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  1. I'm 0/2 for these flashes, even though I've been here for both Go fish!
  2. Congratulations on reaching 101! I'd love to enter
  3. Round 1 Let's start off with a pretty easy round, shall we? We have been in the midst of a heat wave here, so all I can think of right now is how hot I have been and ways to cool off. Regular Bingos R1. A hot dragon: Bingo! - Ember R2. A cold dragon: Bingo! - Frostbite R3. A dragon that breathes fire: Bingo! - Hellfire R4. A dragon found only in the Volcano biome: Bingo! - Royal Crimson R5. A dragon found only in the Alpine biome: Bingo! - Ridgewing Co-operative Bingo Co-op1. Use your dragons to spell the word “heat” – play
  4. I'm in with platinum, please It's been a while since I played, so I'm looking forward to it
  5. I changed my username from Saikachan to Saika Good luck on the next batch, and thank you for doing this!