is really getting on my nerves. Oh well The cooking deal has me thoroughly confused. After a lot of trial and error (mostly error:P) I finally figured out roast meat and roasted veggiesXD I feel like my total lack of skill in the kitchen IRL is hampering my ability to figure out recipes here
  3. I've seen (and sadly missed) quite a few Hollies. I'd really like to get another one this year so I can have my two, so fingers crossed! Merry Christmas everyone! Good luck hunting! It'd be awesome if the cave would stop lagging out
  4. Give up the sandwich? What? Who gets the sandwich?
  5. 32 items and totally stuck I've gone back and looked everywhere 4 times over and I can't find a darn thing I've missed What's this about a map? I can't find any map....
  6. I Poo Therefore I Am I laughed so hard at that